Lets create a list of every unanswered question!

As simple as the title reads. We all love and miss lost. And we all know not every question was answered. Lets create a definitive list of unanswered questions. I’ll start.

Who were the 3 wise men who created the chess game on the computer, and what was the relevance of telling us about them? Was it a religious theme(3 wise men) or was i an inside joke referring to damon, carleton, and JJ?

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I was a die-hard fan, but it was bought out by someone who was unable to keep it up. Now I am here.

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  1. Why did they make a big deal out of Richard popping out of the jungle?
    He even said that was for later. and then they didn’t answer.

  2. This is a good idea,

    Penelope, there was another moment where Richard appeared from the forest out of nowhere, when asked how he got there he replied ‘you don’t want to know’, why? Surely he just walked there? Why all the ambiguity.

    I asked recently about the package Ben had and a couple people said it was the gun he took to kill Penny at the dock, which i hadn’t thought of, but makes sense.

    On the cabin, that to me is possibly the biggest mystery, with no real answers and to me seemed half-baked on the writers part. Nothing we know of it adds up. Someone was in it, my guess is smokie.

    Why the ash ring? to trap it? We know it was roaming the island. Was the ash to protect Jacob? We already know smokie could not harm Jacob.
    Why did Ilana and co go looking for Jacob there if as we know he’d been living in the foot for a very long time. What was the point of the cabin anyway other than to throw another odd supernatural elememt in the mix?

    On that note, what was Ilanas connection to Jacob? I felt a little ripped off when she got blown up.

  3. Perhaps it would be easier to have a list of the ANSWERED questions haha..
    I suppose a question that I would really like answered is; were the off-island ghosts really ghosts or were they MIB? Such as Charlie and Christian Shephard. I like to think they were their real souls..

  4. What about Waaaaaaallllllllllltttttt?
    Why was he special?
    How come Claire could have a baby (born alive, even if he did die in the womb and come back or whatever) in “purgatory” while they were all dead? isn’t that a little weird?

    Why did the statue have 4 toes?
    What was the point of the experiments in the Dharma Initiative?
    Why Polar bears and rabbits? why not giraffes and goats?
    Why was Jack’s scar on the wrong side in the sideways/alternate reality?
    Why were women struggling to get pregnant on island and reaching full term?
    Why was the landing strip for the Ajira Plane built so far in advance, and why wasn’t there one built for 815?
    Why did charlie have to die?
    Why did the others keep Cindi and the kids, and what happened to them while with the others?
    How the hell did Claire survive?
    Who was looking after Ji Yeon?

  5. helentink-
    Supposedly the Dharma Initiative was supposed to change one of the factors of the Valenzetti Equation, which was used to accurately calculate when humanity would be extinguished. These factors are none other than the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. This wasn’t talked about in the show but was revealed in an online interactive game the Lost creators did for fans.
    And the island wasn’t purgatory many actors and crew have said that since the show ended. A real plane with real people crashed on a real island and they had adventures. The sideways world was the only purgatory part.

  6. shephards_flocke, I think Room 23 was the Others’ brainwashing station to turn non-Others into Others, like Cindy. Cindy was a Tailie and then we see her as a devout Other. She was totally brainwashed, and it was through Room 23 that she was.

  7. What did blowing up Jughead accomplish?

    Was that the incident, would the incident still have happened if the losties were not in ’77 to blow up the bomb.

    From what I saw, Jughead did nothing but bring them back to 2007.


  8. My believes/opinions:
    1.The incident was the when the DI broke into the high magnetic field which led to the building of the Hatch. This caused a new timeline to form which probably destroyed the island. Perhaps the sunken island seen in the afterworld of S6 was the visual aftermath reference of the Jughead exposion.
    2. The Losties were traveling thru time by themselves as seen during S5. When Jughead blew they were thrown out of that time (obviously) into 1997. Why 1997, because the Island had not completed its business with them or the producers left that open to interpretation because the needed to move on to S6 somehow with all the losties together in the same timeline.
    3. Note: The producers like to create different timelines — another ref: the most recent Star Trek movie.

