101 Unexplained Mysteries

Wow. I’m so glad I spent 6 years watching that show to be left with a cliched, wholly irrelevant violin-serenaded church orgy whilst the actual important questions went unanswered.

So perhaps if we can get a list of 101 questions that still need answering (which frankly, is more than have ever been answered in a single season), we could force the producers to make a 7th season/film/revealing interview? I’ll start the ball rolling:

1.) Why all the pregnancy issues? People dying, Others kidnapping pregant women, Aaron and Ethan successfully being born?

2.) The Island’s healing properties.

3.) Why was Aaron special, and why was it important that Claire raise him, then for Kate not to take him back to the Island..etc.

4.) How was Smokey created?

5.) Why did he want to leave? (Perhaps a trace of MIB’s desire to go home?)

6.) The Source and the cork….wtf?! The light turned from gold to red and some steam came out. Scary. What did Desmond/Jack/MIB think was going to happen?

7.) Jacob’s semi-invisible cabin resident.

8.) Lame dagger that did nothing.

9.) Smokey’s loophole?

10.) Richard gets a grey hair and MIB can be killed because…? The light was temporarily turned off?

Carry on…

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12 thoughts on “101 Unexplained Mysteries

  1. Diesel, I’m at such a state of discontent with the producers/writers that if they want to attempt to viably answer any questions that I have to think up for them that they’ll have to pay me quite a pretty penny to get it. Damon, Carlton and co. played us for fools. True, LOST had much value and I learned quite a bit from it, however, wwwwaaayyyy too much was left open for interpretation and our imaginations. Too many dots do not connect or compute.

  2. The ended had no connection with the first 5 seasons. Just shows how much they were padding it out! Another question – why did the others make michael deliver kate, hurley, jack and sawyer? Coincidence that they were the last 4 from oceanic 815 left. I doubt it, but we will never know!!!

  3. I choked on my water when reading “church orgy” LOL

    My main question: Why did you make the last season so friggin terrible?

    Weak-ass writing.

  4. oh yeah
    What was the point of Walt
    What was the point of Annie
    Why did the bird say Hurley?
    Why did they write the finale on the night before it was filmed?

  5. yeah i remember reading somewhere that we would definately find out about the hurley bird.

    what about Libby?
    How come Eloise could see the future?


  6. Perhaps Walt saw how bad the finale would be and just made himself scarce so he couldnt be embarassed by the p**s poor dozen monkeys on a dozen typewriters written ending!

  7. I agree with Charliealltheway – Season 6 seemed to go off on a completely separate storyline than the first 5 seasons; it might have worked if they had actually explained one or two things properly, but clearly that was too much trouble.

    I’m still baffled as to how they managed to make it suck so utterly and entirely – the first five seasons were gold! Was an entirely new team of writers hired for season 6 that hadn’t watched any of the previous seasons?

    In retrospect, if I had a choice, I would have preferred the Season 5 finale to be the last ever episode, as season 6 only asked more questions than it answered, and the ending was more than dissatisfying.

  8. Question 23..or somewhere there abouts…I wonder how much hatemail Carlton and Damon will accumulate over the next few weeks/months. If only I could feel sorry for them…

