Sept2010Contest- Standing up to the Monster

I watched several smokie scenes over again, including the pilot episode, and I think I noticed something significant…

After watching that scene again, it doesn’t seem likely to me that the monster chose to kill the pilot for some overall strategic purpose. It was fairly quick. The group in the cockpit (pilot, Jack, Kate, and Charlie) were making noise talking about the transceiver and what happened when they crashed. I believe, they apparently made enough noise that one of the smokie “whisps” called big smokie to come together and investigate.

Kate+Jack+Charlie are hiding from the monster; but the pilot was so curious, he leaned out the cockpit window to take a look; then the monster killed him. That got me thinking. Before Season Six, I don’t believe the Smoke Monster ever killed anybody who was running away from him. Think of all the scenes where people were running from it; Jack, Kate, Charlie, Charlie in the tree, the group running to the Black Rock (that’s all I can think of at the moment). If the smoke monster really wanted to catch you, there’s nothing you can do to stop it; it’s too fast and too strong.

It seems only to be interested in those who stand up to it. Examples are the pilot, Locke and Ecko. Also,on the French team, the first man that was attacked stood his ground; the monster chose him to pull underneath the temple wall. The french woman “Nadine” dissapeared before the French man; I suspect she stood her ground then was taken, otherwise the monster silently crept up on her and took her, which seems unlikely…

So here’s my theory in a nutshell; ultimately, the monster uses fear to control people. So if you run, he knows he can probably use his big sound effects or other people he’s controlling to push you in a certain direction. If you stand your ground, well that means he gets to examine you and see if you have any deep rooted fears he can use against you. For Locke, he found all the insecurities he had to manipulate him. For Ecko, he ultimately found the lack of fear and had to get rid of him..

For the Oceanic Pilot, it’s probably unlikely he got to “scan” him during that scene. He saw that he didn’t have any fear, then killed him to put more fear of him into Jack+Kate+Charlie…

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It's 9:00pm, on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010, and The End is near..

7 thoughts on “Sept2010Contest- Standing up to the Monster

  1. I’m with you on the he needs to control people, and indeed that may be the measure by which he judges. I expanded in my theory that when a person stands up to him they then become useless to his goal – like the people in the temple who wouldn’t go along with him.

  2. @waycurious, right on…. I like what you said about the people in the temple who wouldn’t go along with him… I think that’s how Monster sees people even without scanning them; if they stand up to him, Monster realizes they will resist following him later down the road…

    The best way to summarize it in my opinion:
    When somebody stares into the eye of the monster, are they staring into him? Or are they doing it in submission to allow him to stare back?

    Locke did it in a way of submission, the pilot did not..

  3. This is a great theory Bobt!

    I love the research in the monsters victims last stand…great stuff…

    Its crazy to think about all those old scenes as MIB now that we know…good connections with everything.
    The losties worth determined their fate, and they sometimes had to face their biggest fears to even be allowed the opportunity to live.

    Great theory bobt!

  4. AES, appreciate your comments..
    “crazy to think about all those old scenes as MIB that we know” couldn’t agree more…
    At the time we all saw those horrific scenes and didn’t know about MIB, it seemed the only reason people were being killed was because a Monster was doing only what a Monster does best..kill people….

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