  9. 1. Where did the numbers get their power/was there really a curse?
    2. Why was there a time delay going to/coming from the Island?
    3. What was up with Widmore – good, evil, did it even matter?
    4. Alvar Hanso and the DeGroots?
    5. Who keeps the food drops going?
    6. Did that bird call out Hurley’s name?
    7. The FDW – how did it get put in, who used it first?
    8. What the hell is the Source/heart of the Island? Who/how was is created?
    9. Who or what is/was the Mother? (CJ Cregg lady)
    10. Christian? Is he Jesus?
    11. How did the cabin move? Why did Jacob live there? For how long? The ash?
    12. The statue – who built it, what is it’s importance, how could a little ship smash it to bits, why does it belong to Jacob?
    13. Egyptian stuff. Wtf?
    14. Why did some flight 316ers go to 1977 and others to 2007?
    15. Waaaaaaaaalt – what were his powers? Why did he become unimportant?
    16. Where did the Others (besides Richard) come from? What did they want?
    17. When did the flashsideways/limbo/purgatory get created? How?
    18. How did Jin float to the Island on a right bearing?
    19. What exactly would happen if MIB left?
    20. Was Desmond really all that special?
    21. What is the infection/sickness?
    22. How does the temple water heal? Or the Island itself heal? Is it the light?
    23. The temple people- Dogen and Lennon… WTF?
    24. Zoie? Pointless.
    25. Illana? Pointless.
    26. Did Jughead do anything besides kill Juliet and transport the Losties to ‘07?
    27. The Island on the bottom of the ocean. What?
    28. “It’s just chalk on a wall.” Are you shitting me?!
    29. What about little Ji Yeon?
    30. What was up with Eloise? Did she have powers? How did she get them?
    31. Richard gets a gray hair, super ages, dies and goes to hell?
    32. Locke is able to walk, but Jack gets his appendix messed up?
    33. Jack’s neck bleeds in the afterlife? Why? To remind him his life ended so crappily?
    34. Jack and Juliet were married? Um… what?
    35. The purge – who ordered it? And why?
    36. How was Christian on the freighter? And why – who is MIB to want Michael to let go?
    37. Miles, Lapidus etc. are not in the church?
    38. Hurley and Ben lead the Island… Really? Ben? For how long? Do they have to find a new candidate, 2000 years from now when a spaceship crashes?
    39. How did all of the other people die and end up in Sidewaysville?
    40. Why did Jacob touch Sayid and Hurley after they made it off the Island?
    41. Does his touch actually do anything? (Richard got his “gift” by drinking stuff)
    42. Eko. Wtf? No more bullshit about the actor, please.
    43. Vincent… something is weird about that dog.
    44. Where did Claudia come from?
    45. How did the Adam and Eve bodies move around in the cave? Massive production error?
    46. MIB has no name… seriously?!
    47. How do they (Mother, Jacob, MIB etc.) speak perfect English with no weird Shakespearean-ness? It was 2000 years ago, people spoke different.
    48. Pushing the hatch button every 108 minutes… significant?
    49. Is the magic light the electromagnetism?
    50. Pierre Chang and his hand and his different names and how did he leave the Island, or did he die in the Purge, was he even important?
    51. What is the negatively charged exotic matter? Does it have anything to do with the special light?
    52. Why did Jacob let himself die? Was it part of a plan? What good did it do?
    53. What was the loophole? How did Smokey plan that? When? Wtf?
    54. Why didn’t Jack turn into smoke going into the cave?