  9. 1. Where did the numbers get their power/was there really a curse?
    2. Why was there a time delay going to/coming from the Island?
    3. What was up with Widmore – good, evil, did it even matter?
    4. Alvar Hanso and the DeGroots?
    5. Who keeps the food drops going?
    6. Did that bird call out Hurley’s name?
    7. The FDW – how did it get put in, who used it first?
    8. What the hell is the Source/heart of the Island? Who/how was is created?
    9. Who or what is/was the Mother? (CJ Cregg lady)
    10. Christian? Is he Jesus?
    11. How did the cabin move? Why did Jacob live there? For how long? The ash?
    12. The statue – who built it, what is it’s importance, how could a little ship smash it to bits, why does it belong to Jacob?
    13. Egyptian stuff. Wtf?
    14. Why did some flight 316ers go to 1977 and others to 2007?
    15. Waaaaaaaaalt – what were his powers? Why did he become unimportant?
    16. Where did the Others (besides Richard) come from? What did they want?
    17. When did the flashsideways/limbo/purgatory get created? How?
    18. How did Jin float to the Island on a right bearing?
    19. What exactly would happen if MIB left?
    20. Was Desmond really all that special?
    21. What is the infection/sickness?
    22. How does the temple water heal? Or the Island itself heal? Is it the light?
    23. The temple people- Dogen and Lennon… WTF?
    24. Zoie? Pointless.
    25. Illana? Pointless.
    26. Did Jughead do anything besides kill Juliet and transport the Losties to ‘07?
    27. The Island on the bottom of the ocean. What?
    28. “It’s just chalk on a wall.” Are you shitting me?!
    29. What about little Ji Yeon?
    30. What was up with Eloise? Did she have powers? How did she get them?
    31. Richard gets a gray hair, super ages, dies and goes to hell?
    32. Locke is able to walk, but Jack gets his appendix messed up?
    33. Jack’s neck bleeds in the afterlife? Why? To remind him his life ended so crappily?
    34. Jack and Juliet were married? Um… what?
    35. The purge – who ordered it? And why?
    36. How was Christian on the freighter? And why – who is MIB to want Michael to let go?
    37. Miles, Lapidus etc. are not in the church?
    38. Hurley and Ben lead the Island… Really? Ben? For how long? Do they have to find a new candidate, 2000 years from now when a spaceship crashes?
    39. How did all of the other people die and end up in Sidewaysville?
    40. Why did Jacob touch Sayid and Hurley after they made it off the Island?
    41. Does his touch actually do anything? (Richard got his “gift” by drinking stuff)
    42. Eko. Wtf? No more bullshit about the actor, please.
    43. Vincent… something is weird about that dog.
    44. Where did Claudia come from?
    45. How did the Adam and Eve bodies move around in the cave? Massive production error?
    46. MIB has no name… seriously?!
    47. How do they (Mother, Jacob, MIB etc.) speak perfect English with no weird Shakespearean-ness? It was 2000 years ago, people spoke different.
    48. Pushing the hatch button every 108 minutes… significant?
    49. Is the magic light the electromagnetism?
    50. Pierre Chang and his hand and his different names and how did he leave the Island, or did he die in the Purge, was he even important?
    51. What is the negatively charged exotic matter? Does it have anything to do with the special light?
    52. Why did Jacob let himself die? Was it part of a plan? What good did it do?
    53. What was the loophole? How did Smokey plan that? When? Wtf?
    54. Why didn’t Jack turn into smoke going into the cave?
    55. Why didn’t Jacob just un-cork the cave, kill Smokey and replace the cork like 2000 years ago in the first place? Was he a complete dumbass?
    56. Mikhail survives an insane amount of injuries how…?
    57. How did they know to build the runway?
    58. Henry freaking Gale?
    59. Why would Eloise let herself kill her son? So she could be with him in the afterlife and he could be free from the science?
    60. How could Desmond see the future? Did he know he was dead?
    61. How/why was Charlie the first to piece it all together?
    62. Inman… He got there how? Why did they just leave him there?
    63. Sayid and Shannon…. What about Nadia?!
    64. Those dreams people used to have, showing them what to do next and whatnot…?
    65. Why did Sun forget English?
    66. Why didn’t Charlie just run out the door in the Looking Glass? He had time!
    67. Why did MIB/Christian make Claire stay?
    68. The eye in Jacob’s cabin?
    69. What made stuff fly around that one time? Could Jacob turn invisible?
    70. The polar bear in Tunisia? He turned the FDW, did he?
    71. Why do the Others take children?
    72. Why did Ethan go insane? Why didn’t they kill him with his parents?
    73. Why did Ben steal Alex? He wanted to be a Dad that badly? Pffffft.
    74. No babies? Then how did Ethan get born? The twin brothers, Alex, Aaron?
    75. Faraday was a college professor at Oxford when he was only 19? Wtf?
    76. Why was Minkowski in the Losties’ purgatory thing? He was not important.
    77. Why did Locke grow weed?
    78. How did Isabella appear to Richard?
    79. How/why can Hurley talk to dead people?
    80. Why could they all see Jacob around the fire, but only Hurley could before?
    81. The rules… WTF?!
    82. “It is, in fact, a violation.” Of what? Are there more goddamn rules in a self-created afterlife, Eloise?
    83. Miles the Ghost Whisperer… why are his powers the same and yet different than Hurley’s? What was the point of his character (I love Ken and he was so badass, but seriously, he became pointless)
    84. What is the Tampa Job?
    85. What happens to Kate, Sawyer and company after they leave?
    86. Why is Aaron a baby in the flashsideways? Was that his favorite time in life?
    87. Why didn’t they just failsafe the hatch earlier? Nothing happened.
    88. How and why can the smoke be summoned?
    89. Libby at Santa Rosa?
    90. That Dave guy… real, imaginary, Libby’s husband?
    91. Annie?
    92. Why didn’t they kill Radzinsky in the purge?
    93. Who hid that part of the orientation tape at the other station? Why?
    94. What was the point of Dharma’s psychological experiments?
    95. “You’re going to wish you hadn’t changed the rules, Charles.” Um, another set of rules stating you cannot kill your enemies’ daughter?
    96. Are the ghosts Hurley can talk to purgatory people?
    97. How did Locke/Smokey know exactly when to save the real Locke from bleeding to death from the bullet wound during the time jumps?
    98. How could Jacob leave the Island?
    99. How did Christian appear to Jack off-Island? The smoke detector?
    100. How did the Dharma Initiative find the Island to begin with?
    101. How does the smoke monster scan people? What for? Who is he to judge?
    102. What about all the DI members in stations off the Island? Who built the Lampost? Why does Eloise have her own church?
    103. Why was there a map to all the stations on the blast door in the hatch?
    104. Why did they have to recreate the crash to get back to the Island?
    105. Why does little Jacob run around the Island?
    106. Why was the US Army there?
    107. How did Claire and Sayid overcome the “sickness” when no one else ever could?
    108. Who is Wallace?

