The Oceanic six, the Island’s constants….

This is my first time putting one of my theories out there so be gentle :).

We all know of the need for a constant when a person becomes unstuck in time. A constant that is outside of the effects of the person who has become unstuck in time. In Desmonds case he was able to use Penny because his conciousness was slipping in time and Penny was some one that was a live and known to him in the time line he was traveling thru (1996-present).

Ben has made it clear to Jack that they ALL need to go back to save the ones they left. In my opinion it is because they are connected to the group that is unstuck in time, they can be their PHYSICAL constants. It is similar to what happened to Desmond in that they are time traveling but they are physically traveling through time as opposed to just their conciousness. This is the same for the Island, Faraday said that it could be the island that is unstuck or it could be them. By the end of the first episode it seems clear that it is them BUT in my opinion its BOTH. The Island is unstuck and is only able to go into its past. It is no longer part of the PRESENT because as everyone that was off of the island when Ben turned the wheel we saw that the island literally disappeared from the present and was ‘moved’. But as Faraday said about the camp site, it’s not gone, it’s just not their yet. So the Island is currently ‘moved’ or gone but it can be returned to the present with a constant.

So for the Island and the ones left behind to be able to come back into the present they need the oceanic six to come back (since they were on the Island in the past and are connected to the ones that are unstuck in time) and be their physical constants to bring them to the present time line.

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13 thoughts on “The Oceanic six, the Island’s constants….

  1. Yeah like I said “This is the same for the Island, Faraday said that it could be the island that is unstuck or it could be them. By the end of the first episode it seems clear that it is them BUT in my opinion its BOTH.”

    I think the island is unstuck in time and is no longer in the present, it is going back and forth up until the moment Ben pushed the wheel.

  2. I get what you are saying and here is the best answer I have. Think of the Island as time traveling like Desmond did (it’s consciousness, since to me the Island or parts of it are a live) and the Losties as physically traveling with its consciousness to those times.

  3. please dont get mad, i am so picky with everything, but if just the consciousness was traveling of the island, then why did itd physical properties change?

  4. Oh I am definitely not mad. Trust me. i love discussing things like this. I mean this is just a theory anyways.

    But look at it like this.
    When Desmond time traveled in the episode the Constant he went back or forward in time to a place and point he had already been. His clothes changed, his appearance changed but he knew that he didn’t belong in that time.

    It’s the same for the Island. Does that make sense?

  5. Good thoughts, saucyrossy!

    You are right, they are travelling both physically, in addition to their consciousness’ travelling.

    Dan attempts to explain to Sawyer that nothing from the past can be changed. That no matter what is done, it won’t change or alter a thing in the future.

    The departure of the ’06’ has changed the dynamics, and effects the survival of those left on ‘the island’. Therefore, the remaining ‘losties’ will suffer a similar malady to Desmond, at some point.

    I believe the effects have already begun to take hold on Charlotte.

    The ’06’ must return, so the remaining ‘losties’ don’t die.

    I suppose in a way they are ‘constants’ of sorts, although I dislike the term.

  6. i watched the premiere … awesome
    i kinda have a theory about how the episodes are heading …
    they have 70 hours to get back to the island cause in 70 hours they arrive to the point where the island corresponds to the time the oceanic six are in .. and when they get to the island and after the 70 hours the island will constantly continue to move through time toill they get to the time frame where they can be rescued .. and for them to leave so when they all get off the island at the time point where ben turns the switch on the island and so they will leave and the island will be lost again so no one will find it …

  7. moelali, wow. that could be it. :O

    about the 6 being the island’s constants, i thought about that already. you explained it way better than i could. i think that’s it and that’s why ben’s trying to get everyone back.

  8. I hope it is it, and I also hope it isn’t. I mean I hate to have guessed a major plot point but at the same time it does fit into the mythology and the circumstances the writers have set up.

    We shall see though. I have a few other theories I may write about pertaining to this main theory.

  9. I think Dan stated things pretty clearly in the first episode when he said the needle is skipping on the record. Think back to “There’s No Place Like Home”. Before Jack left Locke tried one more time to convince him that he’s not supposed to leave. Jack and the others did in fact leave and that’s what’s causing the record to skip. The island and it’s occupants can’t move forward in time so they bounce back into the past every so often. They need all of the people who left to return so that time can continue to progress normally. This is basically what Dan said when he used the record and needle analogy.

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