It always ends the same

Following my theory titled : MIB was not the first Smokey…
In that theory I suggested that the story has happened over and over which is why we have been given Egyptian references to demonstrate that the story has been going for many many thousands of years.
It just came to me, the quote Jacob made – It always ends the same!
Was another clue from the writers.
Which I believe was a clue to answering why there were skeletons at the source! It always leads to someone having to replace the cork and save the world – thus each period in history, the story it always ends the same!

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15 thoughts on “It always ends the same

  1. O…M…G! Hurley’s gonna’ smash some pregnant lady’s skull in, grab her babies, and make ’em duke it out to be ‘the candidate’

  2. Waycurious – ha ha!
    I think u missed my point. The circumstances change, but eventually people come fight currupt etc etc which think leads to the creation of a smokey and the need to save the island/world!
    Not literally ends the same word for word…
    Cause eventually hurley will want to stop being the protector and look to pass it on …………

  3. I friggin hope that’s not the case. If so, the whole show was pointless.
    …There is a magical cork that keeps the World safe and it has to be reset once every couple thousand years? And we watched it for 6 years thinking it was something special. But no, it just goes on and on and on and none of it matters cause it’s just gonna happen all over again.
    I know it’s just a show, but seriously: retarded.

  4. It wasn’t Jacob who said it always ends the same….it was MIB who said that to Jacob…and Mother who said that to the 2 boys.

    In fact Jacob actually went out of his way to tell MIB that he was wrong about that very point. I think the whole idea of the show we watched, the little slice of the Lost timeline, was to prove that it doesn’t have to end the same. But rather humanity can prevail…sacrafice can be made for the good of the whole. Blah blah blah.

  5. @boo
    good point..I was always confused though..
    Jacob says “It only ends once, everything before that is just progress”
    So he does agree with MIB that it will end. Just end differently, like you suggested..

  6. Yeah, Bob. Easily one of the bigger unsolved myesteries….HOW does it end only once? Does it end badly? Or does it end with humanity survivng?

    Did we actually SEE the ending Jacob spoke of? Or was that just another proverbial brick in the wall i.e..PROGRESS?

    Shoot me

  7. Hi, thanks to everyone whose taken the time to comment.
    I think the show was not pointless as the island story repeats over and over, I think we were shown the period where the protector made a mistake and created a smoke monster rather than someone accidentally becoming it. Maybe there have been lots of periods where no monster and just a lonely protector. I think when Jacob said it only ends once he was refering to his and mib situation rather than the island.
    So there story ends but the islands is eternal!

  8. Well, it always ended the same, until it ended… I think that was the point of showing the sunken island, it finally ended differently..

    Anyhow on another note… I’m totally OBSESSED w/ the group The Cure, and the lyrics to disintegration work in perfectly with lost… Take a look…

    I’m only going to post the last verse, but every time I hear it now I think of lost…

    I never said I would stay to the end
    I knew I would leave you with babies and everything
    Screaming like this in the hole of sincerity
    Screaming me over and over and over
    I leave you with photographs
    Pictures of trickery
    Stains on the carpet and
    Stains on the memory
    Songs about happiness murmured in dreams
    When we both of us knew
    How the end always is

    How the end always is…

  9. I believe you are correct, the scene of the sunkin island occured in the afterlife world (FSW). That’s if there was only 1 scene of it.
    But back to the thread, if there were/was a hieroglyph of the Smoke Monster (SM) and the hieroglyph makers (the Egyptians) preceeded Jacob and MIB, then MIB is my uncle.

  10. Okay, people who think the whole show was pointless if LostAddict’s theory is correct need to get their minds straight!

    “I watched for 6 years and it didn’t turn out to be what I thought it would be! The story they gave on the show wasn’t the whole and total and complete history of everything and I’m whining about it!”

    My impression of the whole thing is that the Island is the constant; the people, all of them, are the variables. So the story of the Island continues after the people are gone. There were people before Mother, there will be people after Hugo. Think of your own life and the world; did it begin when you were born? Will it end once you are gone? People, in this respect, are somewhat inconsequential. Don’t be mad at that reality; it’s selfish and immature to expect everything to be worked out in such a nice, cozy way. Wouldn’t the show have turned out to be so “easy” if they had done it like that? They took a risk and not everyone loved it, oh well.

  11. This kind of acceptance to the theory that the Island is constant only further proves my assertion that the show was centered around the characters. They didn’t set out to tell “the story of the Island”; they told the story of these people in the setting of the Island. The Island, and all it’s mystery and history, is the backdrop, the setting, the circumstance, the landscape, the context, whatever you want to call it. The focus was the characters.

  12. good stuff Inquisitor..
    I just watched a couple Season I episodes tonight, thinking about the show as a whole..definitely not pointless, still awesome, it’s the characters that make it awesome

  13. Thanks bobt..

    I get a little nutty when people on here say that the show was driven by the mystery instead of the characters. Of course on THIS website, all you’ll find are people who are totally obsessed with the show! Think about how many of us on here comment/post regularly; 30,40,50 of us maybe? Out of the millions who watched the show? We are the group that can’t stop thinking about it; we’re the obsessed ones. So this small group of people think about it a whole lot more and the mystery is going to be our driving force.

    Think about the layout of the Lost seasons and the viewer ratings as it went along. Granted, the Season 3 confusion led to a lot of loss in viewership, but Seasons 1 & 2, which had CHARACTER FLASHBACKS (non-Island related), had an average viewership of about 18.5 million people per episode. Seasons 4,5,6 had an average of about 12 million per episode over those three seasons, which is when the writers started with flash-forwards, time-flashes, and flash-sideways. It got too “sciency” and weird for a lot of people, I think. A lot of people watched because of the compelling characters involved in such a weird place, not the weird place itself.

  14. Inquisitor,
    I’ve thought about that too, about what makes this site unique..I love the fact that it’s not hundreds or thousands of people, and there isn’t a new comment or theory being posted every five seconds..We’ve got great core group of writers here (including you and maybe 20-30 others).. Everytime there’s a comment or theory I quickly read up.. I am obsessed about Lost more than I’ve ever been obsessed by any story/movie/hobby in my life..

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