    55. Why didn’t Jacob just un-cork the cave, kill Smokey and replace the cork like 2000 years ago in the first place? Was he a complete dumbass?
    56. Mikhail survives an insane amount of injuries how…?
    57. How did they know to build the runway?
    58. Henry freaking Gale?
    59. Why would Eloise let herself kill her son? So she could be with him in the afterlife and he could be free from the science?
    60. How could Desmond see the future? Did he know he was dead?
    61. How/why was Charlie the first to piece it all together?
    62. Inman… He got there how? Why did they just leave him there?
    63. Sayid and Shannon…. What about Nadia?!
    64. Those dreams people used to have, showing them what to do next and whatnot…?
    65. Why did Sun forget English?
    66. Why didn’t Charlie just run out the door in the Looking Glass? He had time!
    67. Why did MIB/Christian make Claire stay?
    68. The eye in Jacob’s cabin?
    69. What made stuff fly around that one time? Could Jacob turn invisible?
    70. The polar bear in Tunisia? He turned the FDW, did he?
    71. Why do the Others take children?
    72. Why did Ethan go insane? Why didn’t they kill him with his parents?
    73. Why did Ben steal Alex? He wanted to be a Dad that badly? Pffffft.
    74. No babies? Then how did Ethan get born? The twin brothers, Alex, Aaron?
    75. Faraday was a college professor at Oxford when he was only 19? Wtf?
    76. Why was Minkowski in the Losties’ purgatory thing? He was not important.
    77. Why did Locke grow weed?
    78. How did Isabella appear to Richard?
    79. How/why can Hurley talk to dead people?
    80. Why could they all see Jacob around the fire, but only Hurley could before?
    81. The rules… WTF?!
    82. “It is, in fact, a violation.” Of what? Are there more goddamn rules in a self-created afterlife, Eloise?
    83. Miles the Ghost Whisperer… why are his powers the same and yet different than Hurley’s? What was the point of his character (I love Ken and he was so badass, but seriously, he became pointless)
    84. What is the Tampa Job?
    85. What happens to Kate, Sawyer and company after they leave?
    86. Why is Aaron a baby in the flashsideways? Was that his favorite time in life?
    87. Why didn’t they just failsafe the hatch earlier? Nothing happened.
    88. How and why can the smoke be summoned?
    89. Libby at Santa Rosa?
    90. That Dave guy… real, imaginary, Libby’s husband?
    91. Annie?
    92. Why didn’t they kill Radzinsky in the purge?
    93. Who hid that part of the orientation tape at the other station? Why?
    94. What was the point of Dharma’s psychological experiments?
    95. “You’re going to wish you hadn’t changed the rules, Charles.” Um, another set of rules stating you cannot kill your enemies’ daughter?
    96. Are the ghosts Hurley can talk to purgatory people?
    97. How did Locke/Smokey know exactly when to save the real Locke from bleeding to death from the bullet wound during the time jumps?
    98. How could Jacob leave the Island?
    99. How did Christian appear to Jack off-Island? The smoke detector?
    100. How did the Dharma Initiative find the Island to begin with?
    101. How does the smoke monster scan people? What for? Who is he to judge?
    102. What about all the DI members in stations off the Island? Who built the Lampost? Why does Eloise have her own church?
    103. Why was there a map to all the stations on the blast door in the hatch?
    104. Why did they have to recreate the crash to get back to the Island?
    105. Why does little Jacob run around the Island?
    106. Why was the US Army there?
    107. How did Claire and Sayid overcome the “sickness” when no one else ever could?
    108. Who is Wallace?

