What are you most excited to see?

The day has finally come. For us die hard fans of LOST in the USofA, we’ve had a painstaking off season. Along with the long break, we’ve experienced the shut down of a favorite blog site (though props to EMZI for the set up of this site…it is very well done!), good theories, bad theories, repetitive theories and of course the endless SMOTHERING OF POLITICAL WONKS telling us we are going to be saved!! Well, now that we’re officially ‘saved’, we can get back to reality…or the escape of it….and set aside 3 hours tonight and enjoy the show we love most!

Last year going into the premiere of Season 4, I was excited about 1 thing…..How did Jack and Kate get off the island and did anyone go with them. Though the undertone of the season was exactly that, we were introduced right away to the phrase “OCEANIC 6”. This gave us more to think about throughout the season concerning the how and when of Jack and Kate. However, the show threw some other really great stuff at us. The new characters were very good, we got two reunions with Des and Penny, the “constant”, Widmore and Ben came face to face, Christian was back in full participation mode, the confirmation of time traveling bunnies, our favorite island disappeared and of course our favorite “HUNTER” is now dead in a casket.

What the show did very well last year was set up a lot of stories for Season 5. Similar to how Season 2 finale threw a ton at us for Season 3, Season 4 did the same for Season 5. On top of that the LOST producers have given us some really good previews. Since the seasons are shorter, and the story is coming to an end, I expect a lot of answers to develop farily quickly

So, let me ask you of all the things that are set up to be addressed in season 5 (and possibly the two episode premiere)…what are you most excited to see tonight (or if you are over seas, the day it premiere’s for you)?

For me, it is undoubtedly (though I am a huge character guy, I just have to know) where the hell the island went and how. I have heard this addressed fairly early in the season. I am not a fan of the idea that it went to the past…though I accept the possibility….I just can’t say I like the idea …. yet.

Anyways, be gone my obsession with political ranting against big government….and welcome my obsession with a new season to write theories that most likely will be proven wrong!

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3 thoughts on “What are you most excited to see?

  1. I know one thing for sure, when Season 4 started I didn’t for one minute think that by the end of the season the island would’ve just *disappeared*. I’m sure Season 5 will be just as surprising and I can’t wait for the twists and turns it’ll throw at us.

    I, like you, would like to know where the island went (or when ;)). I’d also like to know who has to go back? Obviously the O6, but will Desmond, Walt and Frank all have to go back too?

    I’m intrigued by Daniel as well. How did he end up with all that knowledge?

    I can’t wait! Enjoy the show tonight! 🙂

  2. locke and ben. I love everyone and have a feeling we wont see a lot of our on island laural and hardey, but they are my favorite actors/characters…especially when together. They have such excellent chemistry together…goosebumps just thinking about it.

  3. Until last season I hated Ben, but now he seems to know everything, did you catch in next weeks previews he tells Son that Jen is not dead.
    How did he know that?

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