  10. diesel 123:
    “we could force the producers to make a 7th season/film/revealing interview?”

    I have written that very thing several times in this forum. There is a 6th season dvd in production AS WE SPEAK for release in august (?). They kept placing ads for it on Jimmy Kimble. Disney,Buena Vista Home Entertainment -ABC studios, who own Lost are going to want to sell many many copies of this product.

    Write them an e-mail and commit to boycotting this product unless the box set includes a feature-length documentary revealing or answering all those nagging little questions internet fans have about the science fiction or continuity elements of Lost.

    Let them know clearly that you were not satisfied with the approach taken in season 6 and they stand to lose a lot of money in sales from the negative backlash from the internet.

    These people are businessmen. They are greedy and only care about the bottom dollar. They also have a heck of a lot of influence with the producers of the series.

    “You’ll never work in this town again” may be a cliché, but it is also a very potent threat coming from the head of ABC studios to a television producer.

    That said:

    Dr Mr Wizard:
    Whoah! That’s a heck of a list. I like it.

    A lot of those questions can be answered fairly easily right off the bat just by thinking it through. 37- Miles and his dad have a lot to work through before they are ready to go on, whereas the group in the church were ready. Same goes with Daniel and his mother, father and Charlotte, ditto for Michael and Walt and many other characters (we see that Ana Lucia is not ready. She clearly has issues about her mother and losing her baby. She died embittered and corrupted.

    Other questions have been answered by the producers in interviews – Like 42- Mr. Eko. You may not like it, but the actor bowing out of the series changed part of the plan they had for the series. If you want to know where Eko is… Has he become a whisperer on the island or been promoted to the state of flash sideways where he and his brother are reunited and doing missionary work? We do not see him on the flight as it lands in LAX. That is an interesting question to ask.

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