October 2011 Challenge Question!!

Hey All,
I remember, it was a year ago Emz challenged us to write theories based on certain Lost subject matter. So in that same spirit, I want to challenge you with Lost questions, and maybe generate discussion from it.

So today’s challenge question is (answer in the comment section below):
During the entire series of Lost, how many crashes occurred on the Island?

A crash is any vehicle carrying people traveling to the Island which crashes.. I will give you the first two which are totally obvious as examples. Oceanic 815 and Aijira 316. List out all the ones you can think of. Some are debatable, so there isn’t really one absolute right answer. Let’s get a discussion going! -bobt

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It's 9:00pm, on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010, and The End is near..

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  1. 3. Henry Gale in hot air balloon.
    4. Yemi’s plane.
    4. The helicopter from the freighter carrying Naomi
    5. The Black Rock
    6. Desmond’s sailboat Elizabeth

  2. Hey jojo, great job! I thought Claudia’s ship would really stump people, but you guessed it first try.. So, you’re very close, but still missing two of them. One is very debatable, the other is definitely a crash. Think hard…anybody else know the 2?

    For clarification, let me list again all the ones you guessed (you put a 4 twice so you really guessed 8 of them..). Here’s what we have so far:

    1. Oceanic 815
    2. Aijira 316
    3. Henry Gale’s balloon
    4. Nigerian Plane
    5. Naomi’s chopper
    6. The Black Rock
    7. Desmond’s sailboat (Elizabeth)
    8. Claudia’s ship

    2 more to go! Anybody?

  3. How about the freighter? Is this the debatable one?

    Also, I love this idea of challenge questions. First I am a trivia junkie and second, these are the sorts of things I was paying attention to, trying to find evidence of a loop – they come, they fight, etc…

    If that’s not the right answer, someone hurry up and answer it because it will eat at me. Then somebody throw up the next question.

    Ooh, maybe the chopper Lapidus was flying?

    Great idea.

  4. Apostle, right on! Lapidus’s chopper; more specifically when he was carrying the Oceanic 6 back to the Island, and the Island dissapeared and the chopper ran out of gas. The reason why I think it’s debatable is because when the Island moved, it actually crashed nowhere near the Island..but it was heading toward the Island, so I think it counts..

    I think the freighter, nor Widmore’s sub weren’t really crashes.. The freighter was anchored off shore and was also blown up on purpose, the sub was blown up and was also heading away from the technicalities I know, but don’t think those fall into the category of crashing on the Island..

    So for a follow up challenge question:
    What PERSON experienced the MOST crashes?

  5. wolfx, right! It’s Sun. Hugo flashed off Ajira to the 70’s, so he only technically experienced two crashes.. I’m not totally clear what you mean by 6-4…I think you mean Oceanic six minus the four who flashed off which equals two. The four who flashed off Ajira were Sayid, Jack, Kate, and Hurley, who were also part of Oceanic six so I see your logic, but remember the other 2 of the Oceanic six is Sun and Aaron. Aaron of course didn’t come back on Ajira, only Sun..

    So my next Trivia question: What 3 survivors of crash 815 were able to leave the Island, NOT including the Oceanic six or the Ajira flight?

  6. For some reason despite watching the episode like 5x, I can’t even be certain Sawyer left the island, I recall the plane leaving the runway, Frank pulling back hard on the yoke, but cannot see Sawyer in my head on the plane. He did leave right?

  7. Hey bobt! Great questions 🙂

    I thought that perhaps the 3 who left the island were Claire, Michael and Locke, but The Apostle mentioned Sawyer who was also on the plane at the end, so now I’m not so sure as that would make it 4, unless we’re not including people who left at the end which would make it 2…

    If that makes any sense 🙂

  8. Ah, after reading your question again, I think you’re asking about who didn’t leave on the Ajira flight (on first read I thought you meant who landed on Ajira)…

    Ok, so Micheal, Locke aannndd… I’ll have to think about it 🙂

  9. hey Emz,welcome back! You are correct; Michael, Walt, Locke

    so now that we’re on the subject matter; next question:
    We all know the members of the “Oceanic 6”, so who are the members of the “Aijira 6”? Who is the one person who is part of both groups of survivors?

