Really? Right there? All this time?

How would you feel if you found out that we were introduced to a smaller version of the island 44 days after the crash of flight 815? It’s been there, staring us in the face all this time.

The Swan Station is a mini version of the island, constructed by the DHARMA Initiative.

– The Island is the cork holding the evil “in the bottle”
– The Swan Station is the cork holding in the pocket of electromagnetism

– The Island has a protector assigned to make sure the evil doesn’t escape
– The Swan Station has a button presser (it’s less glamorous but still)

– The Island has a failsafe (apparently) and it’s Desmond
– The Swan Station has a failsafe that was operated by Desmond

– The Island’s failsafe will destroy it (supposedly)
– The Swan’s failsafe destroyed it

So the question is this: What really happened when the Swan imploded? The station was destroyed but what about the electromagnetism? I’m inclined to lean more towards a reset then destruction… I mean, Desmond wasn’t killed but he should have been… something similar happened when Jughead detonated too… the bomb goes off and suddenly there everyone is. You could say it was because they were candidates and couldn’t die but what about Juliet? She wasn’t a candidate, was she? She lived through the bomb, even if just for a short time. She out-lived the normal life expectancy of one who detonates a nuclear bomb by hitting it with a rock, that’s for sure.

Huh. I wonder if there’s some kind of correlation to be made between Juliet and the bomb and mother hitting people with rocks… I’m off topic though.

Anyway, there it was, staring us in the face for about five years. What is the island? We were given the answer some time ago. Oh, and it’s another example of how the writers weren’t making it all up as they went along, too… I find that comforting.

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5 thoughts on “Really? Right there? All this time?

  1. Good comparison to the Swan, I like it. I’ve thought for a while that Desmond was going to be the “key” (fail-safe) to the whole thing..

  2. Funnily enough Highbrow, i’d been thinking about the Dharma stations and experiments recently and in my head i was trying to put together a theory along the same lines as yours but never got round to it.

    it was a week or two ago when i watched that episode where Locke and Eko discover the Pearl Station that i got thinking. There were all these weird experiments going on in the various stations, people were chosen and brought to the island to carry out these tasks and these people were being observed by others.

    this bears a striking resemblance to Jacob bringing people to the Island and observing them too.

    Also, about your Swan Station/Island similarities it’s like saying within the ship-in-a-bottle, there is another ship-in-a-bottle. (hope im making sense!)

  3. ha yeah!
    I never thought of that comparison, its spot on, even down to the ‘changing of the guard’ deal. Just remembered that secret code question that was asked to see if the new person was ‘him’.
    Dharma must’ve been aware of its importance as it was the only experiment that continued on past the purge, and was even quarantined which suggests that they may have somehow known the purge would happen.
    Maybe Jack isn’t going to be taking over from Jacob, and its Desmond, that would definitely explain his behaviour in the ATL.

    Really nice catch Highbrow.

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