The temple pool of life

Is it tied to the pool-of-light that needed protection?

If so, how is it tied to Jacob’s life?
Is it always tied to the candidate?
Did it default to MIB ‘cuz he drowned there, so those ‘saved’ were more his minions (Sayid) vs. Jacobs (aka Ben)?

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One thought on “The temple pool of life

  1. Oh I like how you made that connection
    MIB drowned there>Unpure water saves MIB minions…
    I really can’t answer any of these, good to ponder on…

    But for your first question, being “tied” to the pool of life..I have pondered that one for awhile. When Jacob died, why didn’t the pool of life stop producing light or become “unpure”? Looks like it was working 100% when Des pulled the plug. So if there is NOT a connection, that means the impurity is being inserted elsewhere downstream, or the temple water isn’t coming from the life pool after all…

    Maybe the temple water is water UPSTREAM, or before, the light source. That is where Hurley drank his scoop of holy water…

    Another instance of dirty water is the water that was in Ben’s water hole used to summon Smokie… don’t know how to logically connect that…

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