My lost LOST alternate ending

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted here… I hope everyone is doing well!

I recently started a LOST re-watch and I was discussing the show with my other half. We didn’t know each other back when LOST was on the air but he did watch it and was a fan. We started talking about the ending of the show to which he absolutely hates. I admit, the first time watching the show and seeing the end it was a huge disappointment to me. I think it just wasn’t the ending I was expecting or hoping for so I didn’t take it for what it was. I’ve seen the show a couple of times since then and have warmed somewhat to the ending, although I think it will take a lot more than re-watching the show to convince the other half.

That being said, I got on to how I had written my own LOST ending shortly after the series had finished. I had published it to another site I had at the time which no longer exists (which I must apologize to anyone who had published a story to, and especially to Bobt who was an avid poster on the site with his Story of Aaron). I managed to find a copy of the story I wrote and let him read it and he said he really enjoyed it. So I thought I’d publish it here so that anyone who didn’t get the chance to read it at the time can read it. And if anyone wants to post their own endings here please feel free to do so.

Man, I miss this show. Namaste x

This starts from the moment Jack enters the church. The dialogue with Ben and Hurley outside the church doesn’t take place.I’m not a script writer (or any sort of writer) so any fancy words I’ve used to separate the scene may be completely wrong. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy!

Jack walks into the room where his fathers coffin is. He walks slowly up to it and walks around it. He then lifts up the lid to find the coffin empty. Jack begins to remember his island life, starting with him finding his fathers empty coffin at the cave, his time with Kate etc.

JACK: Oh- [cries] – I remember

Jack runs toward the main doors and opens them to find everyone waiting for him.

JACK: I remember!

DESMOND: Then you know what we need to do, brutha.

JACK: Yes. We need to leave.

Cut to scenes of LAX. One by one everyone arrives at the airport and they make their way to a plane. Oceanic 316. Desmond and Penny are the last two.

DESMOND: You know I’ll always love you Penny.

PENNY: I know. If what you’re doing works then we will be together again before too long.

DESMOND: It will work. I promise you Penny. [they kiss]

PENNY: See you in another life-

DESMOND: Aye- I love you.

Desmond boards the plane leaving a tearful Penny at the airport.

Cut to Jack and Kate on the plane.

KATE: I’m so glad you remembered Jack. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

JACK: This life, here, was never meant to be. We caused this. The island- the island is where we’re supposed to be. No matter how much I wanted to prevent what happened, I would have always remembered. [he pauses] And I would have always remembered you, Kate.

KATE: [smiles] You too Jack. It was always you.

Cut to scene where the plane takes off.

JACK: Here we go [turns to Kate] Are you ready?

KATE: Yes. Let’s go home.

Cut to scenes of everyone on the plane. The typical Lost soppy music plays through everyone being happy on the plane.

The plane hits turbulence and everyone looks at peace, like they’re expecting this to happen. A bright light engulfs the plane, and the next thing we see is Oceanic 815 crashed on the island. They have gone back in time to September 22nd 2004. Cut to Jack lieing in the bamboo. He opens his eye. He gets up and starts running towards the crash site, running past that famous white tennis shoe. He sees the crash and stops and then runs over to the passengers.

Hurley runs over to him.

HURLEY: It worked, Jack! It worked!

JACK: [smiles and laughs]

HURLEY: Dude, it worked! [hugs Jack]

Suddenly everyone else who was in the FSW comes over from the wreckage to join them. They all remember everything from their previous life and everything that happened on the island. Everyone is there except Kate, Bernard, Libby, Juliet and Desmond. (Juliet is with the others, Desmond is in the hatch, Bernard and Libby are on the other side of the island, and who knows where Kate is-)

LOCKE: Does everyone know where they’re going?

Everyone says yes.

LOCKE: Alright. Ready Jack?

JACK: [gives him a -yes” look] Let’s do this.

Everyone splits into groups and head into different directions. Jack and Locke in one group. Sayid and Charlie in one group. Sawyer and Jin in one group. Hurley and Rose in another. Everyone else stays on the beach with the other survivors who don’t realize what’s going on.

Cut scene to Kate on her own in the middle of the jungle. She is disorientated.

KATE: Hello?!

Nobody answers. She looks around and sees some ash on the floor. She looks at it in more detail and the camera zooms out to show The Cabin. Kate looks at it in shock, but suddenly remembers this is where she landed originally.

