The O6 Going Back

In Because You Left, Ben and Jack share this little conversation which I find slightly odd:

BEN: Did he tell you what happened to them after the Island moved?
JACK: No. No, he didn’t.
BEN: Then I guess we’ll never know.

What is odd is what Ben says when he says they’ll never know.

The O6 seem to have to go back to the island to save Sawyer, Juliet etc. from dieing. Jack said that Locke had told him that everyone would die if they didn’t go back.

So, assuming they go back to save everyone from dieing, won’t Sawyer, Juliet etc. tell Jack what had happened to them?

Unless, if you take what Ben said to mean that everyone is already dead then they “will never know“.

But still, if they’re dead, what is the point of the O6 going back to the island?

I know some theories have said that the O6 go back in time when they get back to the island, and based on this conversation I agree that they do go back in time, however Sawyer, Juliet etc. will have no recollection of their time jumping.

Which is why Ben says “I guess we’ll never know”.

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9 thoughts on “The O6 Going Back

  1. Hi emzi, I am so glad you brought this up!

    Initially, in that episode I thought Ben was lying. Now we have seen a few more episodes, I believe what you’re saying is true.

    Richard Alpert tells Locke, he won’t remember him they next time they meet. That’s why he gives him the compass.

    I think certain rules apply to the time jumping. Especially, concerning memories of what has occurred and WHEN in time they occurred.

    Makes sense to me. Nice catch!

  2. Brilliant point/topic you bring up here. You may or may not know, I think Ben is complete EVIL..meaning he has self absorbed reasoning to get back and everything is self motivated. Though he knows a lot..I think he will protect his agenda/initiative at any cost to get accomplished what he’s trying to accomplish.

    I think the point of him saying that was to have us “THINK” he knows what happens but doesn’t want to share. (In his lying ways)

    However, you bring up the point about Juliet, sawyer, etc.. knowing. Well, I think they will tell him, and ‘try’ to explain to him. However, at the point of this conversation, if Ben said…

    “Jack, there time travelling around the island’s time frame and getting caught up in many different time periods throughout the islands history. This is causing them to have nose bleeds, and well, they’re getting sick. If it continues, the island will cease to exist, etc…”

    Jack would respond…

    “WHAT?” and lets face it, jack isn’t to big on believing things he can’t prove. I know we have newly motivated Jack but it’s not based on the craziness of the island, it’s based on the livelihood of who he felt he deserted and ultimately didn’t “SAVE”

    Ben is playing to his audience…he is a master at that…he wanted to feel out if JACK knew about the time problems on the island…if he did, I think Ben would have engaged….but since he didn’t, he needed Jack to not think about it, because if he gets answers, Jack’s going to screw this whole thing up.

    Remember Ben though after John and Jack talked above the oRchid, that Jack would join them…John then said “he’s not ready” ben assumed Jack must be needless after all…but now he knows he’s wrong and has to get Jack back to the island.

    That’s my take on it….

  3. This even confuses me….but perhaps Ben said then we’ll never know because at that point….they are all dead…..and this won’t change until the 06 go back

    …but then I’m thinking the o6 are in the future so if they did save them when they went back then Ben would know and his comment would be ……………even stranger..ah …I am lost haha

  4. I recently downloaded the first episode…thought it was interesting that Jack is wearing the same thing in the current episode that he was when he crashed!

  5. Good catch Emzi. Its so annoying being in the UK and having to wait that bit longer for answers, lol. You lucky beggars getting to see E5 tonight!

    Btw I agree with the comments. I think it could go either way. Ben could be testing Jack as acharaisthekey says, or in total ignorance as Dabiatchishere suggests.

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