Missing People?

Anyone want to take a shot at some theories about where some missing people are?

I’m curious about Rose and Bernard.

Okay, and here’s one more question to ponder about some people who might be missing…

Remember good old Nikki and Paulo who weren’t dead when they were buried?

Are they going to turn up in the midst of all this looping/skipping? Oh and how? Dead? Alive? Or will someone like Sawyer get a look at what they were up to and realize what happened?

Anyway, just some questions nagging at me.

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2 thoughts on “Missing People?

  1. hey kimberly, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the characters who are dead, are very alive in the ‘flashes’.

    One of the annoying things about the show, was when certain characters would take off to another part of ‘the island’. None of ‘the losties’ seemed to be together too much.

    Now I see this, as a clever way to ‘play out’ the time flashes, depending on who is having them.

    Good thoughts!

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