KATE: It was me-

She looks at the ash again and notices there is a gap between it.

KATE: I let the monster out.

Without waiting to see what happens next she tries to rebuild the gap and then she runs off through the jungle.

Cut scene to Desmond at the hatch. He is sat at the computer. He hears someone come in through the front door.

SAYID: Desmond.

DESMOND: Sayid, Charlie. There are 90 minutes left before it starts again.

SAYID: That doesn’t give us much time.

DESMOND: It’s enough.

SAYID: I hope you’re right. Charlie, you know what to do?

CHARLIE: Of course.

SAYID: Ok. Desmond, let’s go.

DESMOND: We’ll see you soon Charlie.

CHARLIE: I hope so.

Sayid and Desmond leave the hatch and they take some rope with them.

Cut scene to Juliet at otherville. Ben didn’t come back with them so he is none the wiser about what’s going on. He’s just told Goodwin and Ethan to go to the crash sites and make lists.

JULIET: I don’t think sending Goodwin and Ethan is a good idea, Ben.

BEN: And why not? We need to know who’s on that plane.


BEN: Because everything needs to be reported back to Jacob, that includes names of people on that plane.

JULIET: Jacob already knows who’s on that plane.

BEN: Excuse me? What do you know about Jacob? You’ve never even met the guy.

JULIET: Neither have you.

BEN: What?! [looks confused] Of course I’ve met Jacob. He’s the leader-

JULIET: [interrupting Ben] I know why you brought me here Ben.

BEN: [looks at Juliet – pauses for a second] Well I should hope so. These women need your help and-

JULIET: I don’t mean that, Ben. I mean you brought me here because I look like someone who saved your life when you were a boy.

BEN: What are you talking about?

JULIET: In 1977 you got shot by a man you tried to help. His name was Sayid Jarrah. You were taken to the infirmary but there was nothing they could do so someone sent you to be saved by The Hostiles.

BEN: How do you know that Juliet?

JULIET: Because- it was me. I saved you.

BEN: Don’t be ridiculous.

JULIET: And Sayid Jarrah. He’s on the plane.

Ben looks confused and scared.

JULIET: If I were you I’d bring Goodwin and Ethan back. Otherwise, they’re going to get killed.

BEN: You’ve been reading too many horror stories Juliet.


Juliet walks away from Ben and enters her house. Ben stands there looking confused and looks down to where his gun shot wound is.

Cut scene to Jack and Locke walking through the jungle.

JACK: Do you remember everything?

LOCKE: Everything that you remember Jack.

JACK: Do you remember what happened after you died?

LOCKE: [does his Locke smile] Yes Jack. I do. But that wasn’t me.

In comes Kate running toward them.

KATE: Jack! [out of breath] It was me. It was my fault.

JACK: What are you talking about?

LOCKE: She let him out Jack.

JACK: What?

LOCKE: The monster. She let him out.

KATE: It was an accident, I didn’t mean-

LOCKE: I know Kate. It doesn’t matter now. Everything is coming together.

Kate and Jack look at each other.

JACK: Ok then. We don’t have much time.

All 3 of them then continue on through the jungle.

Cut scene to the other side of the island where the tailies are. Everyone is out of the water and Libby heads into the jungle to find Bernard.

BERNARD: Heeelp!

LIBBY: Bernard! Where are you?!

BERNARD: Up here! [Libby looks up to find Bernard stuck in the tree] Why did I agree to this?! I knew I would end up here again- why?!

LIBBY: Stay calm.

Ana Lucia comes to see what all the fuss is about, and then sees Bernard in the tree.

ANA LUCIA: Hey! [yelling to Bernard] What’s your name?

BERNARD: Bernard!

ANA LUCIA: You’re going to be alright, Bernard. I need you to unbuckle your seat belt and grab the branch next to you. I need you to focus, Bernard. Unbuckle your seatbelt.

[He does so, shakily] Now grab the branch next to you.

BERNARD: [mumbles to himself] not again. [shouts to Ana Lucia] I don’t think I can do that!

ANA LUCIA: Those seats are going to fall.

[Bernard reaches for the tree.]

ANA LUCIA: Come on, you can do it. Bernard!

[The seats fall to the ground. We see Bernard clinging to the tree.]

ANA LUCIA: Alright, hold on tight, okay. I’m coming up to get you.

