A shot in the dark

Yes, I am playing on words with this title.

I don’t think that the scene with the Island-losties out on the outriggers in the middle of the night shooting at another group of unknown people behind them is a throwaway or filler scene. Sure, it is where Sawyer tells Juliet (after specifically not

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4 thoughts on “A shot in the dark

  1. I thought there was a conversation in a recent episode where we were told that the island shifts to different times in THE PAST. I’m not 100% on this, but when you said they could have been in 2008, I’m not sure if that is plausable.

  2. I had the same feeling, that they did not give us a shot(close up) of who was chasing them. It seemed way to random to be left with no conclusion.

    It would be awesome in my opinion if they were shooting at themselves for some reason. Off the top of my head possibly they were shooting at themselves to cause the Island to jump in time or course correct knowing they would not harm there other selves.

    Or they did not know they were shooting at themselves.

    That’s it I’m going to bed before my head explodes.

  3. I don’t remember a conversation about their skipping only going to the past. Of course that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen though. That’s why I like to discuss things, so we all can collectively learn. I’m definitely curious if only the past is possible. But I’m still mostly curious as to who they shot at.

  4. I agree kimberly. I think one of your scenarios is true. It doesn’t much matter which one, because you illustrated your point.

    I think it would be so poignant, if we learned it was the ’06’ firing at their own people. Now, that would be a twist!

    Perhaps, this is why the ’06’ were not supposed to leave. Maybe they’re out of sync with the time-line or something. Maybe this is the jeopardy they have placed the other ‘losties’ in. Just a thought.

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