*Spoiler (Don’t read if haven’t seen Lost finale/epilogue)

I’ll say it again just incase, Do not read this if you have not seen the Lost finale and/or the epilogue included on the Lost Season 6 DVD

Anyway, if you have seen the epilogue, does anyone know what Hurley meant by the “job” for Walt? In a way I think the whole epilogue kind of left viewers guessing than answering some questions, but my guess was for Walt to take over as the ‘Man in charge’, and Walt was the ‘New’ leader.

The Dharma Initiative was explained as to why the islander’s were still getting food drops, but other than that I can’t think of anything that was answered.

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2 thoughts on “*Spoiler (Don’t read if haven’t seen Lost finale/epilogue)

  1. I just watched the epilogue the other day. I agree with your assessment about Walt, but I think that Hurley and Ben will groom him before he takes over. I say this because of their exchange in front of the church in the finale. I got the sense that Hurley was in charge for awhile.

    We actually learn a lot in the epilogue. We learn that the pallet drops were done using drones, the Lampost was still in operation in order to locate the Island for the drops, the reason Pierre Chang used a pseudonym in some of the orientation films, and the warning about not using pregnant polar bears in the Orchid leads us to the explanation for the problematic pregnancies. We can infer that the release of E/M energy during the incident is responsible.

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