“LOST” worse possible ending they could have come up with

1st I would like to say that for some reason the producers/writers/ and even possibly the actors punked out on the fans. They should be hung by the villagers carrying burning torches, just like they tried to do to Frankenstien.

As the remaining shows got closer and closer to the Finale, I was convinced that they would not do justice to the show the started 6 years ago. I just don’t understand why they would do that to us, the fans of the show.

This is for all the people still trying to figure out things that happen in the other five years. Stop, Stop right now! If anything you should be trying to figure out how your going to punish the producers. Like I said before, hanging would probably be a good idea. There are no answers to your questions. There never will be any more answers.

I think that there should be a law suit that would make it manditory that Hollywood be more responsible to the public. And refund the money I spent down-loading episodes to my computer. That my kids college fund.

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3 thoughts on ““LOST” worse possible ending they could have come up with

  1. Patrick,
    I was really dissapointed too..It was a great episode, but it didn’t take the story where it could have gone…
    But first, don’t throw away the entire show just because the ending was disssapointing; there is still so much to think about and theorize..
    Secondly, that’s exactly why Emzi created the alternatelostendings site..go ahead and write your own ending! I’m writing mine and having a blast! We need more pepes on that site, lately it’s only been me and Jj23 on there..give it a shot!

  2. Someone mentioned (on this site), the writing team had gone into hiding. Possibly this is why; people are looking to string them up.
    Forever optimistic, I’m hoping they went into hiding so they could write a better ending.

  3. Of course I love the series so I’ll continue to watch and watch and watch.. and think and think. I know a lot of superfans are disappointed with the ending, and maybe with Season 6 in general, and I see why. I don’t agree on all points, but I can understand it. I just have to say that everytime I rewatch, I find something new that I missed before. So there may be a whole lot of things embedded throughout that make it all okay in the end, maybe not.

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