The Clue of Jeremy Bentham

I believe that Locke’s name being Jeremy Bentham off-island is a HUGE clue. I don’t think they’re calling him that as a code, although it lines up well with them having to lie. Insread, I believe that at that point in the story, they actually believe that’s his name ‘ that Locke’s name has somehow changed ‘ that they believe that was his name all through their experience on the island. How would that be possible? Well, time travel of course’

Why would Locke’s name change? I believe it’s because they did go back in time, and something affected Locke (intentionally or unintentionally) ‘ maybe Locke went back in time on a conscience level and grew up to be someone different, maybe with different ideals. I’m not saying he was born of a different mother’ We’ve all noticed that the producers like to name their characters after philosophers to echo the person’s character; I think this is simply the producer’s clue / way of telling us that he’s now a different person.

Remember when Desmond went back in time and semi-remembered things? What if Locke were to do that? That could explain how he drew the smoke monster. What if Locke just keeps going back in time, and every time he subconsciously remembers a bit more’It could also explain how he has all this knowledge about hunting, tracking, etc etc ‘ maybe he was never ‘an officer in the navy’ but instead has been on the island so many times that over time has managed to learn all these skills.

The other reason why I think this might be the case is because I think Richard Alpert is involved in this ‘mission’ of trying to change Locke. It would also explain why Alpert was pissed when Locke picked the knife. It meant that he wasn’t able to change things that time around.

Furthermore, notice how they keep saying ‘this has all happened before, it will happen again’; I believe that there is a time loop of sorts, and that when Jack left the island when he wasn’t ‘supposed’ to, that the subsequent events led to people trying to go back in time and change the future to prevent some disastrous outcome. And to come back to the beginning, I believe the name change to Jeremy Bentham is proof that someone succeeded in changing things.

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One thought on “The Clue of Jeremy Bentham

  1. I think that both names are very important.
    John Locke is an English philosopher who believed in empiricism. which is the theory that all knowledge is originated by experience.
    Locke also believed in Tabula Rasa- which means born a blank slate. Which is the name of the episode 1 I believe.

    Jeremy Bentham another English philosopher believed in utilitarianism. which I had to look up, because if i put it in my words It would probably make no sense to others. so utilitarianism- a theory that the aim of action should be the largest possible balance of pleasure over pain or the greatest happiness of the greatest number.

    Which I think could speak to whatever may happen in the future

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