I just watched the epilogue!!!! Questions are answered!!!

After scouring online, I found a link to the full 12 min epilogue video on a Spanish website. It answers many questions in a short period of time. A few things answered are…..

What happens to pregnant woman on the island.

Where the Hurley bird came from.

The food drops.

Polar Bears.

Room 23.

What happens with Walt.

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I was a die-hard fan, but it was bought out by someone who was unable to keep it up. Now I am here.

65 thoughts on “I just watched the epilogue!!!! Questions are answered!!!

  1. That link didn’t work for me but i found a torrent.

    Man that was cool!
    i watched the whole thing with a huge grin on my face, the whole scene with the Dharma guys was hilarious.
    It was fantastic to have one final taste of lost, even if it was 12 minutes. I WANT MORE!!

    I didn’t realise how much i miss my fix of new lost material until i watched that, although i doubt there will ever be a spin-off, it opens up a whole new chapter of the story that you can create in your own imagination.

  2. But now i feel empty inside.

    I’ve been waiting to see that since it was first mentioned, and thats it now.
    No more lost, its over, done and dusted, finito.

    Man i need to get a life.

  3. I couldn’t help myself – the link worked for me. Brilliant. But I’m too much of an addict and now I’m sitting here wanting more and there will never be another first time and its all too much! Up for discussion (that doesn’t ruin it for others) if anyone else is

  4. I thought it was well put together. Ben is still a witty bad ass. Definitely made me feel less jipped than originally. I’ll expect a new epilogue every few months for the rest of my life. Then I’ll truly be happy.

  5. I must say, i feel a lot better seeing that! I loved the feeling of knowing significantly more than the guys that Ben spoke to.
    So it was pretty good, even if it did leave me wishing Lost would go on forever.

  6. i’m still pretty sure that there will be a little more to come; be it another short epilogue at some point or just via the extras one the DVD. i for one don’t think that what we have all watched is IT.

    Maybe we will get to watch the rest of the orientation films…….maybe we will see more of Desmond’s time in the hatch with Inman and how Kelvin was able to draw out the blast door map and what everything meant on it…….

    (well i can but hope).

  7. What I don’t understand is that if the FSW showed the island at the bottom of the ocean…then why would Ben need Walt for a job and how could they return there? And if they were returning, why bother to stop the DI food drops…I’m sure they would have come in handy..maybe Ben just wanted DI’s involvement to end..?

    Additionally, Hurley was talking to Walt as a ghost, right?

    Overall, does this mean all the weird phenomena was a result of science experiments by the DI? It was interesting to note Chang said they didn’t know who the island entity Jacob was but were trying to find out..

    Also, who did Chang refer to as hostiles or indigenous people? Even the Black Rock people who came so long ago were not indigenous….either were Jacob or MiB…only “Mother’s” arrival was not explained…

    I’m happy they released this because it made the finale feel less like a cop out, but I also think they answered some questions we figured out already – i.e. polar bears and climate acclimation was in one of my theories 🙂

    Loved it though! Nice to see Ben and Hurley again =D

  8. NOTE: Those who have not seen the 12-minute clip should stop reading right away.

    Ok, so now we received a confirmation from the two Dharma employees that the Island changes coordinates all the time. I guess we can conclude that the Island is in fact not an actual island but some sort of vehicle for the Light, which somehow is the source of life/good/heaven on the Earth. And the vehicle needs a leader/captain/driver. After Hurley, Walt will take over as the leader (and after him, possibly Aaron?). The show leaves open whether the Island/vehicle has alien or religious origin. The Island does not seem to be of human origin, but humans have somehow been involved in the operation of the Island for a very long time. At least during Jacob’s reign, no one could reach the Island except for the ones that Jacob brought there. And it seems that the main reason to bring people to the Island is to find a suitable new leader/captain/driver for the Island. We don’t seem to get much more answers than that.

  9. Perhaps I babbled too much in my previous comment. The main point was that the new(?) information that the Island in fact changes position all the time seems quite vital to me. We already know that when there is a time jump, the Island jumps from one place to another. We can now also suspect that when there is no time jump, the Island just floats around. The Freighter people knew how to track the Island when it was floating around but they were not able to jump with the Island. Ok, perhaps this is pretty obvious. But I believe it is new information that the Island in fact changes coordinates all the time, i.e. not only when there is a flash.

