Was Freighter Michael Already Dead?

Wolfx’s theory made me wonder … could it be that Freighter Michael was ‘special’ – a little like Desmond – and in his own flash-sideways, trying to rectify his ‘wrongs’ and be reuinited with Walt? Perhaps Walt was in the psycho-ward for the same reason Hurley … he sees dead people – like his dad. It would also explain why Christian told him he could go now …

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7 thoughts on “Was Freighter Michael Already Dead?

  1. I really don’t think Michael was dead on the freighter. If that was so, then Jin, Desmond, Keamy, Gault, among several others would be just as special as Walt because they all saw him and spoke with him too.

  2. Not special like Walt, he’s special kinda’ like dead Desmond reaching across time dimensions seeking his constant – only he was doing it in his flashsideways.

    Or special like Christian … who so many characters saw.

  3. waycurious – I agree Michael was seeing a dead person however how that relates to Michael wrt being special, not sure. Don’t forget everyone could hear the whispers of Island ghosts. Michael was near death himself at that point so perhaps the Island was gaving him a last minute preview of the afterworld.

  4. But, what if Michael died in the car crash and appeared (as had dead Christian) on the freighter to … move things along and assist in a way similar I sometimes think Mrs. H did as well.

  5. What proof were we given that Michael survived the suicide crash EXCEPT that he was on the freighter?

    Also, just before the freighter blew, Christian told Michael something along the lines of “you can go now” … where would Michael have gone?

  6. Whether Michael was dead or not on board the freighter, Hurley saw his ghost on the Island in S6. Therefore this could lead one to believe Christian was telling him he could go now to the Island to ‘live’ or serve as a ghost.

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