Ghost townnn

I miss lost  i keep coming on here hoping for something new but its gone. i really wish they had of ended the show a little better, it was worth all the time.

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Hurleys Bird

4 thoughts on “Ghost townnn

  1. I hear ya Hurleys Bird…I have it on in the background on Saturday nights and it makes me blue for 2 reasons – 1) I miss the anticipation and the excitement looking forward to the next episode and subsequent discussions and 2) Had the writers chose to have an ending explaining the mythology, I would have rewatched eagerly again finding the clues I missed. But now what is the point of analyzing it so closely?

  2. Hurley Bird and lostonlongisland,
    I’m feelin the pain too.. I’m still around, not posting much..I’m looking forward to more posts from everybody with the Season 6 DVD release in August…

    One thing I’ve discovered and have come to love lately; there is a whole world of Lost Fan Fiction on the web. I am amazed, people are incredibly creative..My favorite site is (emzi I hope you don’t mind me posting that site)…
    Emzi also created the alternate lost endings site which me and a few others have posted stories..

  3. There appears to be plenty of fine places to visit and enjoy. The other sites discussed (at least TV uncut) offer a fun time (like here) in terms of discussion, ideas and the sharing of these. I contend, though, Lost will be back someday, in some form at some point in some place…hopefully TV. Maybe wishful thinking, but not to worry I will do that job in the interim.

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