  10. Hm, suddenly I’m feeling very confused. When the Island jumped to the 70s, shouldn’t this result in there being 2 different Islands in the 70s? Ok, this is too off topic.

  11. We gotta bring back Lost folks. I’d like to see a new series of Syfy or Spike or G4 maybe. Bring back a few of the losties for major roles, like Hurley, Ben and Walt. Then pepper the show with guest roles for the Sawyers and Kates. We need more a science fiction show with a known goal of saving the world in mind. I think there are enough fans to support it. Also a new show should answer some of them lingering questions from the first show.

  12. I’m with you! After watching this epilogue, I think the chances of a spin-off may indeed be worth a moment’s thought. Okay, many moments!
    I dare these guys to do another two hour release, pilot for a new series (my 1st choice) or whatever! Here goes the wishful thinking thing again…

  13. ilie, I think that the island has to move around periodically otherwise the chance it would be discovered and put on a map becomes very risky with modern methods of travel and cartography. But when the island jumped back to the 70’s, there is no way there could have been “two” islands because people who were already dead were showing up on “our” island. To clarify, I think when the island jumped to the 70’s, it went back into its own “body”…lol…not that islands have bodies as such, but you get my drift. Whatever! I hope that made sense…

    I kind of don’t get why Walt is so special as to take over a major role considering he was one of the first people to leave the island, and was not one of the people who returned… It’s not as if he was born there like Aaron…

    Also…the pregnancy thing…if the pregnancies all self-terminated in the first trimester, wouldn’t Ji-Yeon have not been born because she was conceived on the island? Does anyone know how far into the pregnancy Sun left the island?

    Also, does anyone know why Lost ended in the first place? I’m sure their ratings were high enough to merit another season.. So, why end it?

  14. Monini, it least we now know from the two Dharma employees that the Island moved at least every month or however often they made a food drop over the Island. And I don’t get the impression that there was a flash that often so it seems to me that the Island can move in space (without jumping in time) without a flash. This is very important to know! 😉

    It doesn’t really make sense to me that the Island moved within its own body. So the Island from the future was somehow overlapping with the Island from the past at some points e.g. in the 70s? Because we saw the Island disappear in front of our eyes, which I guess means that it popped somewhere else in time and/or space together with the remaining Losties.

    I don’t know either how Walt is special but apparently Jacob thought he was special enough to bring to the Island. Other than that, I think Jacob tried to avoid bringing parents and/or children to the Island?

    I believe Lost ended because the creators of the show demanded it. ABC would probably have been happy to let it continue as long as it was popular. But the creators wanted to have a proper show with a proper ending.

  15. Obviously we are now largely reiterating what has already been discussed earlier, but now it is in the light of the new 12-minute clip. 🙂

  16. Just a small thought on my part. The Dharma guys were being supplied with the co-ordinates on a regular basis. Who or what was supplying these guys with the exact co-ordinates and why?

  17. i’ve got another question!!!!!!! haha!! just being a bit random, but if Ben stopped the food drops, and they were going back (We gotta go back Marty!- sorry, i was really hoping it would be some kind of spoof, and they would fly off in the campervan a la Back to the Future) to the island, then where would they get their food from, or would they just live off fish and mangos?

  18. Helentink- I believe that Ben wanted the food drops to end, because they wanted to cut every possible tie the island has to the real world. Having food drops going to the island location leaves it vulnerable for man to possibly find again. Hurley’s job is to protect it.
    I AM JACOB-And as far as the drop off locations coming from a source, Ben says in the video that it comes from an automated machine at the lamp post. Meaning no human is required to make this happen. It’s just more old Dharma stations ( off island ) that are still functioning properly.
    Wolf- This clip is confirmed as being included with the upcoming dvd set.

  19. I would assume the money to pay off the Dharma guys,came from Hurley and/or Ben. Are they trying to starve out the bad guys so Walt can take control on a clean slate?
    Thanks for the DVD rspose PutMeOn815.

  20. 1. I meant ‘response’ as opposed to ‘rspose’.
    2. Walt is a young kid and probably needs all the help he can get to prepare for his reign. EG – So let’s kid rid of any known bad guys first!