  10. my biggest question is this: Why oh why oh why did the writers continously throw in all the mysteries and puzzles for almost 6 seasons that they obviously had no intention of giving us viewers answers to???

    i know that this isn’t the type of question you meant but i stick by it!!

  11. @bobt, yes thanks you’re correct I meant to say that Jughead detonated, destroying the island for the Losties as well as ending their/that timeline and it then throwing them back to 2007. This is probably why the sunken island shows up in the afterworld of S6 because it only happened in their timeline. Also, I meant beliefs NOT believes.

  12. I still say Jughead going off saved the island, if the losties were not there to do it the drilling would have continued and something very bad would have happened.

    After that the hatch was built above the energy pocket to keep it under control and the rest is history.

    And i_am_jacob, that is the biggest question, and has a simple answer, to get and keep people watching.

    I always thought Lost would end with something of an ‘of course!’ moment that tied up most loose ends, but it didn’t, and many of the questions can only be answered with guesses.
    The thing is, i always thought Lost was a great piece of art, like a great book or movie, but now i realize it was a network TV show, which means the most important thing was ratings.

  13. shephards_flocke, yeah, i know it was to keep people watching and thats exactly what we did.

    don’t get me wrong, i thought the last few episodes were brill and i can’t complain how it ended. i just thought many of the major topics would have been tidied up before Across the Sea, thats all.

    obviously our passion for Lost has only waned a little because there are still a few of us on here and i think if others who haven’t been on since the finale were to just check the website, i think they might come back too.

    to put my feelings towards Lost another way; its sort of one of those relationships you have with the most perfect girl in the world. she’s gorgeous, has the most awesome personality, you can’t stop thinking about her and you know she’s the one. Then just as she’s about to say ‘I do’ at the alter, she walks out on you without a reason and you never see her again. Lost almost was the greatest tv show that has been on based on the number of people who watched it, the amount of discussion that was made of it on sites like this and the anticipation it created between each episode and series.

    sorry its a strange metaphor but i think Lost will go down as the greatest love/hate realtionship in history.

    oh yeah, there are that many questions that were left unanswered, i need to write a list first before i put anything on here. I will be quite a while though…..

  14. hey I_am_Jacob,

    I wasn’t being sarcastic and i completely agree with you. Oddly enough, I had an analogy for lost thats a bit like yours, its like meeting a really hot chick in a bar, gettin’ it on, you manage to get her to come to your place.

    Everythings going great, dim the lights, you get her in the bedroom, about to get the goods, then she takes off the underwear to reveal…a cock.

    a little vulgar, but thats how i felt at the end. Disappointed and a bit angry that i’d been lead on. The ending was the cock, and naturally wasn’t what i expected, even though i wasn’t promised anything.

    That being said it is still probably the best TV show i’ve seen, and i don’t think i’ll ever be so enthralled by a show again.
    i’ve read a few tidbits about ‘The new man in charge’ extra on the DVD, and it sounds like its gonna be really good for us fans.
    Don’t want to spoil it but a few remaining questions will be resolved.

  15. OMG LOL shephards_flocke! My analogy would be similar to I_am_Jacob’s….

    You’re about to marry the most perfect chic, she’s about to say “I do”, then all of a sudden you realize the minister marrying you is a man you knew very well in your life, but has been dead for awhile…and you’re shocked and ask him, How? How are you, here?

    And he asks, “how are YOU here?”

    And you say, “I’m about to marry the most perfect chic in the entire world.”

    And he says, “no, you’re not.”

    And then the light coming in through the windows of the church gets brighter and brighter, the minister man is smiling, everybody at your wedding is smiling and saying “let’s go! Let’s to the light”. And the the man opens up the church doors, vivid bright light comes into church..

    And you’re NOT smiling, and you’re beautiful bride is NOT smiling. THE END..

  16. Just as a small answer/correction to something I’ve seen several times in this post alone; the Swan (hatch) was NOT built as a result of the incident (drilling into the EM pocket). The DI was building the Swan to study the EM before the incident ever occured. The result of the incident was not the Swan itself, but rather the pushing of the button every 108 minutes to release the pressure that builds up.

    Dr. Marvin Candle sums it up in the orientation film, stating that since the incident, “the following protocol has been observed”; he’s referring to pushing the button.

  17. Another note on Christian/MiB.. I’ve said it before, I suppose noone is really listening when I do.

    We have confirmed, through the show, that MiB was Christian, the Cristian we see in the first few episodes of Season 1. MiB confirms this during his and Jack’s conversation in Season 6; “Yes, that was me.”

