The Jack I Theory

I think Jack is still alive. Proof: I rewatched the finale the other night and I saw his eye open after it closed for a spilt second at the end of the last episode. After noticing this (I have it PVRed) I went back to the critical point and slowed it down to approx 1000 frames per second and you could see it reopen briefly (very) just before going the end Lost screen. Does anyone know if there are sites or whatever out there where I could get away with this kind of stuff? wolfx get a life? Agreed.

But seriously, wouldn’t one logically believe if Jack were lying out in the bamboo field (dead or alive), he would have been found by Hurley and Ben who would have brought his body back to the revival pool? Jack would regain his title as protector, provided Hurley didn’t want to keep the job..hmmm. Also supporting this argument would be Jack’s late arrival at the church at the end which would have been the case if he were the island protector. He could have theorically lived for centuries/millennia after the others. There’s the spinoff series! I have an original idea, the series should start with his eye closing in the very first scene.

Hopefully no one at the alt ending site or elsewhere had this one and if so, apologies.

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5 thoughts on “The Jack I Theory

  1. “wolfx get a life. agreed.” crack me up..
    I didn’t notice anything like that, but I’ll certainly be looking for it when I get the DVD..I think it would be quite a stretch for them to imply he’s still alive..

    But it’s true, it’s not impossible that Hurley, Ben, and Des could find his body and bring him to the temple water to be resurrected..Heck, Dogen and Lennon probably swam out of the pool alive after Jack got the source light going again!

    You should definitely give it a shot and write an Alternate Ending on that! I visit that site all the time, I’m positive nobody has tried to write a version like that so far..

  2. Thanks Bob, I also thought Dogen and Lennon were revived and was mildly surprised we didn’t see them later in the series. A lose end of sorts.
    Maybe we should put the series finale in the pool and see what comes out!

  3. Didn’t notice it myself though I’ll check my DVR when I get home today. However, I think that, if it is true, it’s probably an error in the editing rather than story implication. I firmly believe they wanted to end the show as it began, with no silly little quirks involved.

  4. Apologies, folks..I was joking about the eye. And for being unintentionally nebulous in my rant. Don’t want you to waste your val time. Although you never know with this show!
    That being said, I stand by the theory Jack was later revived in the pool.

  5. But…I liked my theory. BookUSOn815 or whatever his name is, has ruined everything. Good material though and thanks for nothing..I mean everything. Like I say, with this show you never know!
    In case you wonder, I speak of the latest Lost short video release discovery – 10/8/6, mainland date/time.

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