  21. Just read through comments here…
    I’m still trying to hold off on watching this so I can watch it all with my friends, which I’m just about to give in 🙂

    But I couldn’t help but to read the comments about the “Island always moving”..
    I am so excited about that, I attempted to adress that in my theory:

    It’s a long one, so here’s the main part where I write about that:
    “So far, the physics of Lost island behavior has established that the location of the island is dependent on the current time in the real world off the island, pretty straightforward. Not simply location in terms of latitude, longitude; you’ll also need to approach the island at a determined bearing; the physics of that part only somebody like Daniel could explain :). Season 5 added a little more to the island physics by showing that, by changing the current time on the island, it effectively moves the island also! So what I’m proposing is, the location (or bearing to) the island depends on more than just the current time off the island; it depends on the differences in time on and off the island, how much they are out of sync. I suppose the island was slightly out of sync even before the FDW wheel moved off axis; remember the time difference(s) to the freighter?

    Another complication in the physics was Mrs. Hawking’s explanation of how the Lamppost station worked (Dharma station inside the church in California). She explained that since the island is always moving, in order to locate the island, you must anticipate where it will be. So the island is always moving. Which means that the location of the island depends on how much time is out of sync on and off the island, and also what the current time is off the island (and also maybe dependent on whatever that Focalt pendulum was measuring too? Physics getting deep here..) So what does it mean to move the island, if the island is already moving? Well, I guess that means since the island is moving in a predictable fashion, by changing island time you suddenly move it unpredictably. I’m sure that during the flashes, it was awfully difficult to locate the island. Perhaps that’s the problem Widmore had during his past attempts to locate the island, the same problem the Oceanic 6 had when they witnessed the island disappear in front of their eyes..”

    Could what I proposed might be what the clip confirms?!!! 🙂

  22. Bobt, what you say makes sense from a Lost point of view. 😉

    When the Island disappeared in front of our eyes, would you say that this resulted in there being more than one Island at some point in time? I assume you will say no. But can you explain why? I’m not sure I can. Of course, Lost physics is just nonsense, but apparently we are all ready to take it serious anyway. 😉

  23. @ilie
    Ok after reading your question and skimming over your previous comments..I just broke down and watched the clip..awesome!! I can’t think Lost physics right now sorry! I’ll be back soon to comment..
    Putmeon815 thanks for posting this!

  24. Ok think they’re coming through now..
    To answer your question, you guessed right, I would say NO, there isn’t more than one Island at one particular point in time; but I think I follow your logic of how you got there. I’m a little confused too, I will try to write out my thoughts:

    I’m with Monini873 on the traveling within it’s “body”. In other words, the Island time travels similar to Desmond’s conciousness time traveling; Des experiences a “flash”, Des wakes up in his 1996 body. The Island experiences a “flash”, it is now 2001 on the island when the Nigerian plane crashes, and everything from the dirt, trees, water, and mountains on the Island is the 2001 versions of them. This is what happened when the Losties flashed to 1974; it was the actual 1974 Island when and where the DI were building the hatches.

    The confusion with this is; if you look at Desmond as he is experiencing a “flash”, his present body is still presently there. If you look at the Island when it is experiencing a “flash”, it disappears!

    So this is what I tried to explain/hypothesize about in my theory.

    When the Island dissappears, it doesn’t actually disappear; it never really existed in space, in the place you “see” it, at the time you see it…you only see it through a “window” per se..

    That “window” is dependent somehow on how different the time is on the island, and what time it is off the island. Let’s suppose, time is equal on the Island, and off the Island. For example, it is 9pm 8-11-2010 both on and off the Island; that would mean time is completely in sync. I believe if that were the case, it would be just like any other island; you could map it on map, it’ll be there tomorrow, or next week, or next year, in the same place; and you could drive your boat there anytime you’d like…

    But because time is out of sync on and off the Island, it’s almost like it’s moving. Not in the sense that, you sit in your boat and watch it float by you. I think that, you have to be at a certain location, at a certain time, and it is there; and perhaps you need to travel to it at a particular bearing. That is the window.

    I believe if you do make it to the Island, and see the Island from a boat, it’s not going to just “disappear” because it’s “moving”. In fact, it’s probably just the opposite; once you reach the Island, you can’t escape it. This is what happened when Desmond tried to sail away from it..

    So what happens when the FDW is turned and the Island has a “flash”? Time is changed on the island. Time on and off the island is out of sync. It was out of sync before the FDW was turned, but now the time differential has changed to another level of “out of sync.” The window to the island is effectively changed. The island will effectively dissapear to somebody looking at it through the previous “window”.

