Apollo Bar with Sidekick Candy, Avalon Bar

My very first “theory” post and the show’s been over for more than 2 weeks.

Sorry if anyone has posted something about this already.

I was rewatching “The End”, and notice just before Sawyer and Juilet connect and “realize” in the FSW, Sawyer is buying an Apollo candy bar.  The candy bar to the right on the Apollo bar in the vending machine is called an Avalon bar.  I found this interesting and was not familiar with Avalon (other than the Toyota) so I looked it up on Wikipedia.  Here are a couple of exerts from the Wiki page.

Avalon (probably from the Welsh word afal, meaning apple; see Etymology below) is a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend, famous for its beautiful apples.”

“As an “Isle of the Blessed” Avalon has parallels elsewhere in Indo-European mythology, in particular the Irish Tír na nÓg and the Greek Hesperides, also noted for its apples. Avalon was associated from an early date with immortal beings such as Morgan le Fay.”

There is a lot of information on the page, but I found the talk about “islands”, “apples”, and “apple-trees” to fit along with other theories I have read from this site reguarding the Island being the “Garden of Eden”. If you would like to read the Wikipedia page, here is the link.

Again, sorry if anyone has alread posted this same information.

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10 thoughts on “Apollo Bar with Sidekick Candy, Avalon Bar

  1. Great catch on the Avalon bar!

    The name Apollo can also be derived from the Celtic word ‘Abal’ – apple. So, Apollo is also known as Apple-man.

  2. Nice catch!

    I wonder… were there two or three skeletons in the cave of light? If there were two – perhaps, the real Adam and Eve?
    Interesting to think about….

  3. JacksAppendix: totally agree!

    Clairespeanutbutter… I also saw three skeletons. One all by itself, and then another two lying together.

  4. Thanks, wasn’t sure about that.

    Yes, they were banished, good point – but I think all of humanity was supposed to be banished? Though in the Lost world I’m guessing someone was left behind after the banishment to guard the Garden of Eden (if it’s the island)… sort of a curse and blessing at the same time for the guardian.

  5. No what the entire season has had little tidbits like this. I believe if we followed up on every little thing we saw we would find thousands of interesting points like that.

  6. nice catch!

    I didn’t notice that. I was just wondering whether there were any little easter eggs in ‘the end’, or even season 6 for that matter, as i hadn’t read about or seen any.

    I wonder if there are any more?

  7. Great catch, Jack! Interesting too that APOLLO can mean “apple man”. Moreover, “Amongst the god’s custodial charges, Apollo became associated with dominion over colonists, and as the patron defender of herds and flocks.” (wikipeida).

    Wow! Sound anything like one Jack Shepherd? Apollo was also regarded as the God of healing and medicine (amongst many other things that don’t necessarily make my argumnent). Lots of strange similarities….I don’t think the Apollo & refernces are at all a coincidence. There’s still more to figure out here, dammit!

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