Upcoming shows starring some of our favourite Losties

If you’re missing Ben, Hurley and Richard. Fear not! For they will soon be on our screens again! Albeit in three different shows.

Michael Emerson will be appearing in Person of Interest. The show is rumoured to debut on 22nd September 2011 (coincidence?). Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson) is a mysterious billionaire who has developed a computer program that predicts future crime victims. Finch hires Reese (Jim Caviezel), a former CIA agent presumed to be dead, to help stop those crimes, using Finch’s resources and tech savvy and Reese’s skills and knowledge.

Jorge Garcia will be appearing in Alcatraz. It is currently planned as a midseason replacement to air on Mondays at 9 pm in 2012 (according to Wikipedia). Alcatraz follows Rebecca Madsen, a police officer (Sarah Jones), and Dr. Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia), a “hippy geek” who is the world’s foremost expert on Alcatraz. Both will investigate the reappearance of 302 wardens and prisoners of Alcatraz in modern day, after their mysterious disappearance fifty years ago.

Nestor Carbonell will be appearing in Ringer. It will premiere on 13th September 2011.Twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) have been at odds and find that their lives are both unraveling at the same rate. Bridget is on the run from the mob and in order to survive she takes over Siobhan’s life after she mysteriously disappears. She soon discovers her estranged sister’s life isn’t as mundane as she had once thought. Nestor Carbonell plays Victor Machado, an FBI agent whose job it is to keep Bridget safe.

Terry O’Quinn will also be appearing in season two of Hawaii 5-0 with former Lost star Daniel Dae Kim!

Are you looking forward to seeing them on screen again?

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