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Unfortunate that October/November 2010 has been so thin on theories thus far. AND The Cabin was a great subject for discussion. Have we lost LOST or have we lost the Others and Losties? Hopefully it is/was just a blip wrt trend.
In any event, I shall not be stopped from asking if the idea I’m about to propose, if not as good as The Cabin, be considered for upcoming Theories of the Month…
That said, if we could discuss Season 5, the Hatch and the Losties. For example, what do we suppose happened when and if Jughead detonated or not?
Did nothing happen? How did the Hatch return to its post Desmond state in Season 6 E1, if indeed it did? Was this a case of what happened, happened? Would things have been different, if during the 1970s something had happened differently? Could something have happened differently? Could the 70’s be to blame? Could this confusion have been averted if it wasn’t for the 70s?
I’m certain some of this had been discussed at an earlier point, however since Lost ended, I don’t believe it has extensively.
It may be interesting to play with a full hand as it were, now we have the series behind us. Just to mention; having a full hand is by no means the same as having a full deck (to speak of the 70s).
IF the admin and community (as it is) likes the idea, nice people could spend time on Facebook while the debate flares on 🙂

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  1. sad to say, many of our Lostie friends are “moving on”..I’m holding on with all I’ve got wolfx…but I lack my usual passion in formulating ideas and debate about Lost subject matter…I keep looking at November ticking down, I’ve got to put something more about the Cabin even if it’s a paragraph..

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