Sam Austen

This is a simple question and wondered what LOST fans thought…

Why wasn’t Sam Austen there for Kate when the Oceanic 6 landed in Hawaii?

He seemed like a good enough guy….probably had access to go see her….don’t understand why he wasn’t there…

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7 thoughts on “Sam Austen

  1. i posted a comment on LTtheories a while back about sam austin, and recieved a horrible response. I think that (unless they just scrapped the actor/character) he, much like many of the other parents(at least fathers) to my belief, has more to do with whats going on than what we realize.

  2. Good question. Don’t know.

    Ignoring a conspiracy theory, you could argue that Sam’s last good turn for Kate was to give her a headstart before he called the authorities on her. That was when he had broken the news to her that he was not her real father.

    Maybe he wanted to go, but thought that Kate wouldn’t want to see him anymore.

    I would ordinarily leap to the conclusion that the actor just wasn’t available, but such a big deal was made of the fact that Kate had no one to greet her (thus enforcing the bond between her and Aaron) it seems hard to justify in that respect.

  3. I would agree AC’s comment is the logical choice.

    If you want to stretch that out,the only other reason would be as a ‘military’ man, Sam Austen might be overseas and been unable to attend.

    I think the former scenario is the ‘likely’ one, though.

  4. if he found out his ‘dead’ daughter was returning, he would have shown. Either the actor is written out for good, or there is a bigger puzzle piece missing. And i only say that because of Kates importance.

  5. I really do wonder though, Lost does a pretty good job of showing us coincidences are not as likely as fate, so why in the hell was sam austen on the chopper with sayid? Anyone, this question has plagued me for so so long.

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