Was Ben supposed to be leader?

What if Ben was never supposed to be leader?

Locke met Richard in 1954 and told him that he was appointed leader by Jacob. Richard was intrigued by this and when Locke vanished Richard went to visite Locke as a baby to see if he was telling the truth. Theoretically he was, but we all know that if Locke hadn’t planted this seed in Richards mind, he would never have ended up being the new leader.

Because of these time jumps I think it’s possible that Locke will encounter Richard again. Perhaps it will happen when Locke in the real world is only 7 years old, which prompts Richard to go visit Locke again and test him. But, sticking with the main theory here.

What if, when Locke encounters Richard again he tells him all about Ben. Again, Richard has no idea who Ben is, but when a young boy called Ben and his father join the DI years later, Richard starts to believe that what Locke said is true, and that Ben is supposed to be the new leader of The Others.

If Locke hadn’t gone back in time and told Richard about Ben, would Richard really have made Ben their leader?

Perhaps neither Ben or Locke were destined to be leader?

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7 thoughts on “Was Ben supposed to be leader?

  1. I think leadership is going to become a tricky word throughout this season. I’m sure Widmore beleives he is the leader…

    As far as how the ‘appointment’ of leadership goes, we know it starts at a young age and that there is a process. I think with or without Locke ‘island time hopping’ Ben fits the scenario in which they pick a leader.

    I also, don’t believe Locke talks to Richard until after Ben has already completed his round of leadership. So, nothing can be changed as far as what happens. Because on the Island history table, ben has already Purged Dharma, and moved the FDW, nothing can change that….I think that starts formulating “THE RULES”

    SO whether John goes back or not, those two things happen, no matter the intervention. Ben may have been the leader that was CHOSEN TO MOVE THE FDW, JOHN May have been chosen to Get the 06 back there (for whatever reason)….etc… etc..we don’t know the other leaders yet…

    I’m not on board with the JOHN IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LEADER. I think the LEADERSHIP quality in them all is to serve a specific ACTION that further saves the island. I’m guessing Jack will have his job at the end of Season 6 as well.

  2. i would just like to say, i do NOT think whidmore was ever the leader of the others. This doesnt mean he didnt ‘claim’ the island as his own, just dont think he ever was a real leader to them

  3. I like your theory. I think Ben was supposed to be the leader. Of course, I think this because I think one of the central themes of Lost is that you can’t change fate. That whatever will be, will be regardless of how we try to change it. That’s a watered down definition of what the ancient nordic peoples believe, and I think it’s what the writers are using as a defining element of the story.

  4. but i think that pertains to the ‘real’ world. Now that there is time travel on island, i think as stated by producers..’anything is possible’ on lost. Thats the beauty, there really is no right or wrong. We become so entangled in the web, they make us forget that we are watching one of the most beautiful pieces of literature that I have ever seen, play out on national television. The ‘rules’ of lost are controlled by the producers and no matter what they say, they can be broken.

  5. Was Ben really even the leader? He always says that he doesn’t call the shots. Richard mentions to Faraday that everyone answers to someone. From TPisD, it seems like we can now guess that Locke was tricked into thinking he was going to become leader. And, honestly, apart from Richard’s 1954 conversation with Locke, we don’t even know what being a leader means. Is it until death, “impeachment” or have the leaders thus far been benchwarmers so to speak, are they holding the seat of the official ruler, one that has yet to be found
    (perhaps Jack or Aaron).

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