The Last Battle

I read a post at a while ago that discussed similarities between Lost and The Chronicles of Narnia. I didn’t mention this at the time because I’ve only just thought about it.

In The Last Battle there is a stable, and at the end of the book Alsan and the children and animals all enter this stable and they enter another Narnia. A much more larger Narnia. Infact, the real Narnia.

I’m comparing the stable to that of Jacob’s cabin. Now, I’m not saying that when you enter the cabin you enter another world, but I’m thinking there is something magical about it. We’ve seen the cabin appear in different places on the island, what if it has the abilities to transport you to another part of the island?

As The Last Battles stable takes you to another world, Jacobs cabin takes you to another place on the island.

Another thought about this book is, there is an ape and a donkey. (No, no, I’m not comparing them to Ben and Locke 😉 ). The donkey thinks the ape is his friend but the ape merely uses the donkey for his own needs (hmm, maybe I am? 😉 ). One day they stumble upon a dead lion and use its skin to trick the people of Narnia. The ape makes the donkey wear the skin to pretend he is Aslan (Aslan hasn’t been around for 1000s of years so no one knows what he looks like).

The prank works and the ape ends up making the people of Narnia slaves via the donkeys orders. Eventually, the donkey gets fed up with the prank and wants out, but the ape traps him in the stable and won’t let him out.

The donkey is trapped in the stable and the people on the outside think he is Aslan, the ruler of Narnia.

There is someone trapped in the cabin and the people on the outside think he is Jacob. Maybe.

Obviously, the LOST writers are unique and aren’t going to outright copy stories from other people, but the similarities were too good not to write down.

I don’t really believe that what I’ve just written will happen in the show, but I thought it would be good for discussion.

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  1. EMZI……I LOVE IT! Now, i’ll be honest, there are alot, as we all know, of similarities between lost and other works of the literature nature. Obviously charlottes name gives us something regarding cs lewis, but this may be the best comparison ive heard on other works.

  2. It’s hard to argue against the following:

    1)Several of the Others(Mikhail, etc.) believe that Jacob is their king or God or a great wise man at the very least.
    2)Jacob asked Locke to help him and seems every bit a prisoner.

    That said I don’t think Ben is involved IF there is a Narnia-esque propaganda/cover-story going on. When Ben is all alone, about to turn the Donkey Wheel, he says ‘I hope you’re happy now Jacob’. There is no reason for him to keep the lie alive while he is by himself. This line also confirms to me that Jacob is real and not a hoax designed to mislead Locke.

    However, Ben could also be in the dark and might have been cut off from Jacob. For example, Jacob could’ve stopped talking to Ben and giving him advice and Ben might’ve been doing his own thing for a while, winging it, not wanting the Others to know he could no longer communicate with Jacob, thus startled when Locke could hear Jacob, realizing that his time had come and the Island has now chosed Locke to lead.

  3. risebysin, what if it was just christian telling locke to move the island, or an overall trick to get ben to leave. All said and done, if i had to bet, ben tricked locke to turn the wheel. This is, to me, one of the most important questions on lost right now.

  4. Paris, that is a good question and one I’m not really sure of.

    If we were to go with this theory then the person trapped in the cabin could be just about anyone. Again, for reasons I do not know.

    And Jacob? Well he could be off-island somewhere trying to get back?

  5. After thinking about it some more….
    …Ben MUST believe that it’s the real Jacob speaking to Locke.

    Why would Ben move the island if he knew that the person in the cabin wasn’t the all-wise Jacob?

    Christian might have overpowered Jacob or something, or replaced him, but Ben is completely unaware of it and trusts the source, thus he CAN’T be involved in any conspiracy to undermine Jacob.

  6. I think maybe christian is manipulating Locke, to manipulate Ben, to get whatever it is he wants. But i do not believe Christian is, or is working WITH Jacob.

  7. In “THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA”, weren’t all of the human children who had visited Narnia, allowed to return their on a permanent basis? And one of them was prevented from returning due to lack of faith? Will this happen to one of the Losties?

  8. This may add credence to this theory: The new DHARMA logo has a lamppost on it. It looks strikingly similar to the lamppost in the Narnia stories which was the gateway between worlds. This could of course be a reference to a station which is the “gateway” to the island.

  9. i believe there is another gateway reference, being the rocks that kind of resemble stonehenge. They form almost a doorway and are shown somewhere in season 3 i believe.

  10. risebysin – That is a very good point. 🙂

    DR76 – That is correct, although they all return to the “real” Narnia after they all die in a train crash. Susan, however, was not with them on the train as she spent more and more time away from the people who believe in Narnia because, like you said, her faith had become overshadowed.

    I hope that the Losties don’t die to get back to the island though 😉

    Coolbeans – That is a very good point and must definately be some sort of reference to TCON. I like it 🙂

    A.E.S – Can you remember whereabouts in S3 that was? 🙂

  11. ok emzi, ive been digging and found nothing but dirt…well a few rocks got in the way. Try googling lostpedia stone structures”. I was way off on the date too, it is from an episode in march of ’06 i believe. Sorry not more info, but i for some reason find nothing on this, maybe it is nothing. Either way, when you see it. It doesnt look like nothing.

  12. see, i watched the 1st 2 seasons on dvd, then went right into season 3,so they kind of blend together. I hate using lostpedia, its like cheating. But ive been intrigued by this since i first saw it.

  13. I thought immediatly of stonhenge, thinking at first, how would one stranded on an island with no machinery build it(thinking stonhenge, ancient advanced civilizations,yadda,yadda,yadda). But then there is legends that it was once a doorway or gateway and thats how i always percieved what i saw on lost. Enter the orchid and this along with other narnia/oz/wonderland stories and tada..magic doorway.

  14. EMZI….this is not a spoiler, im not sure if you are going to get the hour long review before the season pemiere, but if you do 20 minutes in,just after a commercial, they are doing a pan scan look at the island and you can see the structure i refer to. Hope this helps.

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