Jacob…and time travel

I have a theory that, after re-watching series 3, when Locke and Ben visit Jacob, why can only Ben really see him? Could it be that Ben exists in several times, Jacob being in one and Locke in another. I haven’t really thought this through in immense detail, however I have drawn the conclusion that the reason for the eerie and mysterious nature of Jacob

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2 thoughts on “Jacob…and time travel

  1. You have some awesome thought in my opinion. I would just say that I believe that as far as cabin moving and those types of things the producers/writers may make it easier for the masses to understand. LOts may disagree with me.

    I believe Jacob definitely is a character that needs help. As of this moment I lean towards Alvar Hanso.

  2. Alvar Hanso is a mystery, I’d love to know about him and what part he plays. I agree with you about making it easier for the masses, because not many of the viewers are looking into time distortion etc like us obsessive fans!

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