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One question that has popped up for the past 2-3 seasons is “Who is Richard Alpert?” Here’s my theory on him (if it doesn’t exist here already)…

Richard Alpert apparently does not age due to being on the island for a long time. I ran into this part of my theory on other Lost theory websites. Let me explain…the island has ‘magical’ or ‘miraculous’ healing properties from healing John, a paralyzed man, to curing cancer in Rose. However, this healing doesn’t apply to everyone ALL the time. Case in point, Ben having a tumor on his spine. The Island selectively heals and even immortalizes people that have some purpose to serve for the Island. This explains why Michael couldn’t commit suicide, while a number of seemingly useless characters are killed off (or selectively allowed to die). This brings me back to Richard. How is it that he seems to not age? He is a tool the Island is using to bring back order. So he is being kept alive by the Island. For how long?
My guess is that he was a survivor of the Black Rock pirate ship disappearance back in the 18th century. If you notice in the epsiode of Ben’s childhood flashback and how he joins the ‘Others’, he meets Richard (unaged again), but wearing extremely old clothing, almost like what a sailor or pirate would wear back in the 1700s or 1600s. Also he has a long ponytail. Stereotypical pirate look no? All that was missing was an eyepatch, sword, peg-leg, and horrible British accent. So that’s my answer to “Who is Richard Alpert?”.

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I have been a fan of J.J. Abrams work since ALIAS (not the last 2 seasons of it though). So it was no surprise that I got hooked on LOST the moment it hit television. Favorite characters: Hurley, Desmond, and Sawyer.

2 thoughts on “Who is Richard Alpert

  1. This is a nagging question that bothers me as much as any mystery on lost.

    I wonder how far back in time we might go. I hope we go back about 5000 years to first recorded true super power, you know those guys building those big triangles in the desert. But our story I suspect will go back as far as the Black Rock.

    Back to Richard. There is very little known about his purpose, although seems like he is an erron boy with a lotta knowledge. I do not think of him as a leader. I seem to remember conversation about how the producers mentioned that Richard the character was supposed to be Ben’s character. But everyone fell in luv with Ben so the producers adjusted.

    On Lostpedia he is listed as a supporting character. I am sure we will be shocked when we find out what he is all about.

  2. For the healing comment, that is one way to look at it. Other theories suggest that the initial flash when the losties get to the island from the crash they get shfited back in time before Locke’s accident or Rose’s cancer outbreak.

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