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I was SO pleased to find this site after the painful demise of What a mess THAT turned out to be!!! Anyway, I digress.

I am loving series 5 of Lost, and I literally watch each episode perched on the edge of my seat! But one my biggest queries is from Season 3 (I think) – Expose. I’ve always thought that the seemingly random episode had to have had some kind of importance. And I believe it is down to the Medusa spider. I think perhaps the spider was used to make Christian Shepherd appear dead, and maybe the same can be said for John Locke now?? Would love to hear your thoughts on same.

Also, I reckon Charlies Widmore has to be Daniel’s father. And am intrigued by the fact that Charlotte and her mother seemingly left her father behind on the island. Who could he be?? Roll on Sunday!!!! Loving your work, everyone.

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9 thoughts on “Opinions please!!

  1. first time poster you was a fan of the other site but found my way here,i hear what your saying bout the spiders but i think locke is dead as dead could be.richard said he must die,christian said he must he wasnt on the island when he died and the spiders are on the island.i think he will be like christian when he he arrives back on the island,what ever he is.he sacrificed himself for the good of the island and the island will bring him back to something like christian is,loved the last get to the mystery of lost i think we will have to learn what the ancient island is

  2. Yes, but if the Monster is there to protect the island, does it not make sense that the Medusa spider effect could be used on Locke to spur the Oceanic 6 on to return to the island?? I may be clutching at straws here, but it must have some deeper meaning – else the Nikki/Paolo ep was just a filler IMHO!

  3. Interesting but I think Locke certainly dies, I do not think they would say he needed to die if he only needed to appear dead. The term sacrifice was said with emphasis and is a core part of the story unfolding on the island. Going to sleep is not much of a sacrifice.

    With Christian, that is another matter. But he never physically touches Locke or interacts with him. I think he too is indeed Dead in “our time” and projecting himself astrally or something of that nature to give Locke direction and comfort.

  4. I think it was a failed attempt at getting us engaged in new characters, so basically it turned out to be nothing more than filler.

    Also I don’t believe anything the producers say. While initially I did believe that we had to accept what they said, they have cried wolf too many times for me to take anything they say seriously.

  5. “TheSwanStation Says:
    The Producers confirmed that the Spider was a manifestation of the smoke monster.”


    I do not think that the spiders (or even that episode) have a great meaning as a whole. Nikki and Paulo were hated by viewers and the producers made an episode to introduce – and kill – them, in one of the most harsh ways possible.

  6. lostfan –
    On that note, I am upset – and even disappointed – that Miles has not had many on island encountrs with the dead. He has one a couple of episodes ago, but we don’t know who it was. I’m talking about him walking over the grave of Mr. Ecko, Nikki and Paulo, talking to “Adam and Eve”, Boone, Shannon… stuff like that.

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