    So anyways, I hope this answers your question. When the Island jumped to the 70s, it was only the window to the Island that changed..

  25. Bobt, thanks for taking the time to explain. Can the time window theory explain Desmond’s mind travelling or the Losties’ time jumping as well?

  26. @ilie,
    i think the only similarity between Des- mind-travelling and Island-moving is the fact the “body” itself doesn’t move through time…otherwise, there would be a duplicate “body” existing at the same time…which did of course happen in Lost with the bunnies and the Losties traveling through time…which is a different form of time travel..

    The window is unique to the island, because it’s a place, not a conscious. It’s a very cool concept if you think about it.. Because it’s only a place, it exists in time and space, without it actually acknowledging it exists in that time and space..

    Lost broke the realm of time travel science (fiction?!) by suggesting your mind must acknowledge the time you actually exist in. If Des’s mind acknowledges he exists in 1996, *flash* he’s in 1996..

    So the Island never really jumps through time, in my opinion. It’s the observer’s perspective (such as a Lostie) that it jumped in time. The observer actually moved. I remember Daniel Faraday saying in S5ep1 “it’s either the island that’s moving, or it’s us that is moving.” I believe the latter…If you jump in a time machine and go backwards in time, do you move through time, or did the entire universe reverse backwards in time for you? I think it’s the person of course..

    I think the whole Lost time travelling science becomes unexplainable when it comes to the Losties jumping through time, primarily because some people jumped, others did not (pun intended)..Especially when people touched objects, and they brought it with them, such as Sawyer with rope well or the outrigger..but it was still cool..

    I kind of touched on that with my theory too, about touching objects and bringing them with you. It’s not too far fetched to think, that if you brought every single object around you (air, sand, trees, rocks everything)with you through time..then from your perspective, you didn’t move through time at all…I think that is what the Island actually is…

  27. So when the Island disappeared in 2004, it was only the time window to it that was modified. In 2007, Ajira found a time window to the Island. Would you say that there was a time window to the Island somewhere also during the period 2004-2007?

  28. So not that I’m totally disappointed with this extra clip, BUT am I the only one who thinks it’s total BS that they’ve done this? A 12 minute video that only answers trivial crap, doesn’t address the real questions, plus brings up even more of them? Seriously if I could, I would punch Darlton in the face. They had 6 years to come up with an ending! And they barely answered anything. And now they’re like “okay, watch this clip and you’ll find out about the Hurley bird. Ta-da! The end.” That just pisses me off. They could have done so much better. 12 minutes does not make up for such a huge letdown after 6 years.

  29. DrMrWizard, you’re not the only one. But I for one will spend the rest of my life trying to figure out all the hidden material on those DVDs. I bet all the answers are there somewhere. I bet!

  30. @DrMrWiz,
    I loved the clip! I know it really didn’t answer questions, but at least it brought us all back to the frame of mind that Lost continues on after Jack’s death…

  31. @ilie,
    concerning your question in comment#39…
    Yes exactly. I believe there was another window to the Island from 2004-2007..If somebody knew where that window was, they could have definitely found the Island..

    I know my theory isn’t perfect, I’ve tried to think this through before. What I’m confused about is; if somebody found that window in 2004, would they show up on the Island in the 1970s? Or maybe there are always multiple windows to the Island, and depending on which one you enter through, the time on the Island would be unique to that window. For example, if Lapidus didn’t fly the helicopter away from the Island at a bearing of 315, would it be a different year when he exited the Island? More questions than answers I’m afraid..

  32. I’ve asked this before and we’ll see if there is an answer this time. And there’s a good chance during earlier years it was discussed (at the time, I was neither here nor there, like the island).
    Why were the Losties and Juliet the only folks traveling thru time/space? Everyone else, on the island was not, as it appeared. I dare an answer!

    Now let’s talk about the Dharma guys and the food drops. I believe we can offer a Lost/real physics explanation of the space/time problem.

    I think, the island moves in an erratically parallel space/time pattern which occasionally back and forth in time and spave which leads us to how the DI kept track. This path has to be predictable as proven on the show, using the swinging pendulum device or the like which is based on mathematical calculation presumably. When the DI guys send a package they must be getting their data from this device.

