Why Daniel was crying

I was writing away my review on my blog when I found myself coming up with a theory as to why Daniel was crying when he saw the wreckage of Flight 815 on TV.

Persuming Ellie is Daniels mother, then when he was say, 20 years old, Ellie could have sat him down and told him all about his time travelling abilities.

The conversation could go like this:

“Daniel, you are destined for great things. When I was your age I was on an island and we were saved from a huge explosion by a guy who was unique. That guy was you my son. You had travelled from the future and you were on that very island. You will meet a guy called Desmond who is also very special and unique. He will be your constant. There will be a load of survivors of a plane crash, Flight 815, who you will rescue. There is a group of scientists called the Dharma Initiative who try and take over the island…”

Etc. etc.

So, from there, Daniel spends the rest of his days researching Dharma and Time Travel, doing experiments of his own (Eloise, Theresa, himself). His life dedicated to gear him up for his destiny. The destiny in which his mother told him.

Then one day, sat at home watching the TV, Daniel sees footage of Flight 815. Every single passenger was dead and no sign of Mystery friggin’ Island.

Daniel is confused. Half of him is upset that what his mother told him wasn’t true, but the other half is astonished as to how his mother could’ve known of a plane crash, specifically, Flight 815. His mind was wondering how she could know such a thing but yet be so wrong on all the other facts.

All his thoughts are consumed with questions and wonders whether he has wasted his life researching something that doesn’t exsist, and when the woman asks him what is wrong, he says he doesn’t know simply because he doesn’t know what to make of the situation.

Obviously, after this day he learns that the wreckage is fake and that his destiny really is to end up on that island… but at the time he thought that everything his mother had told him was a lie. And that is why he was crying when he saw the footage on the TV.

Thoughts, criticisms etc. etc. welcome 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Why Daniel was crying

  1. I like this theory and I think you may be on right track…

    However, it doesn’t really answer why Faraday replies, “I don’t know”, when his care giver asks him what is wrong. I am almost certain there is more to this than just him being confused.

  2. ck – Yeah there probably is a lot more to it than that. I was just trying to think of a reasonable explaination for that that fitted in with the theory.

    I wonder what it is…

  3. I think Faraday’s brain was full of guilt. He (confirmed by the Producers that the woman patting him on the shoulder was a ‘care taker’) had obviously left Britain for the US leaving a girl in a horrible state of UNSTUCK Mind. Now, the connection to the Plane crash is an interesting one.

    Because I’m a firm believer in a CONSTANT TIMELINE For events outside of the island, I’m accepting the option that Daniels brain was just fried with emotion when that plane was on TV and he honestly had no CLUE WHY…when in reality, he has a connection through some sort of TRAVEL to the island..which then has a connection to the plane…so he is overwhelmed

  4. Ah! Until I read ckchristian’s comment about how Daniel said he didn’t know what he was crying about I was totally on board with this.

    As it is, I’m afraid, I must revert back to my own best guess idea that Faraday, as a result of his time travelling, managed to get his consciousness stuck in his own body in the past, with an addled memory that meant he had emotional connection but little recollection.

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