The Disease – Temporal Displacement

I learned through watching the re-run of ‘The Lie’ from the information box, the disease affecting Charlotte and what ‘the losties’ will eventually become afflicted with is called Temporal Displacement. It is when the mind cannot distinguish between the past, present and the future.

The symptoms are headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness and memory loss. When it becomes severe, the blood vessels in the brain burst, causing death.

This sounds very similar to what Minkowski and Desmond were suffering from. Perhaps, there are other mitigating circumstances in certain individuals which effect them faster than others.

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

24 thoughts on “The Disease – Temporal Displacement

  1. i gotta ask, i was going to post this and there was no talk at all about it. I dont know if we werent supposed to get it or if it was just that blatant that its not even a question. Or maybe im the only one who saw what i thought was ovious or im just wrong all together but..

  2. dont make fun if this is stupid but, is that charolette in the bed? Did i miss a name? Are we supposed to not notice or notice or im i just crazy and it doesnt even look like her…?

  3. I think most people thought it was the same malady Desmond and Minkowski were suffering from, but nothing definitive had been said.

    I posted it because I thought if some people hadn’t seen it, they may want to know.

    It is confusing, because Horace, and Bens father and the DI had nosebleeds before they died, when Benny boy gassed them all.

  4. im wondering if ‘jugghead’ had anything to do with faraday and charolette disarming the poion gas. Just like the bomb, maybe they set the gas up rigged to destroy the island

  5. Ok, well i had to try, it really resembled her and would make some sense as to why she was going through the same thing as charolette. Damn, i thought i had that one!

  6. Well, that could be part of it. It was their priority as scientists to disarm the gas.

    I also think Jughead may have sprung a leak. We don’t know what they did on ‘the island’, after Dan’s conversation with Ellie.

    Sorry, I got to bale on you here, but I have to get up early. But, I would love to know what your thoughts are on that.

  7. Well, in a way you absolutely did. I think Dan, was experimenting with Teresa, the same way he was with Eloise.

    A human subject is always required in an experiment, and seeing how Widmore was funding Dan, and is now footing the bill for Teresa’s medical bills….you got it! Just not Charlotte!

  8. I’m absolutely convinced you will see that twisted tragedy play out, when and if Charlotte bites it! Maybe that’s why dan was crying when he saw the crash on tv.

  9. This temporal displacement disease. How does the Constant affect it? Is it a cure or just postponing the inevitable?

    And, going back a little way here, is it the sickness that sent Rousseau’s lot ‘insane’?

  10. Hi Splice, Thanks for your comment!

    My understanding of the whole ‘constant’ idea, is that it grounds the individual, so the disease doesn’t progress to death. As in the case of Desmond and Dan.

    When ‘the purge’ took place it appeared they were gassed, but with similar effects, only death was instantaneously.

    With Rousseau and her team, we don’t have enough information yet. Depending on when she and her team arrived on ‘the island'(post or pre-purge). It might be similar to Minkowski, but could be either.

    Given her 16 years on ‘the island, (if true), I would say it’s likely the latter.

  11. its funny, they can never just cover one side. I love how the ‘constant’ is like a double meaning. It has a science like explanation almost like mathematics, whereas there are constants and variables. And faith like explanation meaning a constant is someone/something meaningful AT ALL TIMES.

  12. Very good point! The writers not only write extremely well, but strive to continuously show both sides of faith vs. science.

    No doubt there is a ‘bigger’ picture here. Do you think one side is the constant, and the other side is always required to balance the other out? Is this the inference we are intended to make?

  13. Does anyone else find since the first season five episode that Charlotte has not been acting like herself?

    In season four she was a real B*tch!

    She is much less sure of herself now and she is more attached to Daniel (it seems in S4 he was chasing after her, now it is the oposite)… Are theytrying o build up sympathy for her before killing her off?

  14. Andre7, I really despised Charlotte, initially. Much in the same way as Shannon.

    I think the chances for Charlotte to die are high up there. Her character needs to be redeemed.

    With Shannon, she was a frightened little girl looking for acceptance, and love. Sayid gave that to her.

    With Charlotte, Dan seems to have cut the edge with her. She has softened and now showing her vulnerable, feminine side.

    Awe, what love can do!

  15. Well put, biatch. (love the name, by the way!) I think it’s great that none of the characters are irredeemably terrible (with the possible exception of Ana-Lucia, whom I’d gladly hold under until the last bubble goes bloop.) The problem seems to be that when they get over themselves, they’re no longer interesting enough to keep alive! It happened to Shannon, and I think Charlotte’s heading the same way.

  16. lol Splice! You have to have a great sense of humour to call yourself that, btw!

    I hear you on Ana-Lucia. I am fairly empathetic to most characters, but I had great difficulty finding any redeemable qualities in her.

    Perhaps her character, mirrored too much of her own personal life at the time. She seemed much softer when she stopped Hurley and spoke to him.

    Could it be a case of ‘death becomes her’, dare I say? lol

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