Flash Sideways What is real?

One question I have about how the flash sideways works. If David is nor real… In the sense that Jack does not have a son… Then how many other “characters” from the flash sideways are not “real”?

Widmore, Daniel, Cooper, Liam…

Michael and Walt, whom we see on flight 815?

We assume Ben Linus is real despite his not joining the others in the church. Si can we assume that there are other “people” in the flash sideways who are real souls struggling to work things out while others props created to help them through that struggle?

On the Jimmy kimmmel aloha show Harold Perrineau suggested that Michael is still on the island as a whisper, and not in the flash sideways.

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2 thoughts on “Flash Sideways What is real?

  1. So … you’re askin’ “Was he real, or was he Memorex?”

    Good points. Whether Whipped-Widmore exists in Sidewaysville makes me wonder about Keamy. Sayid and he had a similar relationship briefly on the island. Does he and Mikhail have happily-ever-afters somewhere … to meet up eternally in some orgy room like our beloved Losties?

    Dang it, Andre, now my brain hurts again thinkin’ whether ones Sidewaysville would interact with another with whom you will not be spending eternity.

    I’m leaning they’re mostly fake ‘cuz Helen loved Locke but wasn’t in the orgy room. (Still can’t figure out why Penny was – maybe it’s cuz Des was special.)

    Michael probably is a whisper, and Walt – he never liked his dad. He may be with his wife and granny.

  2. Kimmel on The Jimmy Kimmel Show stated LOST was all about Jack. It was Jack’s test for the afterlife. Although he may be right, Jack was surely the main character and leader but could it not have been everyones’ test who showed up at the church at the end?

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