October 2010 Theory Contest – The Sugar Cabin

The Island was an elusive creature that no one could just visit because it was always moving. They would either be invited by an inhabitant or were un/fortunate depending on your perspective, to land there.
The cabin a child of the Island, like its parent also moved constantly. If The Island moved thru space/time so did the offspring but in its own independent fashion.

To understand desperation is not the intent of this submission. To understand the event sequences given the emotional driver, is.

The Cabin being vulnerable as any other living thing was inevitably expropriated by MIB with the intent of using it to escape the Island. Paterned after his Donkey Wheel, MIB over the millennia, had developed a mobile Donkey Wheel technology, however he lacked the physical ‘hardware’, a device or even better described, a vehicle. This vehicle had to be composed of particular elements. For example all parts needed to come from the Island; wood branches, grass, sugar cane, a cloth hosting the embroidered picture of the statue made by Jacob for decoration and so on. Symbolically it was to be born of the Island.
The problem was he could not build such a structure himself, it had to come into a natural existence. MIB had to patiently bide his time awaiting the opportunity to present itself. When Horace Godspeed decided he needed a getaway from his pressures of being the Dharma lead, MIB saw great opportunity. Before The Cabin was finished he planned the Dharma Purge and when it was complete he orchestrated it. Thus ridding the Island of those who came to corrupt and destroy but firstly to get the Godspeeds the hell out of the cabin. Unknowingly, Richard, young Ben and the Others carry out the grand plan believing the instruction has originated with Jacob.
Note: The Dharma Purge to be discussed in detail in another venue.

The cabin was perfect. It was made above ground, made of the island and in an area that was remote and easy for MIB to access. His work then begins. He assembles the elements required including elements from the Island’s power source that emit high levels of EMR (Electro-magnetic Radiation) which was stored in jars. Energy required for time/space travel. The Cabin is developed to the point where it can now move thru space/time but for some reason it is confined to the Island geographically. Having it work like the Donkey Wheel will require much more work.
Fortunately this setback gives Jacob and team time to discover The Cabin’s existence and reason d’etre before MIB can complete the work.

After the Purge, Jacob had thought hard about the significance of the act and about its implications. He knew he had to work quickly to determine what MIB was doing. Knowing MIB as he did helped motivate in that quest. Given the gravity of the situation, all of the Others were asked upon to help find the source of recent reported temporal distortions. There was no question in Jacob’s mind it was the work of MIB.
The campaign would later explain how Ben knew how to find The Cabin, although he didn’t know quite what it was. Once The Cabin was found they postulated, dreamt and hoped they had discovered the source of the disturbances. Soon afterward is was conformed The Cabin was indeed the center of the disturbances and a circle of ash was laid down by the Temple leader – not to keep MIB or any one else imprisoned or safe inside but rather to keep MIB out in order to prevent him from possibly finishing the project and escaping the Island.
In essence the cabin represented another failed loophole for MIB. This among dozens of other failed attempts throughout the millennia. This time however, one could sense this failure was not absolute.

The question then becomes; why did MIB not use the original Donkey Wheel, directly, to escape? The answer is plain; he was not allowed (another rule) or able to for some reason. Perhaps the Island itself was preventing that action. The proof of this is presented when Locke falls into the well that leads to both an underground tunnel and the wheel. There he encounters Christian aka MIB. Having broken his leg in the fall he asks Christian for help in which Christian says he can’t thus implying MIB cannot directly move the wheel.

Sometime between 2004 and 2007 the ash circle gets broken; by who may not be of importance. What is important is The Cabin is accessible again. MIB of course returns to resume his work. But he cannot spend as much time on this project because he is working on the time loop one involving Locke and the compass. Now that he has his vehicle, his home base (The Cabin) returned to his possession, he can proceed. The project often keeps MIB up late at night and out of space/time. This latest loophole project, seemingly having a better or more accelerated chance to succeed, MIB invests most of his energy. Killing Jacob would certainly make the job easier wrt his ultimate goal of leaving the Island. Now, The Cabin’s purpose slightly changed. He uses it for several purposes actually;

1) A conference room for meetings for example with Locke and Claire.
2) An office and command post for planning.
3) MIB also uses it to follow Locke and the Losties thru time in S5.
4) He rents it out on occasion for some extra cash (I added this for fun)

In the meantime Jacob discovers further temporal disturbances are occurring. He surmises desperately, the cabin must be accessible to MIB again. If he is right the fate of the world is in the balance. He then enlists Alana to come to the Island to find and destroy or more accurately, burn it to the ground. But by then, of course, it is too late. The Cabin is no longer an issue. In the borough of an event so potentially horrible, Jacob retreats to the statue’s foot, his home, to contemplate alternatives as well as prepare for the unthinkable. MIB appears to be one step ahead of Jacob.
The Cabin originally slated as an escape pod has now served a very different purpose, an unfathomable purpose. In its smoldering aftermath is a shrine to MIB’s apparent victory over Jacob. The Cabin is now dead and soon to be accompanied by Jacob.
Is this the beginning of the End of the World?

I had not looked at other people submissions prior to posting this. I tried is keep this theory as isolated as possible. Not to say others cannot use any of these ideas if indeed unique. I encourage the practice. Together we will figure this thing out; this thing being what we fondly refer to as Lost!

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5 thoughts on “October 2010 Theory Contest – The Sugar Cabin

  1. wolfx, at first while reading this, couldn’t tell if you’re joking or not, because some of things you propose are far fetched, but you’ve made some strong arguments and very well written…

  2. Sorry for the delay on this…been extra busy.
    Bob – Thanks for your thoughts. Always good stuff!
    Achalli – Thanks for your take. Happy you liked it. ‘See’ you over at Uncut sometimes. I think there is much TV yet to discuss.
    Will take a look at your folks theories within the next week or so.

  3. Great thoughts here Wolf…
    I always thought that was what the cabin was being used for…then it burnt down and was not in a flashback.
    The place that I always fell short considering it was Jacob always seemed to be at the foot after his and MIBs beach exchange from “The Incident”…

    Excellent job filling in the blanks and giving another great background theory on MIB and Jacob!

  4. Thanks A.E.S. I always thought the Statue to be the most interesting (or one of) and meaningful landmarks. Each landmark had its role to play attached with scores of available possibilities of interpretation. In the end, the Cabin arguably the most interesting with the Statue playing the smallest part; this stated perception of course, left to further observance, analysis and debate.

    Looking forward to next Theories project. Come to think of it, it may be an improvement to format if The Theories of the Month became The Theories Project with submissions arbitrarily given end dates by (who else) admin. Just a suggestion.

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