  10. It’s been two days since I checked back here?

    Which Ajira flight, coming or going?

    I don’t think I can name the A6 (assuming the ones leaving for good since you wrote O6) without looking them up.

    Richard, Miles, maybe Sawyer, Kate.


  11. Hey Apostle! Ajira leaving to clarify..You’re on the right got 4 out of the 6; I think Richard and Miles were probably the more difficult ones since they’re not part of Oceanic survivors. 2 more to go. Couple hints; Kate had to convince to one of them to leave the Island, and the other the plane couldn’t have got off the ground without him..

    To clarify a little more, “Ajira 6” was never used in the show, so it’s not exactly canon..but a lot of people use the term in Lost Fan Fiction stories when the Ajira plane lands and people meet the survivors…

    Here’s one of my favorite ones; the first chapter is about Ajira landing, then second is where reporters ask the Ajira 6 questions:

    The press conference is so funny, the reporter announces (I copied and pasted):
    “Ladies and gentlemen,” the woman from the Oceanic Six press conference, Karen Decker, said into a microphone, “On September 22, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed into the Pacific Ocean. One month ago, Ajira Flight 316 crashed into the Pacific Ocean as well. In the end of 2004, the Kahana, a freighter that left from Fiji early December, exploded after it was loaded with a massive amount of C-4. And in 1845, the Black Rock, a slave ship owned by Magnus Hanso, which was set on course for present-day Thailand, was lost at sea. Now, survivors from those four events are here. It may seem crazy, but just try to hang in there. Now, here is the Ajira Six.”

  12. agreed, my addiction still lingers.. don’t have anymore questions for now…hopefully somebody will try to answer my last soon… I’ll be putting up a new post very soon about “spookiest” moments in Lost, in halloween tradition

  13. I am still loitering bobt. Don’t want the game to be just between the two or three of us. But I can see how trivia is trivial to some people. Do I get those people? No.

    Well Hugo is one right? Cause he was on both, so that leaves one.

  14. Hey Apostle! Glad you’re still around.. Hugo is not one of the Ajira six; he stayed behind on the Island along with Jack, Desmond, and Ben (and I think Rose, Bernard, and Vincent)..and of course he became the next Island leader after Jack died..

    I’ll go ahead and close off this trivia question by answering the final 2. The person Kate had to convince to leave was of course Claire, who believed she wouldn’t know how to be a mother anymore.. And of course the plane couldn’t get off the ground without our favorite pilot Frank Lapidus.. So the Ajira six are:

    Richard, Miles, Sawyer, Kate, Claire, and Frank.

    That’s it for trivia now, I don’t think I’ll be able to top my first question about the crashes; that was a really interesting one that had me and everyone really thinking..

    If anybody else has lost trivia, or lost theories please post soon! -bobt

  15. I check into the site about once a day, see if anything shows up. And I didn’t know your question was meant to provoke. I ask myself that question all the time. I was into Flashforward, disappointed it is gone.

    Speaking of shows, anyone been watching Fringe? I have since the start and lately it seems to be flirting with Lostish ideas.

    Peter being immune to electromagnetic what? Frequencies? This time they had a portable Faraday cage as opposed to Desmond’s.

  16. If I recall my sci-fi history correctly, it took approx 10 years before Star Trek resurfaced in the form of a movie. Which was followed by several movies and of course the TV series(s). Therefore if history repeats, Lost will be back but will take some time. What we need to speed things up is Lostie conventions and movies like Trekies I & II (very entertaining movies) but one challenge; how would you dress up like the Monster ha..ha?