Ana Lucia helps Bernard down. Bernard and Libby share a knowing look.

BERNARD: Thank you Ana.

ANA LUCIA: No problem Bernard.

They walk back to the beach. And then Ana Lucia stops and looks confused.

ANA LUCIA: Wait- how do you know my name?

BERNARD: What? You must’ve told me.

ANA LUCIA: No- no I didn’t.

BERNARD: [thinks for a moment] Oh I remember now. I heard you speaking to someone on the plane when I went to the bathroom. You told them your name- I guess it just stuck with me.

ANA LUCIA: [doesn’t look convinced] Hmm- ok Bernard.

Ana Lucia walks ahead of Libby and Bernard and when she’s out of listening distance-

LIBBY: That was close.

BERNARD: Tell me about it.

LIBBY: Quick thinking though, Bernard. Do you think she bought it?

BERNARD: This is Ana we’re talking about.

LIBBY: Yeah. [pauses for a few seconds] We’re going to have to get away from here. Do you know where we need to meet Rose and Hurley?


LIBBY: Ok. Let’s give it ten minutes then we’ll leave.

Cut scene to Rose and Hurley walking through the jungle.

HURLEY: Dude, where is it exactly we’re supposed to meet Bernard and Liby?

ROSE: Where we built our cabin.

HURLEY: Oh. Will it still be there?

ROSE: Well, we built it when we were in the 70s so if nothing has changed it should still be there.

HURLEY: Unless it’s magically moved.

ROSE: What?

HURLEY: Oh- nothing.

ROSE: Are you talking about that cabin with the ash circle around it?

HURLEY: You know about that?

ROSE: Oh yeah. Bernard and I stumbled upon that place when we were flashing from one year to another. It dissapeared when we moved to the 70s. We just figured we’d ended up in a time when it hadn’t been built yet.

HURLEY: Yeah. I don’t think that’s why it dissapeared.

ROSE: Well, whatever the reason, our cabin should be where we left it-. Right through here.

They carry on walking through the jungle and come to a clearing where the cabin is.


ROSE: Cup of coffee?

Hurley smiles at Rose.

Sawyer and Jin are walking through the jungle.

SAWYER: Thanks for coming with me Jin.

JIN: No problem James.

SAWYER: I just hope Juliet manages to get out of there and turn of the Sonic Fence.

JIN: She will be fine. Don’t worry.

They hear rustling ahead of them.

SAWYER: What was that?

JIN: A boar?

SAWYER: No- I don’t think it was.

The rustling is getting louder.

SAWYER: Quick, up the tree. We need to hide.

Both of them climb a nearby tree and watch as Ethan walks by. They both look at each other with a
“that was close” look.

Cut scene to Juliet in her house. She is packing a bag of some food and medical supplies. A knock is heard on her door. She tries to ignore it but whoever it is keeps knocking. She answers the door.


BEN: May I come in?

Juliet looks frustrated but lets him in. He sees her bag full of supplies.

BEN: Going somewhere?

JULIET: I- I’m just packing up some supplies. I was planning on leaving them in a hidden place for Goodwin or Ethan. They might need them.

BEN: Well if they’re going to die I don’t think they’re likely to.

JULIET: What do you want Ben?

BEN: I want to know who you are and what you meant before- why you said Sayid Jarrah was on that plane-

JULIET: [Sighs] This would’ve been so much easier if you’d chosen to be enlightened Ben.

BEN: And what on earth is that supposed to mean?

JULIET: It just means- Look Ben. Trust me when I say that what I’m doing is for a good reason- for the greater good. You won’t be able to understand now, but you will-

BEN: Just tell me what you’re doing Juliet.

JULIET: I can’t.

Ben looks at her menacefully.

JULIET: Please leave.

Ben hesitates and then walks out the door. Juliet breathes a sigh of relief and carries on with what she’s doing.

Ben wanders off slowly looking confused when in the distance he sees a woman who looks like his mother. In fact, it is his mother [aka MIB]. She walks slowly toward to jungle. Ben picks up his pace and walks quickly torward the entrance of the jungle where she entered. When he gets there she’s waiting for him.

BEN: Mother?

MIB: Hi Ben. It’s wonderful to see you again.

Ben looks shocked.

MIB: I need you to come with me.

BEN: I- I don’t understand.

