The answers – and book writing

I think a lot of the unanswered questions are irrelevant because it didn’t apply to *this group of people*. The only glimpse of the island to which we were privy was the parts that directly involved *this group of people*.

The question is, are the answers worth a movie? Dharma? yes!!! Statue/temple/glyphs? Could be pretty cool. (You hearing me Disney? Better than adding ‘the island’ to Epcot.)

As for the other questions/answers … maybe we should get together and put best ones forward for a book!

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6 thoughts on “The answers – and book writing

  1. If they made a movie to show all the answers, I wouldn’t pay to see it, i would get a pirate copy and then watch it.

    I could see why the answers we want could not be appropriate to “this group” of people, but only if we were viewing it from one or more of the Losties point of view. For them to have random flashbacks of things that aren’t anything to do with the Losties, but then not give us answers to the questions, defeats the object.
    If Lost was really a show about the “characters” then they shouldn’t have needed back-ground stories on the other things in the first place. But they did. No wonder they joked that they’d have to go into hiding once the ending was aired.

  2. What other stories did they have that weren’t relevant to the Losties?

    Their own flashbacks showed their lives and how/why of decisions. Richard/Jacob’s – they all told the losties what we were so interested in knowing.

    Many of the ones we wanted weren’t given. Some of the ones we were that weren’t in the orgy room were of people who left an imprint on those who ended up there.

    I don’t see the issue. That is what *this* story was about.

    But, I’d love to see the movies (IMAX 3D could be tempting), go to the attraction AND (most importantly) read the book by US (or at least the brightest among us, myself most obviously not included) AES/Highbrow/etc. could put out something awesome, maybe like a trivia.answer book.

  3. Simply telling the story of the DHARMA Initiative would sufficiently wrap up the sci-fi aspects of the show. I don’t care what format it’s in… make it into a book, I’ll read it.

  4. I could put together a trivia book… it wouldn’t have an answer section though… Unless the questions were “who hooks up with who in the end” or something like that… Jate and Suliet were among the biggest reveals from the show. The rest would be just speculation.

  5. Just give a really good and honest interview and give us the damn answers.

    I would accept a “We really didn’t anticipate any of this and we screwed up. There are no answers to the following questions a b c but here are straight explanations for these c d e.”

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