After having read a ton and a half of comments wrt how Lost ended. I get the frustration many of the fans are experiencing. Can’t say I blame them. I always believed (perhaps naively) that the production would come through with answers of sorts but it appears those answers are holidaying in Hawaii indefinitely. They went for emotion/sentimentality as a main weapon without effectively addressing the mystery and the mythology.
In their defense they marginally answered some questions. But the ones that were answered were answered too simply “The names of the candidates are just written in chalk on a cave wall” with others (not the Others) left to interpretation. What the heck is a Jacob?
I think the problem was the show had locked (not Locke) itself in given its linear prime time soap opera format. You either watched LOST or you didn’t. The audience was a captive one. It may have been thought these guys (the fans) will accept whatever we hand them given it is delivered in emotional wrappings in perceived intelligent fashion. And if we align some of the ducks and make the closer as gut wrenching as possible then maybe they’ll forget about the rest. No question, they are experts at this stuff. The formula works but there are some variables missing (I SAID VARIABLES) if you want to balance the equation.
But seriously let’s not bite the hand that fed us, they are great producers/writers otherwise we would not be in debate. Guess some of us just wanted a little more.

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