MIB: It’s time. You have been very patient Ben. And now it’s time to come with me.

BEN: Where are we going?

MIB: You’ll see.

Bens mother walks off and Ben pauses slightly and then walks behind her.

Cut scene to Sawyer and Jin and they’ve just arrived at the Sonic Fence.

SAWYER: She’s not here! Where is she?

JIN: She’ll be here. Let’s just wait.

SAWYER: Wait? I ain’t waiting- Ben could’ve done something to her for all I know!

Sawyer starts climbing one of the Sonic fences.

JIN: Sawyer! Don’t! She’ll be here.

SAWYER: I ain’t taking no chances-

Just then a voice is heard from a distance. It’s Juliet.

JULIET: James! Stop!

Sawyer sees her and a huge sense of relief comes over him. He smiles and climbs down off the sonic fence.

SAWYER: Juliet! I thought something had happened-

JULIET: I’m fine. [she smiles] Now lets turn off this fence. [she goes over to the panel and types in the number]

SAWYER: Come here Blondie! [Sawyer grabs her and gives her a kiss]

JULIET: It’s nice to see you too James.

JIN: [Smiling at them both] Let’s head back to the beach.

JULIET: Is everything going to plan?

SAWYER: I hope so.

Cut scene to Charlie at the Hatch on his own. He sees that there are 60 minutes left on the countdown.

CHARLIE: Just an hour to go guys.

He goes into the food storage and is looking for something. He gets a smile on his face when he finds what he’s looking for.

CHARLIE: Peanut Butter.

Cut scene to Libby and Bernard on the other side of the island.

LIBBY: Ok, we need to start making tracks.

BERNARD: I agree. Come on, let’s- [bernard stares into the distance – Goodwin is there and talking to Ana] Goodwin.

LIBBY: There’s no time to worry about him. As long as what we’re planning works we won’t need to worry about him.

BERNARD: You’re right. Ok, let’s go.

They both walk quickly into the jungle and start making their way to Rose & Bernards cabin.

Cut scene to Desmond and Sayid walking through the jungle.

SAYID: You know where you’re going, don’t you Desmond?

DESMOND: Of course, brutha. It’s not far from here.

SAYID: Good. [Sayid pauses] Thank you Desmond.

DESMOND: What for?

SAYID: For making us realise where we needed to be. For letting me have one more chance with Shannon.

DESMOND: Aye, brutha. No need to thank me. [Desmond pauses] That day at the well, when you said you could have a chance to be with the woman you loved again- you didn’t mean Shannon, did you?

SAYID: [looks sad] No. I did not. But I do love her.

DESMOND: I’m sure you do. Wouldn’t you like a chance to be with – [Desmond looks at Sayid to tell him the name of the his one true love]

SAYID: Nadia.

DESMOND: Nadia. Wouldn’t you like a chance to be with her?

SAYID: [Sayid thinks] Not now. She is better off without me. Besides, the island is where we belong, and I belong with Shannon.

DESMOND: Ok brutha.

They carry on walking until they come to a clearing.

DESMOND: This is it.

SAYID: It’s- beautiful.

Camera pulls out to see they are where the light of the island is.

DESMOND: Now we just have to wait.

Cut scene to Ben and his mother in the jungle. They stop, and Ben stares at something that has surprised him.

BEN: I’ve never seen this before. Who’s is it?

Camera pulls out to show that they’re at Jacobs cabin.

MIB: This belongs to Jacob.

BEN: Jacob? Is he here?

MIB: No. But he has left something for you inside, Ben.

BEN: For me? What is it?

MIB: Go and see.

Ben walks towards the cabin and notices the ash circle.

BEN: Why is there ash surrounding it?

MIB: That doesn’t matter, Ben. Go ahead, go inside.

Ben walks cautiously to the door and opens it. Inside he sees a rocking chair and a table and a framed picture of a dog.

BEN: Does Jacob live here?

MIB: Yes. He wanted me to bring you here. [Ben’s mother picks up a piece of paper and hands it to Ben. It’s a list of names and their occupations]. It’s a list of names.

BEN: A list? But doesn’t Richard usually hand me the lists?

MIB: Jacob only wants you to see this list Ben. Richard mustn’t know that you have this list.

BEN: But-

MIB: Trust me Ben. I’m your mother.

BEN: [Pauses for a moment] Of course. I trust you. [He looks at the list] Who are these people?

