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4 thoughts on “Weekly Theories Digest

  1. Hey Emzi! Doin great..I think PutMeOn815’s link to the “The New Man” inspired alot of us to start thinkin Lost again..And i’m hopin even more posts will be coming in after the DVD release..

  2. I think I speak for many when I say this…WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE LOST?
    Now on Tuesday nights we have to; talk to our significant others, work on finding significant others, work late, shovel snow off driveways, go grocery shopping, cook, do our finances, blog on sites like this, take vacations in exotic places, dream about taking vacations in exotics places, take animals for walks, find 17 year old dogs named Jacob who were lost and…this during the hour Lost was on!
    So, what we did before Lost was…was there a before Lost?

    Otherwise we’re fine.

  3. wolfx! I agree on Tuesday nights I go on sites like this, and cry as I look at the bottom and see who’s logged in and it only says “2 Guests”..

    I think I read your bio, your from California, are you still in California? If so, if I were you, I’d be driving to that Lost Auction they’re having at Santa Monica airport this weekend! I would have loved to go, but I’m in Fl..

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