Do you think a LOST reboot would work now?

I’m just curious. It’s been 11 years since this amazing show ended (hard to believe it’s been that long!) and there seems to be a resurgence of shows being rebooted for new audiences. Do you think if they announced a LOST reboot it would work? Is it too soon, too late, or just wouldn’t work at any time?

Personally, I’d love a LOST reboot to be announced. As frustrated as I was with the season finale, I loved everything the show did up to that point. The mystery surround the island, the Others, Dharma etc. was what had me hooked, and I haven’t had another show intrigue me like LOST did. I’d love to be able to watch a reboot with new mysteries, and possibly address old mysteries that were left unanswered.

What do you think?

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One thought on “Do you think a LOST reboot would work now?

  1. My favorite admin!
    Still love seeing new posts here!

    I would watch it and I think it would do well in the internet world we live in if they could keep spoilers at bay.

    I’m hard pressed to believe I could ever buy into a better actor for Locke or Ben Linus. I don’t think another actor could capture Hurleys innocence in the same way. Sawyer as anyone other than Josh Hollway is insane to me. But I would watch. And theorize. And hate/love or love/hate it I’m sure.

    I’d like to see it get more of a reboot in the style of a reboot-sequel that continues on and answers unanswered questions so everyone can hate it like “Across the Sea” lol.
    Kidding, as that was the most poorly executed and timed episode of the show barring any Nikki and Paulo hijinx.

    I’d love to see some actors return as their characters and new actors be brought to the island. They would have an infinite possibility of new stories and could dive deeper into the island history and address Walt, Hurley, and Ben on the island post credits…post extra scene.

    Think “Canton-Rainier”.
    Imagine the possibilities. A reboot with reincarnation as a premise and old Losties returning with new faces coming to realize they are reincarnated and have been there before. They could meet some old ghosts like Michael. They could find out who the new smoke monster is, and who protects the island now. They could run into our Hurley and Ben and Walt.

    Before you say they were dead too with Jack and company…remember…in the Lost universe…between the island and the “post-life” world…time is as irrelevant as Highbrow’s logic that there is not a time loop on the island…

    It’s not an island…a place that miracles happen people!

    I would watch and I’m sure many ex-Losties would too.
    This may call for a new theory on what we think happened. Challenge posted to give a theory on what happened to Ben, Hurley, and Walt (along with anyone else) post show.

    Have a great night everyone and challenge posted. Thanks for keeping this going Emzi!

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