Thoughts on Why Time changes when it does.

Let me begin by saying, the theory that I intend to elaborate on could VERY WELL not be a theory at all, but a plot convenience. But read me out and see. So I realized that the three times the island has switched time on us, the switches all occured at various moments when SOMETHING enormous was going to happen. Again…plot convenience, easier to keep us on our toes. BUT think from a new perspective just briefly. Locke is about to be shot and killed. Locke is about to be told the secret of HOW to get people back on the island, his plan, etc. Finally, Daniel is about to reveal more time secrets to Ellie and Locke is pestering Richard about how to get off the island. These events no doubt would have influenced things to a great degree had they continued instead of the island moving.

Seems one of two things to me. The island switches because A. Whatever events took place only happened up to a certain point because whatever occurred is exactly what needed to occur. No more would occurred because they accomplished what was necessary to secure the timeline

B. These were moments where, had things continued instead of the island moving, the timeline would have been changed, and future events would have occurred differently, aka contradictions. Perhaps the island’s “random” jumps through time are actually coordinated to those moments when it must prevent the travelers from doing irreparable damage to a timeline.

Well, dems my thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Why Time changes when it does.

  1. I’m quite fond of this line of thinking, as I shared some similar stuff in an earlier theory. (I am really inclined toward the time-skipping having purposes for people and the island.)

    So, now we’ve seen Sawyer watching Kate & Claire and the looping Losties shoot at the group with the Ajira-connection (most likely killing some).

    Was that to show us (the viewers) the issues that arise when one person exists in both timelines? Like some of these ideas about the whispers being the looping travelers…
    it forces us to have another vantage point on the perceived timeline and therefore make some connections of what has happened and when.

    I’m just babbling, but wrestling around with this particular idea is good after having watched this last episode!

  2. so what kind of damage do you think was caused by the stealing of the boat and the shooting? And while im on the subject..why did the boat go with them when they traveled? That last one is probably irrelevant, but things like that bug me.

  3. Since we don’t know “when” they were, how do we know who was shot at?

    For instance, Juliet could have been shooting at herself. That seems to create some sort of problem, in my mind at least.

    I do think it’s interesting that the boat came with them when the camp disappeared after the first flash.

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