    NOTICE that Jack only asks about those first few apparitions. MiB confirms that he was Christian on those occasions. What about all the other occasions we see Christian? We can, I think, safely assume that MiB was Christian when speaking with Locke in the cabin, in the FDW chamber, and when manipulating Claire. But I do not think we can know for certain if the Christian we see with Jack in the hospital late at night (smoke detector) or the Christian we see on the freighter with Michael is MiB as well. It is never confirmed in any real sense. Another “loose end”, but well up for interpretation and debate.

  18. i agree with inquisitor that the christian we saw on the freighter was the real christian and the christian that jack saw at the hospital was either the real one or a hallucination.
    Typical cheap trick for the writers to add the smoke detector going off.

    I think those are the only times where it wasn’t MIB.
    Thinking about it, i’m convinced the one in the hospital was a confused Jack seeing things, as the producers have said Hurley was the only one who could see ghosts.

  19. Correct about the Hatch. The invention of the button (I believe) was the result of the Incident.
    I think MIB was Christian everytime he was seen legimately (pre Locke). Certain other times probably can be explained. Eg – as when Jack sees him in the hospital we should remember Jack was on drugs.

  20. When they prevented the Swan hatch from forming in “The Incident”, how did that not create a paradox? How did they all not just spontaneously “cease to exist” through the butterfly effect, or something like that?

    It’s a question I’ve overlooked since season 6 began. All the Alt timeline B.S. nonsense that was obviously just created for filler to prolong a disputable finale for an amazing show, threw us all off course during this last season.

    Obviously the island didn’t coinside with the universe’s flow of time, but did that mean that they were able to erase a piece of the past (Swan hatch), which got them there in the first place? If that’s not terrible writing, then where’s the proof that it’s not? There isn’t any. We need an answer for something like that in order for us to believe in it. There never was one 🙁

    It’s seriously one of the biggest anomalies that need answered. It’s up there with “What’s the island?” in my eyes.

    I also still think they should’ve thrown some clues at us as to what the cabin was really meant for.

    I also think they should explain the power of the numbers……..

    I hate this topic. It reminds me of why I was SO pissed about the finale, and the 6th season in general.

    Three months after the show ends, and I’m still not able to smile about the final season. They really screwed it up if that’s the case.

  21. hey Chief,
    Concerning the hatch; I was confused a bit too..But I think what must have happened was the Incident took place prior to the hatch being built, and then due to the bomb negating the energy, they were able to build it anyways…but they built it partially as a means to continue negating the energy every 108 minutes..

    I know this doesn’t make logical sense. In the second season scenes, it was obvious something happened after the hatch was built; that was why that big magnetic door was sealed shut..I thought that must have been the Incident. But that must have been sealed after the Incident, perhaps there was a second Incident..

    But for everything to come together in 2007, the hatch must have been built after the 1977 Incident…Also, by showing Radzinsky and Dr. Chang survive at the Incident scene, that allowed events in the future to happen as we understood (Radzinsky stuck pushing button in hatch, Dr. Chang on film with his arm in sling)

  22. Ah, I think I see your point. I guess I just got confused with everything (can ya blame me?) I forgot that they magically flashed to 2007 instead of 2004. But we sure are left to assume an AWFUL lot. The fact that they still went through with building everything sure seems weird to me. But so does a dissappearing cabin, as well as cursed numbers.

    We can all talk all day about the numbers’ importance being the fact that they were tied to the losties (somehow). But when it’s all said and done, they brought nothing but insane havoc upon Hurley and everyone he cared for. Not only was that never explained, it was never even touched upon for the final four seasons. That’s just weird.

    Please God in Heaven, let this box set shed some light on these many mysteries.

  23. definitely don’t blame you.. i’ve often mulled over the details for an explanation, just to get lost in the details..

    Concerning the numbers, don’t think they’ll ever have a great explanation for that one..of course there’s the Valanzetti equation, but that’s so vague and ominous.

