Faraday and Alpert

I have a strange feeling that Daniel Faraday is the son of Richard Alpert.

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4 thoughts on “Faraday and Alpert

  1. I want to say that we have not met the father of Faraday yet, and it is much more important that we focus on who his mother is, who could very likely be Hawking.

  2. Diagetically speaking I have never heard ANYONE in the show call her HAWKING.

    Her maiden name could be Faraday and Daniel could have been born out of wedlock. (shocking but true! Lets get with the twenty-first century people!)

    She could have been married and re-married three or four times! She looks like the Elizabeth Taylor type!

    John Locke’s dad is a guy named Cooper. Sawyer-Ford has a little girl named after her mother…

    As you say emzi, this is Lost. Anything is possible.

  3. Perhaps Faraday’s Father is the munk, Brother Campbell, desmond was with. If you pay close attention when he is talking to Desmond the camera shows a quick glimps of a photograph in a frame on Brother Campbell’s desk, which is of himself and Mrs. Hawking. This is the episode when Desmond meets Penny. If you ask me it would make a little sense that they know each other. Brother Campbell probably knew Desmonds destiny was to be on the Island and that is another reason why he made him leave. I don’t know just a thought…

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