…go back or create our next version of Lost…?

Another idea… we could create a chain story: written collectively by us. Take a list of who would be interested in writing new mini-episodes/chapters in the Lost world, and then the submission order. For instance, Admin could get us kicked off, and then Bob, A.E.S., Wolfx, etc., and onwards through the list of interested partipants… each of us writing a section (e.g. mini-episode) that is “handed off” from the previous chapter/mini-episode. Perhaps one every two weeks (or maybe one per month, depending on schedules). This way all are involved… length could be up to the writer, it just has to have a beginning and an end that the next writer can pick up from. And of course elements of the mysterious Lost world…

So, just throwing it out there, I’d be willing to do it if we got interest…
Not sure where we would start off… that could be discussed. Is it 30 years later, and Richard is a Catholic priest? For some inexplicable reason he suddenly feels compelled to return to the island? Or perhaps Aaron, now a grown man, having recently been told the truth of his birth by Claire, sets out on a journey to find this mysterious island, to which he is drawn? Coincidences abound… Or it could be something from the past…. anything, really. The first writer would kick it off and we’d go from there.


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  1. ClairesPB!! so glad you checked back in..I’m up for anything! Writing and reading fanfic about Lost is really what is keeping it going, since there is nothing new to theorize on..don’t know if you’re going to have many other volunteers though..I’m thinking you and I were one of the few who wrote stories on the alternatelostendings site… you should seriously check out the Lost fanfic site on, there are some seriously creative writers out there.. So anyways, if you really want to get things started on this site with a chain story, I would say don’t wait for anymore volunteers (unless somebody chimes in soon). Let’s give it a shot, and see what happens.. write something small to get started, and I promise I’ll continue..eventually may have more writers come on board..

    I love your suggestions..I read part of a story the other day on the fanfic site, it was about Richard coming back to the Island, venturing in a hot air stuff. So however you want to start it, I’ll continue on the journey..we have to go back ClairePB, we have to go back!

  2. This actually intrigues me. I’ve had several ideas kicking about my head and have had a vague framework for a story for awhile. Unfortunately life in the Village has been keeping me busy. Most of the ideas I’ve had are based on theories I’ve done here plus an idea that would have been a very radical rewrite of the Lost universe. If this idea goes forward I’m willing to take a stab at it.

  3. oh man, I just got this crazy inspiration and started’s totally like a romantic novel, but I’ve got some very cool ideas to make this story fantastic. It’s starts out with Jack not being able to move on:
    Christian Shephard opens the doors to the foyer, allowing the light to overtake the church. It’s extremely bright, but not blinding. Some stand from the pews and begin leaving, while others stay seated and enjoy the moment.

    Jack tightens his grasp on Kate’s hand; she smiles back, her soul fulfilled at last for finally being next to the man she loves. He looks down and presses his hand against his chest, then slides his fingers to his shoulders and down his arms.

    “It’s real, Jack,” she says, taking his hand and placing it to her cheek.

    “I know, but, how can it”

    “Shhhhhh.” She kisses his hand and places it back on his lap. Jack stubbornly feels his leg, then presses his chest again.

    “I waited for you, Jack. I believed everyday, for years, that you somehow survived and would someday show up at my door.”

    Jack remembers that last kiss on the cliff, and not responding to her final words. “I didn’t want to give you false hope, that I would see you again,” he says, shaking his head. “I didn’t say yes, Kate,”

    “I know, but you didn’t say “no” either,” Kate replies, looking away but still holding his hand.

    Jack pulls at her hand until she looks back at him. “So, did you ever meet anyone else?” he asks.

    “If I did, then he would be in the church, wouldn’t he?”

  4. oh ya, concerning your question about Terra Nova, I’m really disappointed in the show, just a regular scifi show like on the scifi channel..I’m watching person of Interest as I write (new show with Michael Emerson), great show.. And i look forward to this sunday with “Once upon a Time” on ABC

  5. Bob – thanks for the link. I watched an episode of Person… and thought it was quite interesting. Not sure how long its been airing.
    As for Once Upon… this series appears to be more Lost like from what I’ve read.

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