  24. Just wanted to chime in here.

    The writers have said a few times that Losts plot was about how the characters fit into the history of the island, i think the incident was one of those moments.

    They were always at the incident and did what they did, thats how it always happened from what we know. Nothing changed.

    I believe by doing what they did they helped to create what eventually brought 815 crashing onto the island, so in classic Lost style its a confusing circle.

    I think if they did NOT go back and let off the bomb, the effects of the drilling would’ve continued and THAT would have created a paradox as i think the hatch/button thingy would not have been built, 815 wouldn’t crash, losties wouldn’t be in 1977 to let off bomb etc. Thats my view anyway, i think whatever happened happened, and whenever we heard ‘the incident’ mentioned in the series, what we saw was exactly what they were refering to.

  25. @shephards_flocke
    True, that’s the way I see it too..
    I’m still confused though, as to why there would be that sealed blast door in the Swan; the one that was magnetized…something catastrophic must have also happened after the Incident for them to close and seal it.

  26. In agreement with shephards_flocke on this one as well. It’s like Miles said late in Season 5. Something like, “What if the thing you’re trying to prevent from happening is actually CAUSED by what you do to prevent it?”

    I think that when 815 crashed originally (Season 1), the history had already been set. Jack had already dropped the bomb and Juliet had already hit it with a rock. The result was the Swan being built anyway, the button being created, and 815 crashing. The way they made it happen (Jughead) was the way it had always happened, although they didn’t know it until they did it. Jack eludes to this point to Eloise in Season 5 when she asks, “How is this my handwriting if I don’t remember writing it?” Jack replies, “Because you haven’t written it yet”. Perspective is everything.

    I want to point out that the use of Ontological Paradoxes in Lost is somewhat confusing but ultimately interesting. The Ontological Paradox is best seen in Locke and Richard’s “compass exchange”. Richard gives Locke his compass when pulling the bullet out of Locke’s leg. Locke then gives it to Richard (1954) who gives it back to Locke in 2007, who time travels and gives it back to Richard in 1954, and so on; time-loop. It’s the chicken and the egg debate, basically. One had to come from the other, but which came first? Great storytelling but a bit confusing at times.

  27. I think that Jughead detonated throwing the Losties back to 2007 and sealing their/that timeline.
    My proof: Beyond the dead Juliet said to Miles “it worked” in S6E1. It appears to me there may have been a perpetual time loop occurring between 1977 and 2004 before, evidenced by Locke and the compass (although the compass event was 1954 which is not relevant to the loop time). Jughead in previous instances was not detonated, the losties were killed probably by the Dharma (Richard once said he saw them all die), then the loop restarts in 2004 and so on because the Swan button exists again. Meaning the incident occurred which is the event of breaking into the high EM field.
    When/if Jughead detonates Swan is not built nor the button because the isle was destroyed as well as the loop (it only ends once) ending the timeline and loop although the original timeline still exists which is now 2007 with no more looping back to 1974, now that we’ve passed by 2004. A double reality sharing areas of time/space is now invoked. The losties now can proceed to our favorite ending.
    I’m sure I’ve missed something but for now!

  28. Just wanted to add another question here.

    How did Jacob make Richard ageless?
    Furthermore, how did Jacob even KNOW he could make Richard ageless?
    Had this come up before?
    Did someone give Jacob a list of magical powers he’d been endowed with? I wonder what else he could do.

    while i’m at it, how was Micheal not able to kill himself off island?
    i can buy the odd stuff happening on island, but that’s a bit difficult to explain.

  29. Just one more comment and question. On the Time travel/Hatch topic and for the record, mine is obviously one of many subjective interpretations and BTW still needs refining.
    Bringing to my question, why were the losties traveling alone thru time in S5? Not sure if this one has been previously addressed.

  30. @drmrwizard
    sorry yes you did and i was extremely impressed with your work, it really summed up the anger i felt after watching the finale!!!

    again sorry 4 that and great work


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