Favorite episodes?

Sry if there already is a post like this but
season 1 walkabout
do I really have to explain why I love this episode?

season 2 live together die alone
Desmond’s first flashback episode, gave some intense insight into his sad love story and brought Locke to the edge of disbelief. Still my favorite episode ever.

season 3 flashes before your eyes
Solidifies that Desmond is the coolest character ever, sends him back in time and shows us that he can see different iterations of the future.

season 4 the constant
Again Desmond is being thrown about through time as well as trying to race against it, with some amazing storytelling and editing.

season 5 Jughead
Richard Alpert looked the same (though not the first time they showed him like that), and they brought Widmore and Eloise into the story pretty well. also Charlotte fainted.

season 6 the end
They helped me let go… super sad ending, didn’t answer some of the more minor mysteries brought up in the middle of the series but not too huge of a deal. smokey died, that was cool, even though he was Locke.

anyone else want to post their favorite episodes? maybe some reasons why.

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5 thoughts on “Favorite episodes?

  1. Season 1 – Exodus
    Mainly for the speech that Sawyer gives Jack about meeting Christian.
    Season 2 – The Long Con
    “There’s a new Sheriff in town, boys. Ya’ll best get used to it.”
    I wasn’t a big fan of the second season…
    Season 3 – Flashes Before Your Eyes
    Anything Desmond is a favortie for me!
    – The Brig
    Die Anthony Cooper!
    – Through The Looking Glass
    Intense and sad and amazing.
    Season 4 – The Constant
    For obvious reasons
    Season 5 – The Lie
    Hurley’s speech to his mother
    – Jughead
    Faraday, Desmond and Richard… yum.
    – He’s Our You
    Not the most amazing episode, but I can rewind the part with Sayid being interrogated like 10 times.
    – Some Like It Hoth
    Miles was not used enough, in my opinon.

  2. Okay, I like polls like these; gets me reminiscing.

    SEASON 1:

    John Locke is my favorite character.. by far.. and it was this episode that gave me my first reasons why. Truly great episode.

    **Deus Ex Machina**
    Again, John Locke. But this was better than Walkabout for two reasons. First, it showed Locke’s struggle against his father along with Terry O’Quinn’s GREAT acting at the end, driving away from Cooper’s house. Secondly, the light in the hatch comes on, which was my first real big OMG moment.

    Although not one of my favorite episodes as a whole, one of my all-time favorite moments was when Saywer told Jack about meeting Christian at the bar in Sydney.

    SEASON 2:

    **Man of Science, Man of Faith”
    Struggle between Jack and Locke, we meet Desmond.

    **One of Them**
    We meet Ben, Sayid beats Ben up, Jack and Locke have a GREAT scene together where Jack makes Locke open the vault, and the counter hits zero, which stands as my most exciting/tense moment in the series.

    SEASON 3:

    Ha, okay I won’t even come up with a phoney story. This episode did truly suck.

    **The Brig**
    Locke joins the Others and Sawyer kills his nemesis. One of my all-time favorite scenes with Sawyer talking to, and ultimately killing, Anthony Cooper. The emotion from Sawyer as Cooper tears that letter up went straight through me to my core.

    SEASONS 4-5-6:

    **The Constant**
    Desmond Hume is my second favorite character for sure, and I loved seeing him jump back and forth from 1996 to the present. His pure confusion was portrayed great and it was emotional when he showed up and asked Penny’s phone number.

    **The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham**
    Getting the story behind how Locke died was a relief, though it only made me hate Ben that much more. Locke has been such a tragic but heroic figure, definitely the one with the most contrast between the two. This episode portrayed this duality within Locke yet again.

    **Happily Ever After**
    Again, Desmond makes it for me. The “Charlie’s hand on the window of the car” part gave me shivers down my spine I hadn’t felt since Locke saw the Swan counter hit zero!

    **The End**
    Regardless of all the loose ends and unsolved mysteries (props to Robert Stack), I loved the ending. Locke remembering his life on the Island, Jack and Christian embracing one another, Juliet and Sawyer finding each other again. One very small part most people probably glossed over but for me was very significant and emotional, was when Jack enters the church and is greeted by a smiling John Locke, who shakes his hand and says “We’ve been waiting for you”. After all the two had been through, there they were together, happy to see one another. It meant a lot to me to see that.

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