Charlotte and Daniel F.

I have a theory, it is quite far fetched, but still.

Faraday and Charlotte have a very loving relationship: Faraday openly

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4 thoughts on “Charlotte and Daniel F.

  1. I have thought of that too except for when Daniel states that he is ” In love with her” which if he was related I don’t think he would say ” in Love” Perhaps he is married to her in the future?

  2. I don’t think he is the father, as – even though the father does not have to be with the mother giving birth, we know that Charlotte was born on the island. And we know that people who have been on the island for a long total time period (Charlotte, Juliet, Desmond, Miles) all come under the “sickness” that we see so often. If Faraday was a “loving” father, as this theory would make him out to be, he would most definately have been on the island helping raise Charlotte, so he should also have the sickness, before Juliet at least.

    I do not doubt that there is more to them that we are seeing with the naked eye, but my guess is that Faraday knows that Charlotte is married to someone else in the future, so he wants to express his love to her before she can meet and fall in love with the other guy. That could explain why he isn’t immediately rushing to make out or further with her, because he does not want to screw up a possible relationship between them. So he is taking it slow, and I don’t blame him, the way LOST is going right now, he has 100 years to seal the deal (unless that disease kills her, which could make this all irrelivent, and seeing as a main character has not died in a while…)

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about the “married in the future” thoery.

    I have to say I thought your theory, cappayne, to be exteremely clever and far more soild than mine- that he knows she is destined to marry another in the future, and inspite his feelings for her he knows he should not temper with the timeline.
    (could she already be married)

    On the other hand, about the claims he is a good person and therefore would not leave Charlotte’s mother to raise her alone, time on the island is “fickle”- perhaps he was stranded for a long time in a certain timeline before he made another time-skip or was forced to skip?

    About him saying “I am IN love” this almost completely disproves my theory, unless he is infact lying- I didn’t realize he was using the word “inlove” when conversing with Richard. My hearing/memory must have betrayed me!
    Anyway, thanks for commenting, you both educated me on the subject.

    I will probably revise the theory when possible, as I still think there’s more to that relationship than just another love story.

  4. My theory seems to make better sense now,
    delusional Charlotte transcript:

    C: “Why can’t daddy come with us?”
    Daniel: “Charlotte, can you hear me?”
    C: “You know what my mom would say about you marrying an american”
    “You know, I know more about ancient carthigans than Hannibal himself”
    ….. (he group leaves)
    C: coughs “Daniel…”
    D: “Yes…”
    C: “I’ve been here before”
    D: “You’, you’ve been here before?”
    C: “I grew up here. on the island. and there was this thing, Dharma initiative, and then I moved away with my mom. Just my mom and I never saw my dad again. and when I got back to England, I would ask my mom about this place but she would say that it wasn’t real and that I’d made it up. That’s why, I became an anthropoligist. to find this island again. it’s what I’ve been searching for my whole life.
    D: “Charlotte…”
    C: coughs
    D: “Why are you telling me this?”
    C: “Because I remember something now. when I was little. living here. there was this man, this crazy man, he scared me and he told me that I had to leave the island and never-ever come back. he told me that if I came back I would die”
    D: “Charlotte, I don’t understand”
    C: “Daniel, I think that man was you”
    Daniel is surprised, perhaps recalls something.

    My theory is the asian scientist (I think his name is chang) was her adoptive father. he’s the “dad” she speaks of. He stays on the island while she and her mother leave, heething to Daniel’s plees to stay away from the island for their own safety.
    Her mother (the woman in Daniel’s picture) then tries to convince Charlotte that the island does not exist in order to save Charlotte from an early death.
    Daniel, the ONLY one with a constant remains solumn outside “normal time”, as the rest of the losties are saved thus returning to normal timeline. he continues to jump until he encounters her mother. he falls inlove with her, not knowing Charlotte is his daughter. which explains why he say he is “inlove with her”. it is merely a confusion brought by similarities bewteen Charlotte and her mother.

    The question that remains is – who little-Charlotte is conversing with about “marrying an american”.


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