Feeling let down by the finale?

Am I the only on e feeling let down by the finale? There seems to be a complete disconnect between the end the last 5 seasons. The whole island story seems to have served only one purpose, to connect these people so that once they die, they can reunite and be happy at last. Follows the line of live together, die alone and how they needed each other. I am finecwith that.

But what was the point of the hatch, the dharma iniative, the time travel, walt, the others, the temple etc, other than to pad this out for 5 seasons. I admit it allowed the characters to grow but what else. The only thing I can see is so that Jacob could make amends for his mistake.

Feel free to correct me, but can’t escape the fact that the priducers always wanted the island to be be purgatory, but since everyone guessed this at the start, they changed it and now tagged on this new purgatory after the island in season6.

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6 thoughts on “Feeling let down by the finale?

  1. It’s safe to say there are quite a few people disappointed with this finale. I personally thought it was a great episode. What it lacked is what really kills me.

    I’m still in disbelief that we didn’t get just ONE reveal of some kind. I know the writers just wanted to make this show about the individuals themselves, but they also knew they had a large fanbase that was getting fed-up by the vague answers Jacob, MIB, Dogen, and Charles were giving everyone this season. The writers didn’t care. I know of people that have really lost their minds over this finale. There’s people on here that can’t stand how it was done.

    You’re not alone.

  2. Charliealltheway, don’t feel bad, you are NOT alone! Many feel as if we got screwed! I actually like the finale as well as a stand alone to season 6, but what about everything else?

    I know many say, “It’s about the characters… blah, blah, blah.” and that would be fine if the writers consistently wrote the show that way but they didn’t!

    They made us believe there was more to the show than just character development. Stuff like the Valenzettie Equation, The Hanso Foundation, The Numbers, The Statue, The Egyptian and other Culture’s writings, etc.! THEY, the writers, MADE US THINK, they had significance and to ignore that at the end and use the line, “It was never about those things. Those things only helped ot develop the characters!” I say Bulls… well you know the rest of the word!

    If I only wanted character development and not care about way cool things like sci-fi, history, physics, philosophy, etc. I can watch CSI, One Tree Hill, even ER reruns. There’s plenty of that out there. Heck there’s plenty of character development shows with spriituality in it like Ghost Whisper, Medium, etc., but LOST was different. It was big, it was clever and smart bringing many elements together.

    But in the end, they copout with the excuse it was only about Jack finding the right path to life.

    CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! To the writers of LOST I say, “You had the show of a life time but sold it out in the end! I will NEVER watch anything you ever write again and I STRONGLY will continue to discourage people from wasting their time by watching a show that will only crap on them in the end!”

    Carlton, Damon, YOU SUCK!

  3. i am with u the ending blew big fat donkey balls . they sold out and u are rite about the purgatory it is a joke. i was cool with the episode, thought it had that lost feel again with amazing acting and feeling. but once it ended with that crap. it is a wrap them producers are off my watch list for good. been watching six years for that. and cheif u are rite in yur other post about every mystery after they made it they just disregarded it rite after that.

  4. Ofcourse the island story line had a purpose. It was the game being played between Jacob and Smokey.

    YES, like almost all movies, 75% of the story could have been skipped if all the main characters had some piece or pieces of information. Our story would have been much shorer if Jacob steps forward and tells the Losties what is at stake right off the bat. Would that have been much of a show? No.

    I did not like the explaination of the Flash Sideways. I thought that there were too many holes in it. I didnt like that the only reveal we got in the finale was what the FSW actually was. I hated that we didnt get to see how the people that escaped got to live their lives, and what they did with them learning what they had learned in their journeys during the show. I did not like that the plane was even an option considering how bashed up it was.

    I was in dread this whole season as to what the FSW was going to turn out to be in the end. EVETYONE had to know at some point that it wasnt real. I had theorized many times that the FSw was some kind of construct. The fact that everyone happened to be in LA, the fact that certain things wouldnt have happened without the presence of the Island/Jacob in their lives, the fact that some characters were completely different acting when we know how they would have reacted in certain situations if they were really presented with them… just was too much info to think that this was some alternate unviserse, or that we were seeing some forked reality caused by the bomb going off.

    But I wouldnt have have ever guessed that it was some boarding station for all the good characters to meet back up and leave for heaven together, or w/e you interpret it to be. Mainly cause Desmond was able to switch back and forth from it after his second EM exposure.

    But even with all that, this is how I think of it. I always wanted resolution for these characters. And now that Im thinking clearly, did I expect to get resolution in the form of 3 episodes back in the real world showing that our Losties were living better lives and werent such hollow flawed people? That wouldnt have been very good TV, and would have had to come AFTER we see them escape and see Jack die to save the world. So seeing the FSW like we did was a decent way of showing us that these people got to be with the ones they loved in the end, and that they earned their absolution.

    It wasnt the best ending in the world, for me, but it was a GREAT episode. We can talk for years about how we took things that happened during this final season and it wasnt the cop out that other shows have ended their mess with. But it was AN ending, and even though we didnt get answers to all the little tiny things that truly werent totally needed for thw show, we did get answers for the most important things.

    And btw….I always said I wanted Hurley to be the Protector. When the answer of the riddle turned out to be, He who will save us all, I always thougth it would be great to see that it was Hurley and not Jacob that they were talking about. And while he wasnt the answer to the riddle, he was the great pure and noble sould that the Island always needed to care for it. I loved that part. And I loved the line from Ben…..”well that was JAcob’s way of doing things…maybe there is a different way, a better way.” That to me summed up so many of the questions that people still have about the show. Jacob and Mother were flawed people themselves, and if they had done things the right way, then Flight 815 wouldnt have been crashed in the first place. But im so glad that it was……it will forever be in my heart.

  5. I feel very let down! It’s as if all of the things I was lead to believe were significant, and spent so much time pondering never mattered at all.

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