• Walt was a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815.
    Walt and Michael left the island some time late in November, 2004.
    Walt arrived in New York within days of leaving the island and has been raised by his grandmother ever since.
    The Oceanic Six are rescued in January, 2005, and report there were NO other survivors.
  • So, what identity has Walt assumed since leaving the island? He can no longer be Walt Lloyd as this would contradict the testimony of Jack and the Oceanic Six. Is he also lying?

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    10 thoughts on “Waaaaaalt?

    1. Walt’s name might have been changed when he was adopted and perhaps he went back to being Walt Lloyd once he returned to his grandmother. Also, he hasn’t quite reached the age yet where he has ‘ID’, at least I don’t think so.

    2. Michael signed away his parental rights. Walt’s mother would categorically want her son to bear the name of his new father. She goes to court for this. Walt is Walter Porter to the world and on his passport. there is no garrantee he is even an American citizen anymore, or traveling on an American passport.

      From the moment Walt sails into the sunset (still I assume without identity papers) Michael will do all he can to protect his son. He has killed and he will lie. Walt ends up with his paternal grandmother. The name he is using is in all probability Walt Lloyd. How is anybody to know any different?

      Of course if his grandmother enrolls him in school there might be questions asked, but think about this… She still has his original birth certificate from when he WAS Walt Lloyd and she can parley that into other identity papers.

      You tell me what an American school board will ask for if parents cannot produce student transcripts from abroad. I think they will accept the birth certificate, have him pass an equivalency test and admit him to the local school. UNDER THE NAME OF WALT LlOYD.

      Is that plausible?

    3. Walt Lloyd never boarded Oceanic 815. Walt Porter did.

      A couple of unidentified people were picked up on a small boat in mid-Pacific, a father – named Mr. Kevin Johnson and his son Walter.

      Neither know anything about a crash that happened months ago in a completely different part of the ocean over the Sunda trench.

      Besides, Ocean 815 has been found intact and all passengers are apparently accounted for.

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