    Now we can agree, if an object moves in time (backward or forward) it will find itself in another space. For example let’s say I move back in time then stop, because Earth is always moving thru space it will not be where you are now. It will, for simplicity sake, be behind you. Now if I am the traveler and am lucky I will end up on Riza ((not sure of spelling) a Star Trek planet populated with women only). If I am unlucky I’ll end up choking to death smack in the middle of space which we all know is a vacuum.
    Molding this theoretical example into Holywood, the island moves back and forth in time (the out-of-phase look) moving conveniently within the realm of Earth’s surface. If the island is out of sync by 3 seconds in time it will 3 seconds away from the last known location in space. For example let’s say it was near Borneo before, now it is off the coast of Africa. Granted this whole example is exaggerated and unrealistic but I think it serves for illustration purposes. The middle of space example would be more like the theoretical physics predicted result.
    Whether the Island movement is continuous — not sure but you will not see the Island unless it does stop for a period or you come into the region that moves with it.

    I think this is one island that should never be in any previous space/time (maybe close) it was ‘before’ or ‘after’ because space/time is continuous. The odds of that happening are infinity to one.

    I think this may be another way of explaining Bob’s time windows.

    My prediction, if you exit the island space/area you should appear another space in the same time you entered because I theorize the world/Earth is the constant in this context.

    What do you folks think?

  33. Apologies, after looking at my last comment there are a few flaws… I will address them and any other additional comments in a later post, if we muster the means.

    Thanks to Admin for fixing an earlier technical issue WRT this post.

  34. I agree that the clip answered stuff we had sort of accepted as truth experiments explaining the polar bears…etc, but I really wanted to know more about the light in the cave-like place…it seemed like such an afterthought. I mean it just seemed so out of the blue…I’m rewatching LOST in order from the beginning and there’s really no indication about a life sustaining light or anything of the sort ridiculous. It’s like at the end they shoved it in to end the show. I would have liked it explained and tied in to the beginning 5 seasons. Anyway, I liked the clip just because it’s new Lost material, and even if it just showed Hurley dancing I would have still liked it lol.

    Also, before I said I don’t think Walt belonged back on the island but after rewatching I now remember all the creepy stuff that used to happen with him as a when Brian saw the bird fly into the glass window while Walt was reading about birds…creepy! He probably will be a great creepy presence on the island… (but I thought the island was shown as sunken in the FSW – or rather, when everyone died)

    Does anyone feel like the parts of the sixth season showing the FSW was totally pointless because they were showing the Losties’ afterlives? Do we care what happens to them after they die?

  35. @monini..definitely agree the light source came a little late in the show, and doesn’t seem to tie in..It would have been better if that “source” was located down one of the ancient tunnels for the ancient tunnel connecting to the FDW or Ben’s waterhole…

    @wolfx..haha never thought about the time-travel space dilemna with a moving earth. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for something like that though..You’ve said alot in your comment, I’d love to address every point..I’ll start another comment to do so. You said you made a “few flaws”,but I think you’re making a lot of sense and asking the right questions..

  36. @wolfx..
    You’ve brought up so many points I’d like to address, I might need to breakdown my comments even further. First question:

    “Why were the Losties and Juliet the only folks traveling thru time/space?”

    Great question, and like I said in my previous comment, that part almost makes the science impossible or unexplainable. I have several theories to this though that I’ve never written out before.

    My first explanation is kind of a cop-out, but it makes the most sense. They flashed through time because they were part of past events on the Island, and they had to be there, somehow, to take part in those events. This would also explain the Losties flashing off Aijira 316. If this is THE REASON, then tied to it is the fact they were chosen by Jacob to do so. Hear me out; maybe one of the “rules” Jacob and MIB had to play by was that the game pieces must arrive to the Island. Jacob probably had his own loophole of sorts, meaning when he brought his game “pieces” in to play, there’s nothing in the rules that says they have to be held at that time period they arrived on the chess board. Hence when the Losties were just above the Island in Aijira 316, they arrived as the rules stated, but Jacob *flashed* them to the 70s. It’s a great explanation I think in terms of Jacob-MIB game playing, but kind of lame in the realm of Sci-Fi..Which leads me to my second theory..

