Smokie was created because…..

of Mother’s rules! It seems that whoever’s in charge of the Island can create whatever rules they dream up, such as “making it so” that MIB and Jacob could never hurt each other (how she did that exactly we’ll obviously never know.)

Mother also explained that if you touched the light, your fate would be worse than death, i.e. transforming into Smokie, your previous physical body being discarded – as MIB mentions that Jacob “stole” his body, this sorta makes sense.

On the other hand, when Jacob takes his role as Island CEO, along with not allowing people to leave as Ben mentions in the finale, having seen what happened to MIB when he went down into the light, he somehow changes the rules so that there’s just a big cork in a light-filled pool?

Ok I know this isn’t the strongest theory, but as the writers/producers aren’t offering up anything better…I’m gonna go with this for now.

Although maybe it was just because Desmond went down before Jack and could resist electromagnetism that he wasn’t turned into another Smokie, then when Jack went down the Island magic was off so he didn’t turn into one either….ok I’m stopping now. Show’s over.

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3 thoughts on “Smokie was created because…..

  1. People have told me that the show is not about the bells and whistles but about character development.

    So that’s what I’ll tell you now.

    Feeling better?

    I didn’t think so.


  2. think Desmond could resist cause his special abilities and Jack survived as he was the ‘protector’ – even though hurley was the new protector Jack was also untill he died of his stabbing injury. (you are like me now)

  3. I mentioned something similar in my “Fallout to the End” post but I didn’t apply it to the creation of the Smoke Monster. I think this is plausible.

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