MIB: They’re people who have just crashed on the island, Ben. You need to find them and capture them. And then you need to kill them.

BEN: What?! Why?!

MIB: [gets angry] They impose a threat to the island and they need to be stopped!

BEN: [looks a bit scared at his mothers sudden anger]

MIB: Oh- I’m sorry Ben. I didn’t mean to shout like that. But these people must be stopped and Jacob wants you to take care of it Ben. And you mustn’t tell anyone.

BEN: But how am I supposed to get everyone to kidnap these people?

MIB: [Smiles evily] Tell them that these people are special. Tell them that these people are good. Tell them anything Ben. But you must do it.

BEN: [looks down at the list] Ok, I’ll do it.

MIB: Now, let’s go outside before the cabin moves again.

BEN: Ok-. Wait, what?

MIB: Quickly Ben.

They both go outside and walk beyond the ash circle.

MIB: Now Ben, there’s one more thing I need you to do.

BEN: And what’s that?

MIB: There is a man called John Locke who was on that plane.

BEN: John Locke?! The same John Locke who dissapeared in front of Ethan’s eyes?

MIB: The very one.

BEN: I don’t understand.

MIB: You will Ben, in time. Now, I need you to bring John Locke to this cabin but it has to be within a specific time frame otherwise you won’t be able to find it.

Ben looks at his mother more confused than ever.

Cut scene to Jack, Locke and Kate walking through the jungle.

LOCKE: We’re here.

They look up and see the four toed statue.

JACK: This is where Jacob lives?


They walk up to the statue.

JACK: Jacob?!

LOCKE: I don’t think he’s going to come out willingly.

JACK: Well, if he doesn’t, we’re going to go in.

LOCKE: I know how to get in there-

KATE: Look!

They see Jacob coming out of the statue. He walks over to them.

JACOB: What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here.

JACK: Yes we are.

JACOB: I don’t understand. This isn’t how I saw it happen. How did you find me?

LOCKE: We’ve been here before Jacob.

JACOB: No. That’s impossible. That’s against the rules.

JACK: The rules have been changed. We need you to summon your brother.

JACOB: What? I can’t do that.

KATE: I let him out, he’s free. We need to summon him-

JACOB: [sounds angry] You’re the one who set him free?! How did you find the cabin? It was made specifically so people couldn’t find it!

JACK: Hey! It’s not her fault. That’s where she landed when we crashed, and if memory serves me right you’re the reason why we’re here at all. It’s your fault Jacob.

JACOB: It’s not my fault. You shouldn’t be here.

LOCKE: Well we are here. And we need to summon him.


LOCKE: Because we’re going to do what you could never do…

JACOB: And what’s that?

[Locke smiles at him]

Cut scene to Bernard and Libby walking through the jungle. They arrive at Rose and Bernard’s cabin.

HURLEY: Libby! Ohh I’m so glad you made it! [He runs over and gives Libby a big hug]

LIBBY: We made it, Hurley.

ROSE: Bernard!

BERNARD: Rose! I’ve missed you!

ROSE: We’ve only been apart for an hour.

BERNARD: I know but it feels like a lifetime.

Rose and Bernard share a hug.

HURLEY: Alright! We’re all here. Now all we have to do is wait.

Cut scene to Sawyer, Jin and Juliet. They arrive back on the beach. Sun runs to Jin and gives him a hug. Claire walks up to them.

CLAIRE: Do you know how long we have?

SAWYER: No, but I don’t think it’ll be too long now.

CLAIRE: I just hope Charlie is ok. Maybe I should have gone with him?

JULIET: No, no Claire. You’re pregnant. It’s best that you stay here out of harms way. It won’t be long before Charlie will be back with us.

Claire smiles and then walks back to where Shannon and Boone are sat down.

SAWYER: [To Sun] Has anyone asked any questions?

SUN: Yes. Arzt was wondering why everyone seemed to just wander off. I said that maybe you were just hunting for food and supplies.

SAWYER: Ok- well Juliet has brought some with her so it’s not like you were lieing.

Sun smiles at Saywer. All of them go and join Claire, Shannon and Boone.

JIN: So, I guess now we just wait?

Cut scene to Desmond and Sayid.

DESMOND: It’s time.

They both head toward the cave with the light and Sayid ties the rope around Desmond and lowers him down.