    Instead of thinking about what was unique about those who did flash, what is it that’s unique about those who stayed behind? Every living thing on the Island, besides the Losties+Juliet, stayed behind. The animals: boars, polar bears, squirrels, birds; some of which arguably have a consiousness. And oh ya the Others. So what do the Others have in common with boars, polar bears, squirrels, and birds? Maybe, they were all born on the Island? Hmm..Richard Alpert rules that out, but Richard is kind of an exception so that could be an explanation. Maybe, it’s because the Others are kind of like animals themselves? Maybe, it’s because the Others have been to the Temple before, and have been exposed to the Island’s powers/magic to some degree. Bingo..I think that’s a decent explanation..

    This one is kind of a stretch, but I think it’s cool in terms of Sci-Fi. What if, it only had to do with their age? The people that flashed were older than the people that stayed. More specifically, they were older than 30 years of age since they ended up in 1974 (1974-2004= 30 years). Meaning, they actually existed on the earth, they had a conscious, in the year 1974. In terms of the Others (except Richard of course), this kind of makes sense; didn’t see any of the Older Others in the group when Lock flashed; alot of them have died over the Seasons; Tom, Mrs. Klug, can’t think of anymore; I’d have to look at that group again when Locke did his first Flash..

    But it’s kind of consistent with the Losties crew. Jin, Locke, Juliet I’d say are over 30. Miles and Charlotte are young, but remember? Miles was a baby and Charlotte was a kid in 1974. Daniel? Oh man, that’s a stretch; he was conceived though; remember Eloise was pregnant.

    Then Kate, Jack, Sayid, and Hurley flashed off the plane. Hurley and Kate might be stretching it to be over 30..

    But Ben is Over 30 and he didn’t flash, OK that’s a big chip in the theory.. Sun didn’t flash, which means Sun is younger than Kate and Hurley. And one more, Claire on the Island, did not flash; which makes sense; she seems younger than 30…

    OK this last theory is a little ridiculous! I thought it was cool at first..But one last thing, they also flashed to the 1950s and Ancient times! Forget #3…

  37. Ironically, I was born in 1974, and I’m sure some of you wish I would flash off this site, or at least not answer questions with page long comments 🙂

  38. @wolfx..
    more explanations:
    #1..”Whether the Island movement is continuous — not sure but you will not see the Island unless it does stop for a period or you come into the region that moves with it”

    Well said..I don’t believes it “stops” at all; so you have to be in the “region” it moves into. That’s exactly what Mrs. Hawking explained about the Lampost: “Anticipate where the Island will be”

    “My prediction, if you exit the island space/area you should appear another space in the same time you entered because I theorize the world/Earth is the constant in this context”

    Now this point I totally disagree with, and let me explain to you why.. Time on and off the Island is out of sync. Remember Faraday’s rocket? What should have been a 2 minute trip took the rocket 3 Daniel, the OBSERVER on the Island, it took 3 hours. To the person on the freighter, it only took 2 minutes…This is because time is NOT exactly continuous between 2 places on and off the Island..

  39. In my humble opinion Bob, you can write up a storm. Is this not what this site is all about?

    On or back to the theories with a few alterations.

    Why the Losties were the only ones traveling thru time?
    Explanation #1 – looks good to me.
    #2 – Was Miles born on the island?
    #3 – Looks good but old people wont like it (ha..ha).

    I faultily said I thought the island should never be in any previous space/time (maybe close) it was ‘before’ or ‘after’ and the odds of that happening were infinity to one.
    Correction: Space/Time is continuous however if the island moves back in forth in time, the odds of being in the same space are NOT infinity to one. Therefore more than one island at a time can and will exist in a given point in time/space as one approaches infinity. You’ll need Lost physics to explain this one, such as an Island rule stating – only one isle at a time please.

    The Island time verses the World’s. I’d say one of them needs to be constant, so pick one. I chose Earth. Can both be variable? Episode names galore!

  40. @wolfx,
    Reading your ideas..I’m getting *flashes* of brilliance (pun intended) then my light bulb turning off..You’re kinda goin Daniel Faraday on me with Island going back and forth in time..are you talking like a wave? periodic? Like a pendulum? I think I get you with Island showing more than once is possible; if it periodically “shows”, not impossible it could “show” exactly same time as another “showing”…therefore, 2 Islands at once..

    So reading through your ideas, really gave me a BRILLIANT idea. I just realized, there is a #4 explanation to the Losties flashing that blows my others theories away.