  17. To talk about TV, two series that could partially replace Lost are…Terra Nova (time tavel aspect) and The Walking Dead (the survival plus shooting zombies for the gamers lovers aspect). Can’t forget about the soap opera aspect which both these series have. What do you think?

  18. What is up wolfx? Fringe would make more sense if you were to watch from the beginning but each weekly episode has a storyline and sometimes will include not flashbacks but references to what has happened previously. Timelines and time travel, alternate timelines and universes with doppelgangers(?), and sort of course correcting or altering.

    Hey I didn’t get into Lost until nearly the end of season 3. And then I downloaded the entire series to that point. I kind of suffered through the first few episodes and then my interest soared. I went into it thinking airplane crash, people marooned, survival. Now I think about it all the time.

    I have not heard of The Walking Dead but I have Terra Nova. I have not seen it though. Do you give it a thumbs up? Where and when do I catch it?

  19. The Apostle – I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Fringe and quite enjoyed them but I am years out of sinc. I would need to go back to the start which I will at some point. Whereas the Walking Dead =>
    and Terra Nova =>, I have been watching from show 1. Walking Dead is not LOST but is pretty darn good. I Like Terra Nova as well but the jury is still out on the long term for this one.

  20. Hey wolfx, most likely what happened is you posted 2 or more hyperlinks in your comment..those automatically get flagged and have to be reviewed by Emz..hopefully she’ll check with you soon..

    OK, so now that I’m logged back in, a couple thoughts..Fringe is a great show, I watched several episodes but I was so focused on Lost at the time I couldn’t get into it..Terranova I was very disappointed in after a couple episodes, I’ll probably never watch again..

    I heard Walking Dead is fantastic show, I haven’t seen yet though..

    I watched “Once Upon a Time” for the first time this past sunday, I was really impressed..They even had a Lost easter egg in there, one of the actors was eating an Apollo Bar!

    What I’m most excited about is “The River”. It’s coming out Feb 7th 2012 ABC..check it out on the ABC website, looks awesome..I’m hoping it fills the hole in my heart Lost left!

  21. Hi wolfx, sorry about that. bobt is correct that if a comment has 2 or more links in it holds it for moderation. I’ve changed it now though as this setting was mainly for when the site was more active and to stop any spammers from spamming the comment section.

    I love Fringe. I must admit it took about 6 episodes for me to get really into it, but now I absolutely love it. It’s definitely worth watching for the overall story.

    I also love The Walking Dead. Every episode ends with some sort of cliff hanger and leaves you wanting more. But wolfx is right, it is not LOST. But that shouldn’t put you off watching as it is completely different. In fact I can’t think of any show to compare it to, because it’s original.

    Now Terra Nova – that is a huge disappointment. I thought it was going to be a fantastic sci-fi show but it’s more a family drama with dinosaurs. I even setup a forum for it with the hopes it’d be a great show that everyone would want to talk about, but I think it’s had the opposite effect. I’m still watching just to see if it gets better, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it got cancelled.

    bobt – I’ve seen the first episode of Once Upon a Time and I noticed a couple more LOST easter eggs 🙂 The time on the clock was 8:15 and the house number of the governor(?) was 108. Also they had a shot of Emma’s eye opening ala Lost style 🙂 I didn’t notice the Apollo bar though – good catch 🙂

  22. emzi – Thanks. I apologize as I didn’t know about this particular validation object. Which makes sense by the way. And thanks to Bob for also pointing it out 🙂
    Yes, The Walking Dead appears to be well received by many people I know. I have to say it is one of my favorites at this point. Too bad we have to wait till Feb ’12 for the next episode 🙁
    Hoping Terra Nova picks up because I think the concept is interesting.

  23. WRT Once Upon A Time; along with the nods to Lost mentioned, from the little I’ve seen of it, it shares its touch and feel. As in the multiple (dual) realities, the “what the heck on going on in this town?” and the scene replays that show different perspectives etc things. Very interesting indeed!

