Titus Welliver

Titus Welliver Joins FX’s New TV Series POWERS

The “Man In Black” is the latest casting addition to the FX Network series, based on the Eisner Award winning comic book series Powers by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

The series follows Detective Christian Walker, who was once a hero who has since lost his extraordinary abilities. As he and his partner, Deena Pilgrim, investigate crimes, they uncover the seedy underbelly of the caped set, such as a Superman like character being a sex fiend. The title is creator owned by artist Michael Avon Oeming and writer Brian Michael Bendis, who is widely known for his work in the mainstream Marvel Universe. The pilot will be produced by Sony and F/X with Karen Barragan (Rescue Me) on to co-produce. Justified’s Michael Dinner is expected to direct a script written by Charles Eglee (Dexter; The Walking Dead) who will both serve as executive producers as well.

Welliver joins as Triphammer, described “a genius and a narcissist,” and a mixture of Steve Jobs and Donald Trump. Triphammer is said to be a genius in his own right who has invented technology capable of giving or taking away super powers. It’s reported that if the pilot is picked up by the network that the role will recurring.

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