    I actually just tried to write it out, it is way way way too long for a comment…I will need to write a theory about it sometime soon…

    But I will tell you the explanation, without explanation for now, as to why I think Losties are flashing and Others are not. The Losties minds are “in sync” with time off the Island, the Other’s minds are “in sync” with the Island time. This might have to do with being born on the Island, although Miles and Daniel might have been born on Island but they were flashing.. Nevertheless, I think this explains women not able to give birth either; the baby’s minds were not “in sync” with the Island’s time. So as soon as their conciousness is aware of time, the fetus dies. Sun got off the Island just in time before her fetus was aware of time. It might have to do with parents; Sun was born off Island, so her baby’s consciousness is in sync with off Island time..

  41. Bob, #4 is really good. One caveat, Aaron. But this may be an exceptional situation. Eg; he was presumed to be special. Perhaps he destined to be the Island overseer after Walt or his #2 or the like.

  42. yes, didn’t think about Aaron…actually, he would be OK, I think…I’m building this theory as I gather more thoughts. Here’s why Aaron would be OK; he was conceived off-island, and reached 1st trimester off-island; therefore, his mind is in-sync with off island time, which is OK because Claire’s mind is off-island time also..

    The pregnancy problem occurs when; an off-island woman comes to the Island, and conceives on the Island (such as Sun). When the baby’s mind is conscious of time in first trimester; it would be in-sync with Island time, which conflict’s with Mother’s off Island time. Sun left the Island before her baby’s mind became aware of island time, so Sun’s baby’s mind is in-sync with off Island time; therefore no conflict with the mother (Sun)..

  43. Now that I think about it, the writers made that very clear with the 4 examples of pregnant women.

    1. Claire off island, conceived off island; Aaron is Ok..

    2. Sun off island, conceived on island; left the Island, her baby is OK..

    3. Rousseau off island, conceived off island; Alex is Ok

    4. Amy is on island, conceived on island; Ethan is OK

  44. Losties thru time summary – It looks basically like they were in sync with off-island time which made them vunerable to the “Time Flashes” which BTW would have killed them all eventually.
    This is related (as you pointed out) to babies dying at birth. And you’ve appeared to have cleared the Aaron inconsistency.
    Therefore the time/space cause and effects on both groups are probably the same.
    Bob, the producers should be paying you for tying up parts of their story for them.

  45. @Penelopedean,
    good point..we don’t know..
    If she was definitely born on the island, that would prove my point. But we don’t know… I think, maybe, just maybe (again building my theory as I go here), the longer you’re exposed to the Island, something takes place to where your time is in-sync with the island’s time..

    I think the whole pregnancy problem came about when, Ben started bringing new people to the island, his “recruits”, like Juliet…Not saying just women, but people he chose, families, but the women would die in pregnancy…

    Another pregnancy example; Eloise with Daniel. Eloise might have been born on the island, she was definitely on the island for a long time…

  46. @Penelopedean,
    Just thought through this again..
    Maybe what I said about Ben bringing women and families to the Island isn’t true….
    He killed off the DI, and he was only with the Others. Maybe he only wanted the Others to be the only ones to be on the Island.. So the women that were born on the Island as Others, those women were the ones that had pregnancy issues…that totally takes away from my theory, but an interesting thought..

  47. @wolfx, thanks man..that would be a dream job, but i gladly do this for free…even though I took a chink out of my theory just writing to Penelopedean, I still like the whole time-related effects being the same for the fetus and adults…no way a fetus could survive what was giving adults nose bleeds..

  48. It appeared to me the pregnancy problem appeared between 197x and 2001. There was no mention of the problem on the island prior to 197x when Ethan was born? And 2001 is when Juliet was brought to the Island (if memory serves for this and the rest of my assumptions) to research the problem.
    If you follow this train of thought, then something happened during that period. One thing comes to mind is the Incident which I thought was caused by the DI drilling into the High EMR pocket and the making of the button in the Hatch. Not to say time travel or the cause and effect of time travel had not been a factor. Perhaps high levels of EMR is the root cause for both cases (child rearing and dying time travelers).

  49. After re-watching the 12 epilog, it was confirmed that high levels of EMR caused the birth difficulties. Therefore it solidly appears the Incident was the cause whether it was the event of the EMR pocket being ruptured or the nuke detonating. I go with the former. Sci-Fi fun!

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