  24. I must admit, i was channel surfing and watched the last 45 minutes of Terra Nova’s getting pretty good.. I might watch 2 hour finale next week :)… I think I watched premiere and maybe next 2 episodes; although wasn’t really impressed, I did like the bit about the camp leader’s son who ran away and who was plotting against his father..tonight’s episode revealed what that was all about, and it was really cool I thought..this show might have glimmer of hope if they can stay away from the silly overdramatic family drama

  25. wolfx! Ya man, I watched the Pilot episode last week and tonight’s episode. I’m really enjoying it, and might stick with it..Has a lot of similarities to Lost as you mentioned.. The flashbacks work really well..and also music by Michael Giacono which is basically Lost music..and also “The Island”..and also the first prisoner’s name was Jack..OK OK I’ll stop there 🙂

    I also think Jorge Garcia is doing a great job at his new role; he was a great Hurley of course, but one thing I couldn’t stand about Hurley is his more serious moments in character was horrible acting… but he’s doing a great job during serious moments in his new character..

    So like I said before, I’m really looking forward to ABC’s “The River” Feb7th, it has potential to create its own genre just like Lost created its own.. If I get into that show, I probably won’t be as into Alcatraz.. but we’ll see…thanks for checking into the site, I’m always looking for new posts here..

  26. oh back to Alcatraz, did you catch that at the end where the “bomb shelter” could possibly be next to the underground prison? (Or even perhaps part of the same structure) I thought that was a cool twist..I think the writers wanted to throw that in to see if we picked up on that

  27. Hey guys!

    Just to let you know, I have registered a domain for The River with the intention of creating a forum for the show.

    I’ll keep you posted! Hopefully it’ll be ready before the premiere!

  28. admin – what’s the deal on Terra Nova? Dont what to ask on that forum because I dont what to interrupt discussion with questions like “what time is it anyway”; bad question when you’re at a party..ha..ha. I believe this show could develop into a good series. Let’s put it this way..We’ve seen series endure that are much less appealing to anyone. Maybe Hollywood politics factor which if the case, we’re toast in any event. Obvious wolfx likes the series; but also knows it is not Lost but sees an abundance of potential waiting to unleash itself. Ok..Ok the family stuff is a good base but there are limits. A few adjustments will make it paletable to whomever. I believe in peace but some blood would be beneficial during the fire fights for example.
    There are other new shows out there like The River, Alcatraz and Lost Girl that will replace any Sci Fi enthusiasists agenda so tally ho Terra Nova production company!!!
    You’re at 50/50 at this point I see.

  29. Admin – we were getting an App Attack on this site the other day. I thought it was over. Having feared this undesirable possibility, I would peronally request you keep this site alive for as long as possible. Of course I am ultra biased being one of Lost’s dedicated, reliable and die hard fans…so I like to think.
    To seguey(spell). How are you folks enjoying The River BTW?

  30. Not attempting this to be the wolfx column, just saw an episode of Awake which I think was the pilot. I thought is was an acceptably auspicious start.
    All these apparently good new paranormal series makes for an interesting subject in itself.

  31. hey wolfx, I’m glad you brought Awake into the conversation.. I just saw the pilot too and i was very impressed.. I will definitely stay tuned to coming episodes; it has the potential to be a great drama, and is so original.. I think it will satisfy some of the character depth I’ve been longing for since Lost.. and by the way, the detective’s son, did you notice? He was the kid who was Jack’s son in the sideways flash…

    As far as the River, I am still enjoying..Not alot of dialogue on the RiverForum site.. Some of the amazon mystique has become somewhat cheezy in these past few episodes..but I’m sticking with it.

  32. Still having problems stated in comment 70.
    I will say Alcatraz and The Walking Dead are filling the gap Lost left in my sanctum. The series Awake appears to also show promise.
    The River although one would think should be similar to Lost at 1st glance, it lives in the supernatural/mystical rather than the Sci-Fi genre which Lost inhabited.

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