The Characters 2- Limbo, Mysteries, and Taking Comfort

The following is actually (mostly) a post i replied to Chiefof16’s theory The Characters. It has mostly to do with my theory on WHY the SidewaysWorld was the way it was. It may be redundant, but I feel I would be cheating the characters I came to care about if I didn’t say a few things. Also it might spark some new discussions.

Well, now regarding the Sideways Universe, before i knew it was Limbo, i always thought that the universe was created (perhaps by Jacob or something), and although i didn’t know what purpose it served originally, i did always believe that it was there to allow the Losties to redeem certain things.

When I did find out it was Limbo, i still maintained this idea. It was made to give them a chance to redeem certain things that they couldn’t in life (this is in addition to the reason that they should find each other. I must admit, my inital reaction when they were all going to Heaven or whatever was “How gay…”, lol).

Case in point: Ben Linus sacrifices his “power” to save his daughter, the only thing that really ever mattered to him (I think that scene with him and Ilana as he is running away was brilliant, and it kinda brought tears to my eyes).

Another is Kate coming back to help someone (Claire) even when she was on the run. I think she always wanted to help. Locke was able to “let go” of his stubborn ambitions and be happy with Helen. Jack got to be the father Chrisitan never was to him, and also feel a little bit of what Locke must have felt in the real world with the whole Locke vs. Jack thing (”I wish you would have believed me.”).

In fact, what I originally thought was that Sayid failed to redeem himself in SidewaysWorkd, and went back to his old murderous ways (and I don’t blame him, he was always one of my most fav characters), and then in the real world, he got overtaken by THE DARKNESS that f*ed him up. That theory was bollocked up, of course.

It has already been suggested that Linus didn’t go with the others because he still had some redeeming to do, most likely waking up others, such as Alex, Russo, etc.

Now this was not exactly the ending i was expecting. I was wondering how are they going to answer even SOME of the MANY questions they left hanging. It wasn’t the wow, bang, in-your-face ending that i expected to make me cream my pants (just an expression) that would make me reel for days. Which is probably why the first time i saw it, i wasn’t hit that hard. But i had been watching it with my friend, and we discussed it late into the night, and I was put to ease a little bit. I did love the characters, but that came later… what attracted me was the mysterty behind the characters, WHY they were brought together and all they WHYs in between. That was answered. It was all Jacob’s plan to kill MIB and bring some semblance of safety to the world. There were some elements of surprise. Hell, i never expected Hugo to become Jacob. And a beautifully filmed ending, with Jack in the bamboo field and the plane flying over, and Richard and Claire leaving the island, and Vincent lying down with Jack, and Jack’s eyes closing… ending right where it started. Very profound, and ultimately pleasing.

Yet I feel quite bollocksed that the mysteries went to shyte. Walt (who came back to visit Locke at the end of Season 3), Aaron (who was apperently the chosen one to bring balance to the Force or something), and so on. I never thought the Sideways world would be Limbo, but like i said, i was comforted.

Well, that was my reply.
I always knew, from the beginning that the show was half about the characters. The way their lives crashed together, and how they had such a profound influence on each other. The scene between Linus and Ilana that I mentioned above, when it moved me to tears, well, such scenes reaffirm that faith.
But the other half of the show was about the mysteries. And that whole pregnancy thing, they could have atleast given us something on that. By the end of the show, I had already given up on Walt and Aaron. Sigh.

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9 thoughts on “The Characters 2- Limbo, Mysteries, and Taking Comfort

  1. ar420316????? Are you kidding me that the Aaron thing was answered? What you are referring to is that the psychic admitted to Eko that he was a fake?
    So are you telling me this guy bugged Claire for months and months, then bought her a plane ticket and gave her some cash because he was a fake???
    Is that what you are saying?

    A more likely explanation is that it was part of Jacob’s pushing Claire to the Island. But why would he send her to the island. Not to be a candidate as he doesn’t want mothers to be candidates. So maybe it was for Aaron and thus the unanswered question of Aaron.

  2. actually yes i am saying it is that simple that he was a fake….. i have very little faith in these writers, as i have been saying for years that things are a lot more simple on lost then what we make it. reason why i say it is answered is cause if the writers who strung us along for all this time have even come out and said aaron is not special the phycic was a fake and the reason dharma was interested in claire was just cause they wanted to know about her pregnancy and how she was able to give birth on the island. i mean it cant be any clearer then that if they are saying and have said that is all it was with aaron. thats why i say that, so they are wrong and admitted to having no mystery or intentions on ever having aaron play a part on this show . so exsplain that one. some things or most these writers did were dead ends with no intentions.

  3. ar420316 – I agree that he was a fake. But I’m having a hard time believing that he called up Claire in the middle of the night, to give her plane tickets for LA for no reason at all.

    There’a a possibilty that he was told to do this to Claire. Who would get the psychic to do this to her though? Perhaps Jacob paid him a lot of money to do this? Who knows?

    But the extremely peculiar behavior of that psychic really shows that there should be more to this.

  4. i do see where there should be a whole lot more to it then this. and i wish there was or is. i just think if they are saying they had no intentions at all then they had no thought of jacob and so on so maybe we should just take it as that. at the same time dont let my disapointment ruin the theories i still come here to read them all the time. i just think they actually told the truth on this one. but then again i have not been rite about this show for the past two seasons. lol

  5. Fear not. I’ve been wrong about the meteor thing, about Christian being in charge of the island, about Jacob’s intentions, pretty much anything that matters within the show, I’ve been wrong about.

    ….And yeah I understand, this is by far not the only thing that you’d think there was more to, but just got completely ignored in the long run.

  6. Just because Darlton said it was nothing means nothing to me now. I trusted them and they didn’t deliver a finished product. So they are done with lost and maybe someone else will get a shot to answer some questions. Or maybe we can answer them. I don’t really care what Darlton has to say anymore. The island is through with them.

  7. penelopedean i dont trust them either this is actually the one thing i believe them on. who knows though with them jerk offs u guys could be rite

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