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I have not posted for quite some time? First let me say it has been an interesting ride. My thanks to the host and all of the contributors who have put in a great deal of effort, thought and research.
While I hoped for most of the questions to be answered, I realized that 1/3rd of the way through season 6, there was no way it would happen? I have believed for a very long time, that when the show first began, they had NO idea how it was going to end? They may not have believed the show would have lasted as long as it did. I believed that they monitored sites such as this. I was convinced that there was a scientific explanation to a lot of the mysteries. As a scientist, I posted many theories on other sites about 4th dimensional beings and tried to use quantum physics to rationalize a great deal. I am somewhat disappointed that it was not explored further? I was disappointed with the ending at first but have come to grips with its meaning.
To Dabs , Ach, Highbrow and others who have contributed so greatly; I have thoroughly enjoyed the exchange.
Sleep well my fellow losties!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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