A Grand Thank You and Miles Lineage

First. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Like many others entrenched in the Lost Universe, I satisfy my mid-season cravings by browsing In its absence, I have been forced to turn to its retarded cousin, the theories forum on

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10 thoughts on “A Grand Thank You and Miles Lineage

  1. this will really mess with your head. When chang snaps out about ‘him’ crying, the race of the characters narrowed it down to miles for me too. But my imagination runs logic wild sometimes and i thoughtit sounded like he got annoyed by the crying more than he should, lile the baby cried more than usual, like ‘he’ may have been having visions/powers even as a child…maybe not

  2. shanimal44, The 3.2 million theory was a good one.

    I think Miles would be the logical choice, however, I wouldn’t underestimate the writers abilities to throw the viewers off, either.

    It could be a character we meet in Season 5.

  3. Can someone explain why Miles communicating with Ben through the numbers (3.2 million) not necessarily as a double-agent, but trying to gain leverage and save himself is a debunked theory?

    Be nice, I’m just curious…

  4. Yes thank you Kimberly. Someone did mention that the theory about Miles secretly passing Ben information has been debunked. Bailey, can you link to this? I only ask cause the most difficult part of the Lost Universe is that people always throw things around because “they heard,” and it rarely gets traced back to a specific origin. Thanks

  5. Kimberly & shanimal44:
    The part i was talking about is the “The best theory ever posted on (in my opinion) was by someone who suggested that Miles

  6. i’m not doubting Miles importance, or his ability to hear/see/communicate with the dead. But as dor the miles and ben talking in code part, i say no way 🙂

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