Time to move on?

I wonder what the Lost spinoff series will be called, given there is one. The popularity of this show indicates there must be something that’s being considered. Wishful thinking, I dare not postulate for my prime time sanity is at stake. The show could include any or all of the characters possibly illustrated from different perspective. I think it would be delightful!
I REALLY NEED MY REGULAR FIX OF LOST OR SOME SUBSTITUTE THEREOF OR…. OK,OK I’ll watch most (OK all) of the commercials even if I record episodes and watch them later.
Uncle already!

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3 thoughts on “Time to move on?

  1. If you need your weekly dose of lost try watching the show flashforward. Not as good as lost but it is by the same producers and is also quite interesting.

  2. Thanks for the thought and I agree it is quite interesting. I have not watched it as closely as Lost but will catch up eventually as I did with Lost.
    I will also comment to ADMIN in other thread(s) currently posted perhaps Flashforward would be a logical choice to replace Lost in our discussions.

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