DESMOND: Nothing like a sense of d-j- vu.

SAYID: [still lowering him down] Are you ok Desmond?

DESMOND: I’m fine brutha. [pauses for a second] Ok! I’m at the bottom.

SAYID: Ok Desmond, good luck!

Cut scene to Jacob, Jack, Kate and Locke at the statue. They’re inside and Jacob goes to a little water puddle like the one Ben used to summon the monster.

JACOB: Are you sure you want to do this? He can be unpredictable.

JACK: We’re sure.

JACOB: Ok then.

Jacob uses the puddle and about 10 seconds later the noise of the monster takes over the statue. Then it appears to them as a person. Christian Shepherd.

JACK: Dad. [jack smiles]

MIB: Hey kiddo.

JACOB: He’s not your father, Jack.

JACK: Maybe not. But he will be.

MIB: [looks confused and dissapointed – he thought he was going to fool them] What?!

JACOB: They’ve changed the rules.

MIB: I- I don’t believe it.

MIB looks at John Locke

MIB: Do you know who I am?

LOCKE: Yes I do. Your name is-

Suddenly the island begins to shake. MIB looks worried.

MIB: What have you done?!

Cut scene to Charlie at The Hatch and the noise it makes when the button hasn’t been pushed. System Failure! System Failure!

CHARLIE: Come on Desmond! Now would be a good time-!

Cut scene to Desmond at the cork. He unplugs it and it engulfs him in electromagnetism. Desmond screams out in pain.

Cut scene to Ben walking through the jungle, the island is still shaking.

BEN: What’s going on?!

Cut scene to the people at the beach seemingly calm, and then everyone at Rose and Bernard’s cabin.

HURLEY: Dude, it’s happening!

Cut scene to the statue.

MIB: What have you done?! [tries to turn into smokey] I- I can’t change. I’m mortal-

JACOB: What?! But mother made it so we could live forever- [looks at Jack, Kate and Locke] You’ve turned out the light! The island will be destroyed!

JACK: No- no it won’t.

Cut scene to Charlie at the hatch. He has the failsafe key which Desmond gave to him. He goes to the place where it needs to go.

CHARLIE: I hope this works. [looks up toward him] Please God.

Charlie turns the failsafe. In turn it interacts with what’s happening to Desmond at the cork. A big beam of purple light engulfs the whole island, MIB passes out at the temple, Ben and The Others pass out, everyone aware of their new life doesn’t pass out, Jacob doesn’t pass out, the island shakes for a while and then suddenly stops.

Cut scene to Desmond at the cork.

DESMOND: It’s worked! [He runs to the rope] Sayid! It’s worked!

SAYID: [laughs] That’s fantastic!

Cut scene to the statue.

JACOB: What just happened?

JACK: We destroyed the light without destroying the island.

LOCKE: There is no longer a need for a leader Jacob. We’re all the same now.

JACOB: And what about my brother?

JACK: Your brother died a long time ago. [Looks at MIB on the floor] He’s my father now.

JACOB: This isn’t what I brought you here for Jack!

JACK: You brought me here to die! Along with everyone else!

JACOB: [Starts to break down and cry] I didn’t bring you here to die, Jack. I brought you here to live.

JACK: [Looks at Jacob with sad eyes] And now I get to do that. And so do you Jacob. [Jack offers Jacob his hand] All you needed was a little push.

JACOB: [Grabs hold of Jacks hand] Thank you Jack.

Soppy music plays as we’re shown Jack, Christian, Kate, Locke and Jacob meet everyone at the beach. Everyone who passed out wakes up and realises what has happened and remembers their life from before. Hurley, Libby, Rose and Bernard join them and there are smiling faces all round. Suddenly Sayid and Desmond appear looking happy and sad at the same time. The music continues to play as this dialogue is said:

CLAIRE: Desmond – where’s Charlie?

DESMOND: I’m sorry Claire- he didn’t make it.

We’re shown Charlie laid on the jungle floor in a peaceful position. And then we’re back to the beach. Claire breaks down in tears. Everyone else looks on and they seem to know that that was always going to happen, although they’re still upset.

DESMOND: Charlie sacrificed himself for us all Claire. Again. No matter what would have happened… it was his Destiny.

Cut scene to Charlie’s dead body, the camera zooms to a place close by where the jar of peanut butter and his DS ring are.


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